Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 6

Give Me Your Thumb

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2009 on CBS
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Alan's advice to Chelsea that she get breast-reduction surgery is not met with enthusiasm by Charlie, who kicks him out, but staying with Evelyn has its own challenges.

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  • Not great.

    Well, I did laugh a few times, but I would hardly call this a good episode. The jokes just seemed really dumbed down, as was the plot as a whole. Why had this not been a problem for Chelsea prior to this, and why is she willing to ignore it because of something Charlie said? I am sorry and I am not buying that. Just irrational dialogue and plot development tonight as a whole. Evelyn scheming to keep Alan out of her house for a long time by trying to have a bizarre relationship with him? Not buying it Two and a Half Men.moreless
  • Uh-oh

    Two and a Half Men

    Season 7

    Episode 6: Give me your thumb

    Chelsea has a back ache and Alan suggests a breast reduction surgery. This gets Charlie throw Alan out of the house and sad because Chelsea is getting smaller boobs. Meanwhile, Alan is crashing at Evelyn's

    A very funny episode. Pretty good, well written and entertainingly funny. Charlie seemed to be going into depression because of Chelsea getting the surgery lol! Alan at Evelyn's was hilarous, Evelyn was buying clothes and stuff, and Evelyn then tells him that they will be together forever and that he will be the one taking care of her when she grows old... and Alana runs away! There are several reasons of why this was an amazing funny episode!moreless
  • Charlie Sheen on a roll...

    If you haven't laughed out loud in long while and if you are a dude, this is the perfect episode to watch. One look at the promos, and I knew we were going to witness something special here.

    Right from the moment Charlie wakes up with an epiphany that something smells wrong, to the final scene at the doctors office, everything simply showcased Lore and Aronsohn's brilliance. I mean there wasn't much room for criticism here, and I really don't remember any dull scene. Charlie's prayer to god was out of the world funny. It is episodes like these that explains why Two and a Half Men is best in the business.moreless
  • Alan and Chelsea are talking one morning and she complains of back pain. Out of that breast reduction surgery is suggested by Alan. Of course Charlie bans him from the house and pleads with Chelsea not to do it. Alan stays with their Mom.moreless

    Nice comeback from last week and a welcome return of Chelsea to the story.

    You knew what was going to happen when good ole helpful Alan starts making suggestions to Chelsea. Somehow you just knew where all of this was going. Let's face it sometimes he just doesn't know when to shut up! He gets himself banned from the house for a few days again.

    Charlie is his wonderful juvenile self throughout the episode. The praying on the back deck was very humorous. Jake's comment about the someone missing her period again comment was one of the better lines they've given Jake in the last year or two.

    The final observation when he pointed out what would happen after the surgery was a stroke of genius. Only Charlie could get someone to change their mind that way. The funny thing was as he admitted as he walked out the doctor's office, he thanked God for making him say the right words. They sort of just came out like most things Charlie says without thinking.

    The whole bit with Alan and his mother was classic Evelyn stuff. Her finally manipulating him to go back to live with Charlie without telling him too was standard fare, but still funny.

    A much better and smoother episode this week than last. The episodes really revolving around Charlie always seems to come across better whether he has a problem or another character does. He really seems to drive this show. Thanks for reading...moreless

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