Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 13

Grab a Feather and Get in Line

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • What a waste of time

    To watch this show now is just what the masochists persons do to themselves.
  • Horrible

    This has been the last episode i will watch of this show! I have patiently been waiting for this season to pick up, but is has gone the whole different direction. Where are all the support characters? Yes Jake has found his calling in religion, but what about all the others?! Walden and Allan are just not enough to keep this show fresh. A really slow episode, with no big laughs - But the final push was the 3 minutes musical to sing about Walden being a douche! 15 seconds would have been more than enough, but still not keeping with the style of the show. And now Kate is staying in NY?

    "Two and a half men" has become "one man and one who was once an ok sub".
  • Two and a half men is sinking...

    I can see that most of the people making comments are on the same 'wave length': this episode was awful and the series is sinking...

    Where is Jake? Allan's mother? Allan's ex-wife? Walden's ex-wife? Zoey? All the character's are disappearing, and what's left is now two embittered and lonely men. This would be great for a drama series, but not for a comedy, and definetely not for "Two and a half men".

    Another bad episode and I quit watching it... What else can I say?!!!
  • This show is not getting UP-I want Zoey back!

    I am starting to lose patience with "Two and a half men". What, now we have musicals involved in this once famous comedy? I have every episode however now I am wondering if this is worth waiting for at the end of the work week? Come on, lets get with it. I understand why Charlie Sheen had to go, much to our regret and have accepted the fact with grace but the show is going off track. GET UP and quit the BS!

    By the way, I feel Zoey has the knack for Walden. I realize many of our fans hate her but I don't feel Kate fits in. Walden is wobbly without her.
  • Pathetic episode

    This episode was the worst till date.
  • Grab a Feather and Get in Line

    this episode was the worst episode this season and this season has been great so far this was a total disappointment.

    total disappinting episode. its gone on way of indian television soaps. alan is becoming less likable every recent
  • The show hasn't been this much fun in years!

    And I agree with the last comment that Kate is much more likable than Zoey and well the most likable romantic interest we've seen for Walden. I guess whether or not Kate becomes a bigger part of the show might be up to whether D'Orsay can handle doing Royal Pains at the same time which is doubtful since seasons 5 & 6 are slated to 26 episodes long seasons.
  • Feel sorry for Walden

    I was kind of sad when Kate and Walden seem to go their separate ways. Kate seemed really good for him. To be honest I liked Kate a lot more than Zooey. I'm hoping Kate decides to come back to give him another chance. She was upset but it's obvious she doesn't hate him. Right now, I would really like to see Walden end up with Kate. I guess it's a possibility, after all Kate just said she needs time. She said that she might have a future in NY but "MIGHT" is the key word. She's in fashion and Walden should want to invest because fashion is a big business, even in this economy. He could end up her business partner.

    Please let Kate come back!