Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 8

Gord. Fnark. Schmegle.

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Chelsea tries to help her beautiful college roommate get over a bad breakup.

    This one is a really funny episode.

    Charlie and Chelsea go to dinner with Chelsea's college roommate, Gail. In this episode we get to hear what Charlie is thinking, which made for a nice change. His thoughts we're actually funner than the dinner conversation. Then Charlie interupts Alan shaving his chest with Charlie's electric razor, ew. Alan did get a free razor out of the deal though, lol. Chelsea invites Gail to sleep over. Charlie fantasizes about Chelsea and Gail together with him in a three way. Meanwhile Alan immediately wants to marry Gail. During the night Charlie overhears Gail crying and Chelsea is consoling her. Charlie is invited to stay and sit between the girls, he's invited to be apart of their threeway. Then we find out it's one of Charlie's dreams. Hmmm. Recap: we have been inside Charlie's head, Alan's head and now Charlie's dream. Can't wait to see what's coming up after the commercial. Alan's dream?
    Charlie wakes up and comes downstairs to find Gail in a bikini bent over drying herself off on the balcany. Jake is happily bringing her towels. Chelsea is going to work, as she is talking to Charlie we go back into his head as he ignores what Chelsea is saying. Alan comes down dressed like he is ready to go play a round of golf at the country club. Meanwhile on the balcony Gail is telling Jake that she had a nephew his age, etc. Now we're in Jake's head, typical teenager, boobies. Along come Roberta. Now we're in her head and she even has the hots for Gail. Later Charlie overhears Gail crying and finds out that Gail just talked to her boyfriend and he's moved on. Gail tells Charlie that she wishes she could find a man like Charlie, because he is so good. Charlie runs down to the kitchen for a drink. Roberta and Charlie have a discussion about Chelsea and Gail in college. Alan explains to Charlie how he wants a loving relationship and goes up to tell Gail that he likes her. Once upstairs Alan tries to explain all that to Gail. We now hear Gail's thoughts and she's out of there, bags packed and out the door.
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