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When did Alan stop being a sort of real character?

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    I mean I get that the show is not reality so please don't bother with that comeback (thanks all the same) but the loser brother Alan was still based on a somewhat real single-dad who wasn't that good with the ladies. Now he's played as a some blend of cartoonish Homer Simpson and a would-be lecherous player like Louie from Taxi. I don't mind Cryer as a comic actor so I'm guessing he's being pushed that way. At first it seemed like he was channeling a bumbling Dick van Dyke type with the physical stuff in some episodes but now the character has gone into a complete caricature of what he was in earlier years. Silly is fine but playing stooopid is just sad.

    Never mind the Kutcher v Sheen debate, somebody please pull the plug here and fish old Ducky outta this filthy tub already. I'm only sad for some of the other supporting players who may never see long-running roles like this again.

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    Season 9
    Kutcher being way less fun than Sheen, they pushed Cryer to try to make him the number 1 in comedy in the show.
    I just re-watched the first 8 seasons, and even at the end of the 8th, he is still a credible character.
    But it's after that that he became an incredible caricature. He might even be one of the worst caricature in TV shows.
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