Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 9

Frodo's Headshots

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • The misfortunes of Alan Harper...


    Oh well, that was bad... For me, Alan Harper has always been only borderline bearable who just worked so well balancing a Charlie Harper. Stirring things up with a new counterpart like Walden Schmidt was a big risk to begin with, and right now it's just not working anymore.

    This episode was a half hour Alan show I really didn't want to see. Alan was confronted with quite a few changes after getting released from the hospital where he was treated for his stress-induced identity disorder (or whatever). His son's girlfriend being pregnant, his own girlfriend cheating and leaving him for Walden and of course Walden betraying him and kicking him out, an $80,000 claim by the IRS, and finally Herb finding out about the little cuckoo's egg, etc...

    Well, it didn't need a gun to make it obvious that Alan was just dreaming (I mean really? Walden kicking him out, IRS, etc...) and so the big revelation with Alan waking up in his hospital bed was kinda lost upon me. However, the dream sequence was nothing more than simply annoying. Come on, Alan's life is bad as it is, there was no need to make it look even worse. It was just not funny. Also, Alan talking to himself is way overused and getting really old.

    This episode was just completely off with only one or two highlights mostly because of Jake. So why not give him the spotlight once in a while? With Alan in the loony bin there would have been the perfect opportunity. Well, I guess there is no room in the Alan Harper Show.

  • Phew, that was very very very close. At first, I was gonna give this episode a 1 BUT after the part where it was just Alan's dream... my score was revivied big time to a 7


    Alan faces a number of struggles after being released from the hospital. All I can say is... thank you so much that it was just Alan's dreams when all of those horrible things happened to him. I seriously was gonna give this episode a 1 but after the whole entire thing just being Alan's dream revived my score big time to a 7. My score is still a little low because even though it was just Alan's dream (when he is still at the mental hospital), I still didn't like the fact that Walden betrayed Alan by having sex with Alan's girlfriend Lindsey and them saying that it was the best sex ever. Also, Jake getting his girlfriend pregnant was not good. The running gag with Alan asking Berta "What's so funny?" and then Berta responding "From where you're standing... nothing" was really getting old. It was funny the first time but then after that, it was just old. One time is good enough for me please. Those things that happened to poor Alan did bug me but it didn't bug me that much since it was just Alan's dream. Now, if it wasn't Alan's dream then it would have bugged me big time. This episode did give me some huge laughs though such as when the patient hugged Alan at the beginning of the episode (that time, it was Alan's dream when he got released from the mental hospital), Walden telling Alan "So you're moving out?" and then Alan responding "Oh god no", the patient telling Alan that they are at a relax room (or something like that) and that time it was real and Alan is actually getting out of the mental hospital, and a few more. Overall, a good episode of "Two and Half Men"... I am just so relieved that I didn't give this episode a 1 and the fact that all those horrible things that happened to Alan were all just in his dream. 7/10

  • Best episode of season 9


    Season 9 has not been a great season of two and a half men. Now I'm not gonna blame it completely on Sheen's departure, because frankly Season 7 and 8 were not much better.

    What we had hear was another Alan focused episode. Even though Ashton is the big name on the show, he is definitely not the star of the show.

    It was easy to tell that the opening scenes were a dream sequence, and i found that sequence just alright. They seem to be pushing Alan's misfortune in every new episode, and although its funny in small doses, a whole episode of it can be tiresome. The real life scenes i actually thought were good. Walden was also not too bad tonight.

    Two and a half men has declined, but 'fans' acting that all just started now due to Sheen's exit are delusional.

    Decent episode then tonight, best of the season and maybe a top 15 episode of the last 3 seasons. Still nothing compared to season 1-4

  • Every time I see this show now, I'm holding my breath thinking this is going to be the last one.


    While they clearly haven't come right out and said it, there is a strong suggestion and undercurrent that Walden and Alan are involved in a gay relationship with each other. OK, the show is actually more gay than Will and Grace. This is thrilling to those of us who want to watch a show that involves two men in a relationship with each other, yet I'm concerned by the backlash from the majority society and the people who run the network eventually deciding that the show is simply too gay anymore and they're going to cancel it outright before we can see more.

    This last episode, ending with Alan and Walden in a close, loving embrace against a background of a big, beautiful sky on a giant TV seemed almost like the last scene from some Western. And like those Westerns, I'm concerned that it's because the show producers thought this was going to be the last episode they were going to be allowed to put on before the show was cancelled by people who can't stand to see gay men in functional loving relationships.

    I hope I'm wrong, but past experince with gay men on TV leads me to seriously doubt it.