Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 4

Hookers, Hookers, Hookers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • A meeting in Lyndsey's home.

    So yeah, after Lynsdey, Alan, Jake & Eldritch move in. Lyndsey's starttig to be irritated around Alan. Charlie feds up with this houseguests, so he goes to Lyndsey's. Alan goes for a walk, ending at Lyndseys.

    Soon, at Lyndsey's there is soon a gathering of people. Chris (Lyndsey's ex), Charlie, Alan, Herb & Gordon (you know, the pizza guy) gather and talk abotu stuff, like if you sleep with the smae woman you technically slept with each other. Jidth then calls out Herb, Gordon leaves without tip, and when Lyndsey come to get Alan, she ends up leaving with Chris. Charlie sleeps with a hooker named Slient Betty.

    Title Reference: After Alan tells Charlie to get a quet hooker, he says the title while looking for hookers' numbers on his phone.

    Overall: Oretty good episode. I love this "Meeting" ones, like the one with Alan, CHarlie, Herb, Gordon & Jerome. 8.5/10.
  • 804

    Not the best episode of Two & A Half Men, an episode almost devoid of laughter, and I wasn't very entertained throughout, not like the show usually does anyway. We got a half hearted performance from the whole cast, Ryan Stiles has become the only commendable actor on this show at this point.

    This episode started out good with Lyndsey insulting Alan, but then it all went downhill from there from Lindsey farting at Alan to four guys complaining about their wives in a burnt down house. And wow, the end was very predictable, I definitely expected Silent Betty coming in at the end.

    Not a lot of laughs here either, maybe it's because it was too focused on Alan, or I don't know what, but everyone here didn't do their best. Also I would have liked to see Alan's affairs with the other girl to be revealed in this episode, but it looks like that wont happen since Lindsey is talking to her ex-husband now.

    Dissapointing overall, considering I know this show can do much better even if it's not the best show on televison.
  • um

    Yikes, definitely not an edgy episode here tonight, unless you consider being dangerously close to laugh-free as edgy, if so, then Chuck Lorre might be getting a call from the FCC over this episode. The entire cast just disappointed here and I definitely do not want to see a woman farting on national TV as a joke, or as anything period.

    Two and a Half Men needs to get its act together. They need to stop basing everything around Alan, they need to get the chemistry back together and start producing quality comedy again, not just mainstream dumbed down rubbish.
  • an average episode

    this is just an an average episode it takes place after Alan stupidy burns down his girl friends house and they are force back to Charlie' s house once again Alan fail to leave Charlies' s house and Then Charlie loses his peace around the house and back in the destroyed burn house charlie meets Lindsey's ex-husband Chris and he and Charlie have a couple of drinks and then Lindsey starts losing feelings for alan and then Gordon the pizza guy and Herb join the drinking circle just like in an old episode and talk about their feeling and Alan loses Lindsey and is back at Charlies house