Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 13

Humiliation is a Visual Medium

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie finds himself in a relationship that is not based on sex.

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  • Charlie is going out with Mia, the balle dancer. She is the committed kind of person and wants charlie to take things slowly. Not having sex is just not Charlie's cup of tea, so their relationship runs into trouble.moreless

    First things first, Mia is damn hot man. No man can resist her, leave alone a person like Charlie, who is habituated to having sex with random starngers almost everyday. The comedy in the episode was god as usual. Berta was awesome with her one liners. I even found the two jokes by Jake too good. Don't know why Charlie didnt like it. I justcan't understand how Charlie manages to get one damn hot girl after another though we all know he is such an ass. In the end it was a complete reversal of roles for Charlie. I mean how can a man like him refuse to have sex with a girl like Mia. I just couldn't buy the ending.moreless
  • I was very pleased with the whole plot of the episode, more story than humour

    I was very pleased with the whole plot of the episode, more story than humour.

    I was happy with this episode. Finally, Charlie found a real commitment and it's great to see that he can do such a thing. Evelyn was the funniest tonight. Really, she calls him drunk or on pills when she could finally believe that he has a commitment.

    Even though their relationship started on the bad side, Charlie made it up while new character Kandi nearly does Alan outside.

    It wasn't that funny, in fact I no longer think that we'll get an episode that is as funny as a Season 1 or 2 episode. But yes, the storyline has definitely improved. I was quite pleased wth this episode. Good work...moreless
  • a change of Charlie

    charlie is a commercial song-writer,he does not want to get married ,he love sex with young ladies. but the time is passing ,His interest in this sex gradually decreases.he will surrender to a girl whom he love.the balle dancer wants to charlie without sex,she wants a true love.Mia is so hot that charlie could not help chasing.for sex or for love,chrlie He are hesitating over it.To chioce love that means he should make love only with mia,it is so difficult to choioce that should lost mia,he could not do it.

    how confused charlie is .his brother should help him,moreless
  • No Sex.

    Okay, I had to think for a minute....Mia wasn't a new girl, she's Jake's ballet teacher. I thought Charlie broke it off with her so that Jake won't get hurt? Guess he didn't........but he should have stuck to his plan of not hurting Jake, since he got a whole lotta of hurt this time........NO SEX!

    I loved the whole family in the kitchen scene when Charlie announced that he was in love, but they thought he was on a new drug.

    Overall, another great installment.moreless
  • Charlie in a sexless relationship.

    I didn't realize Charlie was still seeing the ballet teacher. You haven't seen her in weeks. Jake's bad jokes were so bad they were funny. You got to see another side of Alan, the clever side. I loved how everyone thought Charlie was drunk at the beginning. I love the maid.

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    • Charlie: Hey, listen, about this living without sex thing, I was hoping you can give me a little advice.
      Alan: Me? What would make you think of me?
      Charlie: Well, I figured you get laid less often than a boil-covered dwarf, am I right?

    • Jake: Hey, Uncle Charlie, what's green, has four legs, and would kill you if it fell out of a tree and landed on you?
      Charlie: What?
      Jake: A pool table—it's funny cause you wouldn't expect it to be in a tree.

    • Alan: First of all, the phone is no good. You must grovel in person. Humiliation is a visual medium.

    • Alan: Women, huh?
      Charlie: They say they want to talk, but they don't want to talk.

    • Evelyn: Well, we can rule out ecstasy. I mean, that's a powerful aphrodisiac... I've heard.
      Jake: Nowadays, you're supposed to say African-American disiac.

    • Charlie: I think she might be the one.
      Evelyn: Drunk?
      Alan: He says no.
      Berta: I think It might be one of those designer drugs. Charlie, what did you take?

    • Charlie: I want to share this with my entire family.
      Berta: Okay, I'm leaving.
      Charlie: Berta, I consider you part of my family.
      Berta: Am I in your will?
      Charlie: No, but neither are the rest of them.

    • Alan: ...and yank it like a monkey in a mango tree.

    • Charlie: Me? I have to make this decision? It's like asking the fat kid to guard the pie.

    • Mia: You wanna go upstairs?
      Charlie: Not right now.
      Mia: Oh, please don't tell me you got somebody in your room?

    • Charlie: (hands her flowers) These are for you.
      Mia: You didn't have to do that.
      Charlie: Really? My brother said I did.

    • Jake: (to Alan) Hey, if you can work up a fart, ask him to pull your finger.

    • Mia: How are we going to compromise, Charlie? Are you going to have sex with half a woman?
      Charlie: Is that an option?

    • Charlie: Mia, all this starting and stopping is really not good for my transmission.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Selbsterniedrigung ist ein visuelles Medium", meaning "Humiliating Yourself is a Visual Medium". The French title is "Quoi de neuf docteur?", meaning "What's up, Doc?". The Italian title is "L'umiliazione". The Spanish title is "La humillación es un medio visual", an exact translation.