Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 8

Is There a Mrs. Waffles?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • loved it

    I loved this episode. Just loved it. I rarely give anything a ten, but this one deserves it. Hilarious!
  • Great one, and a great comeback to this series

    I wasn't so impressed with previous episodes, but with this... Well, hey I was impressed. Good one, and memorable.

    Charlie Harper and his waffle jingles was a superb idea on the writers part. Alan and Jake were hilarious, I don't think anyone could believe Charlie and his great success in the jingle children's business.
    Ever since he got the job, he's done well for himself.
    The dream sequence for sure. My favorite part, a drunken Charlie singing in a concert to these small children. I honestly though he would stuff up, so seriously, unpredictable and suspenseful. Out of this, I also found relatives joining in because of the change in style.

    We didn't see Judith again, or much of Jake but the storyline and the comedy were too good itself to let it spoil this one.
    The only con was that it was over too fast. It felt short, but what was in the shortness was fantastic. So, adding it all up, and the con, I rate it as 8.2/10 Great.
  • Charlie's winning and Alan's not grinning, a great combination in my book.

    Following a corny kid's song; Charlie becomes a massive hit with the little guys with his alter - ego; Charlie Waffles and Alan couldn't be happier (yeah right). Charlies rising star however may be shot down when he has to perform a concert in front of over one thousand and he's got stage fright.......

    If this episode sounds overly simple it's because it is and while the plot is thin; the two lead actors make the best of it and there's plenty of laughs so it avoids being a complete farce.

    Richard Kind stars as the stereotypical greedy manager and walks away with some stolen scenes and the actors who play Charlie and Alan have since perfected their respective roles.

    Alan manages to find a sharp one - liner from any statement said around him and a lot of them are hilarious especially when reflecting his disdain of how his lazy and immoral brother is a hit while he; the honest and decent brother is wallowing in poverty and obscurity.

    Charlie is basically used as a device for Alan to drop a punchline and when it's revealed he has stage fright and has to perform in a big concert it's like Christmas has come early.

    The songs themselves aren't really that funny at the end if you squint enough and see the other titles of the songs on his album you'll get the hidden jokes and the use of the laugh track will make sense. The way the story is so handily resolved for Charlie is very contrived but it adds to the running gag in this episode that he's on a lucky streak.

    This sitcom will never eclipse it's siblings like Seinfeld or Friends but it's fun stories and guilty pleasure gags make it enjoyable TV.
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