Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 8

Gord. Fnark. Schmegle.

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Absolutely.

    Inner monologues/conversations/thoughts are an often used device in sitcoms to address things in a more narrative state, and to open the door to an unlimited usage of cheap humor without any guidelines of maturity or rules. They are easy to use and often successful, but tonight Two and a Half Men used them in bunches to drive an entire episode. Innovative, different, but luckily it worked.

    While I still find Chelsea terrible, at least we had a good-looking, and talented actress in Tricia Helfer on the show to almost outweigh her presence. Her role was predictable and uneventful, but it helped bring out the best in Alan with his misinterpretation of her not wanting him to have her phone number.

    Luckily Jake was kept to a minimum tonight as well. Very funny episode, one of the best this season.
  • Yet, I'm still not satisfied with this season

    Disappointing, and weakness are the best words. I've thought about it, and it's time to get rid of Chelsea. Ever since she came on the show it's been an entirely different show. This episode was just fail. They speak in their minds while we see Alan hitting on the blonde chick. I can't even be bothered explaining. All eight episodes so far of this season have been embarassing to see. All I'll indicate, get rid of Chelsea, and the slick, stupid attitude of Alan Harper. At least Jake and Charlie can provide the decent laughs we deserve. The show needs to drastically, or this is going to become a travesty like Season 5.
  • good

    chelsea's beautiful friend stays at charlie's house following a nasty breakup. charlie wants her to leave. how will he get her to?

    good episode, it was kind of gross at times, particularly what alan was thinking about at the end, but overall it has some really funny parts. "Absolutely", when Charlie had no idea what Chelsea asked him. His thoughts about them "experimenting" at college. I only give it a C as a grade though because while it was good, it could have been a little bit better i think. still a good episode i think. good, but not great
  • Chelsea tries to help her beautiful college roommate get over a bad breakup.

    This one is a really funny episode.

    Charlie and Chelsea go to dinner with Chelsea's college roommate, Gail. In this episode we get to hear what Charlie is thinking, which made for a nice change. His thoughts we're actually funner than the dinner conversation. Then Charlie interupts Alan shaving his chest with Charlie's electric razor, ew. Alan did get a free razor out of the deal though, lol. Chelsea invites Gail to sleep over. Charlie fantasizes about Chelsea and Gail together with him in a three way. Meanwhile Alan immediately wants to marry Gail. During the night Charlie overhears Gail crying and Chelsea is consoling her. Charlie is invited to stay and sit between the girls, he's invited to be apart of their threeway. Then we find out it's one of Charlie's dreams. Hmmm. Recap: we have been inside Charlie's head, Alan's head and now Charlie's dream. Can't wait to see what's coming up after the commercial. Alan's dream?
    Charlie wakes up and comes downstairs to find Gail in a bikini bent over drying herself off on the balcany. Jake is happily bringing her towels. Chelsea is going to work, as she is talking to Charlie we go back into his head as he ignores what Chelsea is saying. Alan comes down dressed like he is ready to go play a round of golf at the country club. Meanwhile on the balcony Gail is telling Jake that she had a nephew his age, etc. Now we're in Jake's head, typical teenager, boobies. Along come Roberta. Now we're in her head and she even has the hots for Gail. Later Charlie overhears Gail crying and finds out that Gail just talked to her boyfriend and he's moved on. Gail tells Charlie that she wishes she could find a man like Charlie, because he is so good. Charlie runs down to the kitchen for a drink. Roberta and Charlie have a discussion about Chelsea and Gail in college. Alan explains to Charlie how he wants a loving relationship and goes up to tell Gail that he likes her. Once upstairs Alan tries to explain all that to Gail. We now hear Gail's thoughts and she's out of there, bags packed and out the door.
  • This week we are shown how much Charlie actually listens to anyone else talk. You see he has !@#$% ^&&*^% ^&*() everything he doesn't want to hear. Everyone else from Alan, Jake to Berta seems to have the same problem. Chelsea's friend Gail stays over.

    Wow Tricia Helfer and Jennifer Bini Taylor together in bed!

    At first the whole ignoring what the person was saying and filling everything in with their own thoughts was a little bothersome, but then once you realized it was the theme you just roll with it. Some of the stories they all made up instead of listening to either Chelsea or Gail were amazing. Charlies dream was great and the way Chelsea acted was even better. Stating the obvious to him when he asked a stupid question. I especially liked Alan's little story at the end as Chelsea stood there and berated him. Does anyone else notice that Chelsea now rules and everyone else just drools! She's Queen, King, and Lord of the manor.

    Tricia Helfer as Gail! Jennifer Bini Taylor as Chelsea! Separate: Great! Two of my favorite actresses in the same comedy. Priceless!

    Another very funny episode of Two and a Half Men. These guys have been on a roll lately. Thanks for reading...
  • Speaking of fireball, the next time I manscape I should probably skip the

    Another great installment from the best comedy on TV. Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen did a great job today, and just about everything they said produced the laughs. Berta could have been given more lines, and she continues to be the most underutilized character like Creed from the Office. The whole stuff running in Charlie, Alan, Berta, and Jake's mind when they didn't want to hear what they are being told was brilliant. But they could have cut off the threesome fantasy of Charlie. I mean, it was okay and definitely something Charlie would do. But it felt of place; more like a scene out of some porn movie.

    Otherwise, this was an excellent episode.