Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 18

Ixnay on the Oggie Day

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • Another Alan based episode

    Even if the plot is based on Charlie and Chelsea, Alan gets more screen time. Charlie is cheating on Chelsea with her BFF Gail, but Chelsea is not satisfied with Brad, because he is a "momma's boy". When Chelsea comes back to Charlie, she finds out that he has been sleeping with Gail and it ends there untill the other episode. While Charlie was having issues with Chelsea, Alan is getting extra ca$h by getting her patient an orgasim while a massage. Although he said "Im a whore Charlie" i don't think he has been sleeping with Mrs Heeniketh (i dont know how to spell it). He even pays for dinner and gives Jake money without any doubts. I dont know how to say it, but i think Alan is the main character in this episode without getting attached to the plot. Good job :) i like it
  • Charlie, Alan , and Jake are having pizza and Alan pays! It seems he has a new client that is paying him a little extra for her adjustments. Charlie runs into Chelsea's best friend Gail and they "comfort" each other until Chelsea shows up again.

    Boy the twists and turns these two boys lives have taken these past few episodes. Charlie breaks up with Chelsea. Charlie goes catatonic. Charlie gets Chelsea back and then she dumps him again. Now Charlie sees Gail, Chelsea's "best friend" played again by the delicious Tricia Helfer. The usual things happen and Charlie and Gail end up in bed. The complication is Chelsea calls from Mexico where she had gone with Brad for a weekend. A similar weekend by the way that Charlie and Chelsea had gone on that was so spectacular that Charlie bought Chelsea a car! It seems that Brad is a little too much of a momma's boy for Chelsea, but of course there are the usual complications and Chelsea is really mad at Charlie again. He seems to be taking it in stride. Seriously, she was in Mexico on a trip with a guy and she is mad at Charlie for being Charlie?!?

    Alan is the big surprise this episode. What a great job of acting Jonathan Cryer does as he has a women patient that seems to be getting more relief than normal from his adjustments. Plus she's willing to pay big a bonus for these "adjustments". Alan's new receptionist is not pleased and he sort of buys her off and eventually agrees to a little more. Very funny stuff. Even Jake has got a new look we have not seem before so things are really changing here on the Malibu strip.

    An enjoyable and clever plot continuing to play the Charlie and Chelsea relationship to the hilt. You have to wonder how long they think they can sustain this? It's fun to watch though. Thanks for reading...
  • Two and a half men are still great fun.

    Another great episode of one of my favourite shows. Charlie meets Gail (a friend of Chelsea's) and can't resist.
    Meanwhile Alan turns out to be a great pleasure to deal with. I was happy to see Gail again - Tricia Helfer is absolutely stunning. And I really hope the writers are not going to bring Charlie and Chelsea back together again. I'm so glad good old Charlie is back! This episode was great fun, especially the part with Alan and Mrs. Wiggins. The way she glared at him... oh, that was hillarious. Too bad there was not much of Jake in the episode.
  • Funny stuff

    A really funny episode, nothing more than good jokes delivered well. Much as I like both the actress Jennifer Taylor and the character of Chelsea, Charlie is just funnier when he is able to carry on the way he always used to. This was no different, Chelsea is off with new man Brad in Mexico which entitles Charlie to pull her 'friend' Gail who he fantasized about in a previous episode. The second storyline involved Alan becoming little more than a prostitute, and actually putting his chiropractic 'skills' to use on an older women. Very funny just like the main part of the episode, and Jake was quite good too, given a haricut that got rid of the fashionable do he had before and which was more in keeping with how he used to look.
    Overall this kind of episode is the perfect antidote to watching other more serious shows like Lost, I could watch a mind bending episode of that and then put on an episode like this and just laugh any day of the week.
  • Alan with extra income?

    The writers did it again. Is Charlie ever going to make up his mind and either stick to one woman or play the field. Very funny episode with Alan and his talented fingers. Was really surprised when Alan paid for dinner and then he gave money to Jake without penny pinching? Is Alan's frugal days behind him, or is jail time for prostitution in his future? Liking his new secretary by the way. Just her reaction and facial expressions (or lack there of) was funny. Can't wait to see what happens next. Kudos Mr. Lorre on this one. Just a thought.....Can Rose please come back. I always thought that Charlie and Rose would make the perfect couple.
  • Poor effort.

    Two and a Half Men is still going strong in its 7th Season, but tonight was just a poor effort all around. Charlie Sheen's lack of effort was extremely visible as I assume this was taped when he had a plethora of personal problems going around. Still though, that's not a justification for an episode like this.

    Sure, I laughed, but the humor is so character-based now that you will rarely go a week without a few genuine laughs, but as a whole, not one of the funnier 2.5 Mens this years.

    I really hope the rest of the season is better than this.