Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 9

I Scream When I Pee

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • spoilers

    I dropped this show last season, and only tuned in tonight because of Kandi's return, and it was more out of sheer curiosity than me liking the character. Guess what, her behavior here was even more annoying than back when she was a regular, and her storyline was about as predictable as it gets.

    Meanwhile, in the B story, Walden decides to do something nice for Berta on her birthday, so he shows up at her house and they basically just smoke pot for the rest of the episode. I swear this is at least the third time I've seen this plotline (Berta and Walden getting high) in the past two seasons, and I've only been watching sporadically. Same deal with Kandi and Lindsey, two people randomly winding up in bed together is almost commonplace on this show now. And people say Family Guy's writers have given up.

    Not awful for post-Charlie TAAHM, but not good either.