Two and a Half Men

Season 1 Episode 20

Hey, I Can Pee Outside in the Dark

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2004 on CBS

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  • jake is annoying

    If you have read one of my reviews for Two and a Half Men then you have read 1000 of them in the regard that I really hate Jake. So, when you have him get extra annoying in an episode how do you think it is going to turn out? Not too good, not too good.

    But thankfully this was the debut of Jane Lynch in the recurring role as their therapist on the show. Lynch has been on just about every show, and she is perfect in every role she's been on. Such a great addition to the 2.5 Men cast.
  • Jake annoys everyone with the Smoke on the Water riff. Something's bothering him, & Alan and Judith think he is having trouble "processing his emotions." Charlie thinks Jake will open up to him, the 'cool' uncle, but no. Berta thinks he's constipated.

    Turns out Berta was right, and everyone else was full of...

    Berta: (trying to convince Alan that his son may be constipated) I'm telling you, my youngest once ate a whole can of Play-Doh--stopped her up for two weeks!
    Alan: All right, Berta.
    Berta: She finally pooped out a whole ashtray.
    Alan: Berta!
    Berta: That was the day I quit smoking.

    Everyone thinks that Jake's problem is about them. Alan and Judith are convinced it is because of their divorce. Charlie and Evelyn think they have a better rapport with Jake than his parents do, but they are both too self absorbed to really connect.

    Judith wants to send him to a therapist, and finally everyone else gives in. The therapist is also baffled by Jake's sullen attitude. Finally, Berta administers a dose of prune juice, and by next morning the dark clouds have lifted.

    During the course of this episode it is revealed that Alan went to therapy because of his bed wetting, agoraphobia, and fear of the dark. When Charlie is skeptical of whether there was any benefit Alan says, "Hey, I can pee outside in the dark." Thus, the title.

    Not the best episode, but OK. Seems like it was an endorsement of the simple folk wisdom of the housekeeper, Berta. Funny that my own mother always had the same theory whenever I was out of sorts or had a headache. And she was usually right.
  • Jake Harper... Unplugged, lol, it was awesome

    Well, in this one, Jake starts to get all mean and unsociable so the two guys take him to a counsillor where she teaches him (stupidly) how to use puppets. Seriously, one of the most hilarious episodes of all time for this show. Since the first season isn't so funny but interesting, this episode was both of these. Wonderful, after a while, Jake snaps out of his idiotic behaviour and is back to normal. Well, what an absolutely hilarious episode, a must see people. It rocks as it is oustanding and funny. Alan was nuts when he told Charlie to put a post patch on his p***s since his addiction to women, awesome episode!
    Another great thing was the new introduction for the show, a great one too...
  • A new look for the theme tune, a new level for this fantabulous show!!

    This show is already majorly immense, but it has now reached a new level. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire episode, it was just hilarous. The concept of the episode itself - Jake being constipated - is gut-wrechingly funny! The appearance from the actress who played the psyciatrist really took the show by storm, with her puppets, giants and small chairs. Charlie Sheen also has some truly great lines, "You're cookey, but compared to our mother, you're like a fart in a hurricane!", BRILLIANT!! xxxXXXXXxxx