Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 15

I'd Like to Start With the Cat

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie agrees to go with Chelsea to couples counseling with Dr. Linda Freeman.

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  • Season 6, Episode 15.

    Charlie goes with a new girlfriend to couples counseling with Dr. Linda Freeman. I loved when Jake yelled, "Son of a *****!" LMAO! Haha, Jake is so different. I haven't seen a lot of TaaHM this season because of One Tree Hill, but the first episode, I believe, was good. The therapy scene with Charlie in the therapist's office wasn't so great. LMAO at Alan setting Charlie up, though. Hehe. I liked the scenes after Charlie's solo therapy scene, though. (in therapy)

    Chelsea: When's the last time we did something new?

    Charlie: Hellooooooooo?!

    Haha, the show is definitely different, probably since it's been on for 6 years, and Jake's older. Cool episode.moreless
  • 615

    A very funny episode of Two and a Half Men, and virtually everything about this episode was hysterical. Alan really stole the show here with tricking Alan, and his meltdown about couples counseling was wildly entertaining. The interactions between Charlie and Chelsea were great as well. I like the counseling format that they've been doing. Jane Lynch is really enjoyable here.

    The pudding bit was a bit over the top. Why was Charlie eating sweets to solve his problems? Why wasn't he drinking instead? I feel this is the only way they can include Jake this point, and that's Charlie & Jake competing for pudding cups but it was still entertaining.

    Overall a great funny episode of Two & A Half Men with development surprisingly.moreless
  • Charlie in couples chouncelling

    I'll Like to Start with the Cat

    After Chelsea starts crying after sex, Charlie ends up in the middle of couple's councelling, which would be the worst hour of his whole life.

    Two and a Half Men, Season 6, Episode 15 I'll Like to Start with the Cat is a great ep. Is rly funny and rlly good. The episode was good, yeah, but I dont think the episode was as good as other episodes from the season or even the entire show. The episode was funny and rlly grt, but I dont think that it was that good. I think it could have gone much better. And at the end I felt like there was missing something. But overall, grt ep.moreless
  • Charlie goes to couple's therapy.

    This episode felt like one large stand-up routine. It was simply Charlie spitting one sexual reference after another, and yet this formula really, really worked. This is what has driven the show for six years, but it was never like this. This was really refreshing after the boring Presidential Address that preceded it.

    Alan was also funny here dabbing into the world of sarcasm and one-upping Charlie at every chance. These two are arguably the best counterpieces on television and their polar opposite personalities were on display tonight.

    The psychiatrist and the recurring pudding gag also made this a really strong episode.moreless

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