Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 10

He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Evelyn agrees to pay for Jake's college.

    When Evelyn agrees to pay for Jake's college education Charlie thinks that she might have another plan in mind.

    I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. The rest of the CBS comedies this week for fairly below par, but Two and a Half Men gave us another great Season 6 episode. I am not sure how long this show will reign supreme on primetime but they are able to maintain creativity and top-notch humor 5 years 2 months and 11 days into their run.

    Jake was mildly funny here, but they've dumbed his character down to an almost unbearable point. I guess it's unique compared to the blonde who would usually say these lines, but for the most part his stupidity is not even believable anymore.

    The Charlie and Alan exchanges were the highlight of the episode, as is usually the case. The line about Alan being a squirrel happy with the nuts he has and Charlie simply replying, "No comment," was probably my favorite of the night.
  • Season 6, Episode 10.

    Alan contemplates retiring when Evelyn states that she'll take care of Jake's college education. I wasn't really crazy about the fact that Evelyn is offering to pay Jake's college fun when he didn't graduate 8th grade yet... At the rate he is going, he may not for a while. I liked the scene at Alan's office with the guy who had sex in the shower. The secretary! LMAO! "There's a sixty sixty chance I'll repeat the 8th grade." "60/60 huh?" "Yeah, or seventy forty." LMAO moron. Evelyn wants to kill Alan... LMAO. OMG Charlie hit Alan! The screen was black, though! Good episode.
  • Evelyn pays college for Jake

    When Evelyn says she wants to pay college for Jake, Alan starts thinking that he wont need to work ever again. Charlie thinks Evelyn is up to something, as offering to pay Jake's studies isnt like her. jake decides to be a chef.

    This episode was amazing. Was so funny and so awesome. This episode includes:
    Evelyn offering to pay college and a car for Jake, Jake wanting to buy a police car or a firetruck, Alan going kayaking, and Charlie trying to figure out a supossed conspiracy done by Evelyn. This episode was grt, so funny, and now Jake is going to be a chef while Alan will pay a rent.
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