Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 13

I Think You Offended Don

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan continues to believe that he is responsible for Judith's pregnancy. Charlie is convinced he knows the reason behind Jake's bad mood.

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  • Alan wants a daughter

    So Alan always wanted a daughter and even hoped that Jake had been a girl.

    This should be said,

    Charlie: Alan, do you know what kind of men want girls instead of boys?

    Alan: Who?

    Charlie: Men who subconsciously wish that they were women!

    Alan: What?! that can't be true.

    Charlie: Maybe you should try remembering some of the very awkward behaviors you displayed growing up.

    It would be a good comment because after all through the show, it seems to hint that Alan is a woman trapped in a man's body. In fact, when Evelyn was getting married and looked at the girl who was going to be her stepdaughter, she said,"You're like the daughter I never had," she looked at Alan and said,"Not that he didn't

    Also Alan says that he finally gets a daughter and Herb gets to be her father, this should've been said;

    Charlie: You know, if I recall correctly, Alan, you told Herb to marry Judith and have a family with her.

    Alan: Yeah, but I only said those things because I wanted him to take away my alimony payments, not my daughter!

    When Alan dreams of seeing Judith's daughter at the age of 14, she looks like a girl version of Jake. But if Alan is the baby's father, she may not actually look like Jake because it was hinted in "Taterhead is our love child," that Alan might not be Jake's father but Alan seems to unaware of that.moreless
  • Alan tries to become a part of the impending baby's life.

    More Jake and Charlie fights please as the two are easily the best uncle/nephew combination on television. I love how edgy and how far Two and a Half Men goes as well. How many other shows on TV would have the protagonist discuss beating a 14 year old boy?

    Alan was hilarious as well here as he and Herb truly gel together. The Jake storyline with him fearing intercourse was a little too generic for my liking, but it did produce some funny moments along the way.

    Overall this was just a great night of CBS comedy and yet another good episode of Two and a Half Men.moreless

    You might be wondering how I know whether or not this was a hilarious episode of Two And A Half Men. The reason I know is because I was in the audience when they taped the episode. There were a lot of comical elements in the episode and the cast and crew did an excellent job (even in the midst of a 5.5 earthquake that we experienced during taping). I definitely learned a lot about the character of Charlie in this episode particularly. The end of the episode was actually quite moving (in a Two And A Half Men sort of way). Definitely check it out. You won't be disappointed!moreless

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