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Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 20

I Called Him Magoo

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 2010 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan plans an intimate night at a hotel with Lyndsay, but her "time of the month" gets in the way. Meanwhile, Charlie hires a prostitute to give him the "girlfriend experience" Chelsea's no longer around to provide: nagging and complaining.

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  • 2 ways this episode should've ended

    As we know, Alan tried to sneak out of the house to have a romantic night with Lydnsey to leave Charlie watch Jake who was being grounded. Every time Alan tried to open the garage door to drive out, it kept closing and he saw Charlie was closing it with his clicker. Alan begged Charlie to let him go just for one night but Charlie wasn't going to watch Jake because he had his own plans. Alan said he gives up and said he'll drop Jake off at Judith's. But when Charlie went to get Jake, Alan hit the accelerator and drove off, yelling,"Sorry! Sorry!" Charlie yelled back at him, "This isn't over!" Charlie had a prostitute coming over and told Jake to get lost even though he's grounded, so Jake went to the pier with Eldridge. While at the hotel Alan got an upset tummy from the oysters and strawberries, he brought with him and spent a lot of time in the bathroom instead of getting laid. After dropping Lyndsey off at home, the episode ended with him driving back to Charlie's because he had to use the bathroom again, BAD!

    One way it should've ended is that when Alan gets to Charlie's, he presses the button on his clicker to open the garage door but every time it opens, it closes again. Alan then sees Charlie holding the clicker. Charlie should've then said, "I told you this wasn't over," and Alan would yell out, "Oh please, Charlie let me in! I'm begging you! I have to go to the bathroom, really bad!" Charlie would then tell the prostitute to try and talk him into letting Alan in the way his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea would have. The prostitute would sigh and manage to do so, but by the time Charlie lets Alan in, it's too late for Alan to get to the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

    Another way it could've ended;

    Judith: One of the neighbors told me that Jake and Eldridge were hanging out at the pier. Jake was supposed to be grounded.

    Jake: Uncle Charlie told me to go.

    Alan: You were supposed to keep an eye on him, Charlie!

    Charlie: Hey, he's your kid not mine. You should've been watching him.

    Judith: Why weren't you keeping an eye on him, Alan?

    Alan: Well, uh...

    Charlie: Because he spent all night at a hotel... not getting laid!

    Judith: And you told me you have a life.

    Alan: Hey, hey! I would've gotten laid if those oysters and strawberries hadn't upset my stomach!

    Charlie: You mean those oysters and strawberries I had in the fridge? I thought I told Berta to throw those out.

    Alan: What do you mean?

    Charlie: They expired about 2 weeks ago.

    Alan would then be holding his stomach with a disgusted look on his face.moreless
  • Charlie tries to get over Chelsea by employing a prostitute to act like a nagging fiancee. Alan has a disastrous hotel date with Lyndsay.


    No other word for it.

    This episode plumbed new depths of scatology. All the 'humor' derived from far-too-graphic period/time-of-the-month references or equally graphic toilet noises.

    It was as if all the regular writers went on holiday and left a crew of 12-year-olds to produce the scripts. It was beyond offensive.

    The actors knew this was a stinker and phoned in their performances. Sheen looked embarrassed, young Jones never broke sweat, and even Cryer couldn't ham it up enough to save things. Courtney Thorne-Smith, who stars as Alan's new love interest, wasn't able to carry off the levels of vulgarity required of her.

    One of the central themes of TAAHM - and its sources of real humor - has always been the adults' attempts to do the right thing by Jake, to protect him. But how do you then equate that with Lyndsay supposedly stealing drugs from her son, Jakes's buddy?

    I love this show - I've never missed an episode. But honestly, it has sunk so badly this year that I hope they call time now, before we get another outing like this.

    Charlie Sheen, get your running shoes on and as far away from this mess as you can. Quickly.moreless
  • 720

    I was able to predict the title of this episode as soon as Berta said the line. Did Chuck Lorre and company really think that was the funniest line of the night?

    Nevertheless, this was an okay Two and a Half Men. You will definitely get a few chuckles while watching it, but the storylines were just too outlandish for me to not complain about. Alan getting women, and Charlie resorting to prostitutes? If they flipped those, this may have worked.

    Alan Harper is one of TV's beloved supporting characters, but if Charlie Harper is gone come Season 8 will people still watch? Could someone with a toenail problem be the lead?moreless
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Elizabeth Ho


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