Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 18

It Never Rains in Hooterville

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan tries to bond with Jake when he realizes that his childhood is almost over. Kandi pursues a career in acting.

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  • Boring.

    This is just a filler episode, nothing more, nothing less. No major storylines going on, just pure, unadulterated immature humor that this show delivers on in every episode.

    This was a time in the show's history when things were just not going too well. No longer was Everybody Loves Raymond the number one comedy on CBS, Two and a Half Men had taken over that role, and they weren't sure how to adjust to it, but having Alan get married for a second time, this time to a stripper certainly was not the way to go. That was one of the worst storylines done in That 70's Show history so why try it now?moreless
  • I suppose we had a hilarious episode here, with a bit of suspense because of Kandi

    I suppose we had a hilarious episode here, with a bit of suspense because of Kandi

    This was my second episode from this season, my first being episode 8: Release the dogs. This was quite good, great. Kandi pursued a career in acting and in which Alan, Charlie and Jake help her do it... Later on, Alan tries to bond a special friendship with Jake but Jake, who doesn't enjoy these father/son activities, starts to nail half naked women photo's to the wall. Alan himself and Kandi decide they want to have a baby but when the phone rings and Kandi answers it, she changes her mind, "just like that".

    Overall, kind of hilarious but the storyline/moral was great. Nice...moreless
  • I liked this episode. Alan realizes that Jake is growing up fast so he decides to bond with him through camping meanwhile Kandi decides to become an actress.

    It was an interesting episode nonetheless. While I'm not the number one fan of Two and a Half Men, the show is great and this episode was at least somewhat well written. It kept me entertained for the 30 minutes, anyway. What happens? Jake starts pasting up pictures of models on his wall in his room and Alan realizes that Jake is growing up fast. In attempt to bond with him before "it's too late", Alan decides that he'll take Jake on a camping trip. Too bad I'm not gonna tell you what else happens, you'll have to watch the show to figure that out.moreless
  • Kandi the actress

    The woman who plays Kandi is so good. She is great at playing dumb. I loved the spoof of CSI: Miami. Jake getting older was ok but the Kandi story was even better. So is Alan going to get alimony from her now? Charlie was funny telling Jake to try to humor his Dad.
  • Alan realizes that Jake is finally leaving his childhood and takes him camping to bond. Candi tries out for a part on a TV Show.

    Another great episode of one the best comedies to come down the pike in a long time! Even with the absence of Berta (the quick witted housekeeper) and Evelyn (Charlie and Alans mother), it was a fine episode. Candi comes through as a dumb blond trying to get a role in the show Stiffs! She is brilliant, and the reason she got the role was because her 2 asstets, which according to Charlie are real! The father and son bonding in the tent was hysterical. Poor Alan tries, but just like Wile E. Coyote, he never succeeds!

    Jake, what a little man he is becoming, having the posters of cars and wrestling replacing his Harry Potter poster. Oh, and there were some scantily clad women in the new posters also!moreless

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Alan: Um, sweetie, do you remember why we split up?
      Kandi: The big reason or all the little reasons? Cause there were a lot of little reasons, Alan.
      Alan: I know.
      Kandi: Like the way your toe nails grow all crazy.
      Alan: Right. Got it.
      Kandi: And your ear hair and your nose hair. And that one long hair on your back, yuck!

    • Charlie: Hey, what's your hurry? If she becomes a big TV star while you're still married, she'll have to pay you alimony.
      Alan: Yeah! And if pigs start flying out of my rear end, we'll have free bacon for the rest of our lives.
      Jake: I don't know if I'll eat that bacon.

    • Alan: Did you get the divorce papers?
      Kandi: Not really, my lawyer had to explain them to me.

    • Kandi: (to Alan) Thanks for lending me your chiropractor coat. It makes me feel like a real doctor.
      Charlie: Now you know why Alan wears it.

    • Jake: Could you get my dad to lay off the father-son stuff? It's kind of lame.
      Charlie: "Lame?" You think it's lame your father cares so much about you, he wants nothing more than to be a part of your life?
      Jake: Yeah!

    • (before trying to get pregnant)
      Kandi: Is there anything special we have to do?
      Alan: No, no, it's just like regular sex, but without all the last-minute fumbling for a condom.
      Kandi: Oh, okay. But I still get all the rest of the fumbling, right?
      Alan: I prefer to call that 'foreplay.'

    • Alan: (talking about Jake when he was a baby) I miss that little boy. Seems like only yesterday I could've held him in one arm. He didn't weigh more than eight or nine pounds.
      Charlie: He craps more than that now.

  • NOTES (4)

    • In this episode, April Bowlby returns to being credited as a guest star.

    • The German episode title is "Die frenetische Detektivin", meaning "The Frenetic Detective". The French title is "L'âge critique", meaning "The Critical Age". The Italian title is "Padre e figlio", meaning "Father and Son". The Spanish title is "Nunca llueve en Hooterville", an exact translation.

    • Alternate Title: Rah-rah-sis-boom-dead

    • While Kandi is on a CSI-type show in this episode, portrayer April Bowlby guest-starred on an episodes of CSI in 2004 and CSI: NY in 2005.


    • Charlie was talking about Hooterville, which is the town from the 1960s TV series Green Acres.

    • Charlie's speaking of the episode title is a play on the name of the 1972 song "It Never Rains in California" by Albert Hammond.

    • Kandi's delivery of her "take a stab at it" line for Stiffs is a mimicry of David Caruso's delivery of similar lines as Lt. Horatio Caine during the teasers to CSI: Miami.

    • The theme song for Kandi's forensic show Stiffs is The Who's "Squeeze Box" which is a play on the theme songs for the CSI franchise of shows that use a different song by The Who as their theme song.