Two and a Half Men

Season 1 Episode 14

I Can't Afford Hyenas

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2004 on CBS

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  • A little boring in some parts but terrific to watch for the most part

    Stan, Charlie's accountant, tries to explain Charlie's financial woes to him. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Two and Half Men". While the storyline was well written, I didn't really laugh a whole lot or get super huge laughs. Not the funniest episode I've seen but it was still great to watch. It's also good to see an episode that actually doesn't deal with Charlie or Alan getting laid by hot women or any of those ordinary things we see in this show most of the time. Charlie saying the title of the episode "I Can't Afford Hyenas" was funny. Alan telling Charlie that Charlie needs to give the pizza guy a $2 tip in order to cut back was hilarious though and it was funny when the pizza guy told Charlie "Don't worry, you need it more than I do". Charlie being scared to ask his mother for money was funny and what made it more funnier was how Alan gave Charlie the paper that apparently had tons of numbers on there which means that Charlie needs a lot of money. The very ending of the episode was pretty funny as well. So yeah, even though some of the parts in this episode were a little boring and could have added more humor from there. This is overall a superb episode of "Two and a Half Men"..... fans should watch it. 9/10
  • 114

    "Raise your hand if you thought season 1 of 2 1/2 Men was the best."

    *Raises Hand*

    Every episode that I've genuinely liked has been in the first season of the show, things were really no different here. I managed to be quite entertained all throughout. From the cup analogy to the grocery store scene. There's no denying: this was a quality installment from this show.

    Allan was still an average Joe in the first season. He becomes a lot more like Charlie in later seasons but I liked how his character was here. As a steady middle ground for Charlie and his crazy antics.

    Good episode, definitely will go down as one of my favorites from the shows run.
  • This is a great example why people should watch the show!

    The episodes of the show just seem to be getting better, funnier and with a better plot. This one focussed on Charlies financial well being. Really in speaking, the funniest part was when Charlie went to visit Stan (His accountant) who was absolutely insane and hilarious. I was ROTFL during this time. I'll never forget the Paper cup trick and the tipping the Pizza man or maybe even Rose's sweet trick to get to Charlie through the use of helping him. It was a crack up when he said "I want Vodka that doesn't look like Fred Flinstone would drink it!" or Alan saying "You can't quit poverty Charlie". Lol, really, you can't go wrong but this one. It was probably one of this seasons best. Overall, it was great, hilarious, very memorable and entertaining.
  • I Can't Afford Hyenas

    "Shall I get the paper cup?"

    Solid episode of Two and a Half Men that showed that this show needs to return to bringing in big name guest stars. Richard Lewis was great here, the two or so minutes he was on, as a shady accountant who saw Charlie's stupidity long before he did. 2.5 Men should bring in people like this, it's not like they can't draw name actors in, they are still doing monster numbers, and it will help freshen things up. Seinfeld was still casting top TV stars during its 9th season so no reason this show can't do the same.
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