Two and a Half Men

Season 2 Episode 18

It Was Mame, Mom

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2005 on CBS

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  • The whole gay aspect of the episode was fairly great, but I've seen better

    The whole gay aspect of the episode was fairly great, but I've seen better.

    I liked the episode, another funny week of the show. Really, it wasn't as funny as I made it out to be. It could have been better, but I enjoyed the whole, Charlie and Alan pretending to be gay around a gay group of people. But Charlie admitting to his so called lover woman that he was 100% straight was the funny part. Evelyn was actually in the same shopping store as Charlie and the girl he was going out with. Well, not "Going out on a date personally". Really, Alan began to think that he was really gay hell it was funny.
    Then at the beginning, Jake asks "Do you suffer eroctile disfunction, one of three guys gets it. Mine's fine, it's got to be one of you two (pointing at Alan and Charlie).
    Lol, not as great as the previus five weeks but still good..
  • gays, Evelyn, and Lucy Lawless!

    In this interesting episode, Charlie and Alan pose as a gay couple to impress a gay ad-executive. Unfortunately, Charlie meets the stunning Pamela (Lucy Lawless, Xena:Warrior Princess) and decides to try to seduce her. Thankfully, Evely sabotages him and our fair lady remains untouched by that chauvenistic bastard. Meanwhile, the gay ad-exec tries to get Alan into bed, a scene I found quite hilarious. Charlie somehow manages to get mre money out of the deal and Alan feels a sense of accomplishment over how atractive his @$$ is. I found this episode charming, amusing, and was impressed by the very real statement Lucy (Pamela) made over the whole gay sexuality, marriage and acceptance thing. The more you know, the more you grow!
  • Charlie convinces Alan to pretend that they are a gay couple...

    Charlie is invited to a party by his ad-executive friend Eric who turns out to be gay So Charlie convinces Alan to accompany him to the party and pretend to be his partner. At the party Charlie sees Pamela, Eric ex-wife's and wants to sleep with her. Really funny part was when they are at the party and Alan is telling Eric about how he and Charlie "met" in the coffee shop. Later Charlie and Pamela goes clothes shopping and Charlie tells her that he lied about being gay They accidentally come across Charlie's mom and Charlie gets stage fright during a "performance" with Pamela...
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