Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 22

Just Once With Aunt Sophie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 08, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A girl from Jake’s school invites him to his first boy-girl party. Charlie and Alan help him get ready for it by giving him advice. Alan and Charlie get nostalgic and remember their first boy-girl party.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Really cool TAAHM ep

    Jake attends to his first Boy and Girls party. Alan worries about him and Charlie helps Jake to get ready for it and to impress a girl. Ok now, Charlie helps Jake to impress a girl, but wouldnt that make Jake a player just like Charlie? Thats Alan worries when Charlie tries t help Jake. This Two and a Half Men episode is one great episode from this excellent series. Two and a Half Men is a great show, and this episode proves my point. Is a really great episode, with great comedy. This episode is amazing, just as the show.moreless
  • Classic Two and a half men episode... Did I say classic?

    Jake and his first boy/girl party. In it was goodness... Alan clearly told Charlie that he didn't want Jake to become a player like Charlie. Hell it was funny and what this show is all about.

    Man, we've had some pretty good episodes this season, of them represented great storylines. Overall, Jake was so silly he's cute and it was a classic example of Two and a half men. A series original episode with a bit of laughter and a memorable plot. I was impressed and am happy for Jake. Just don't become like Charlie and don't get married until you're 18!moreless
  • Loved this episode!

    Wow, I caught this episode on a re-run and I couldn't stop laughing. Jake is brought on in this episode as a mini Alan, and it's so cute. I love how Jake was so nervous about going, and being all up on that Wendy chick. The quotes from this episode were hysterical, especially the ones from Charlie. I felt kind of bad for Alan when Charlie took over and told Jake all the tips, I mean the dad should do that kind of thing, even if he isn't very experienced in that area. Overall, it was a very funny episode and that scene in the episode made me smile and giggle. Poor Alan, he always get picked on.moreless
  • a super episode! got no words for it!

    I\'m from denmark and I watched this episode live and it was great.. we have the show in denmark but seeing it live is just super.! another expierience that\'s for sure!

    Jake is awsome and a super actor and we had the funniest expierience at the show where the entertainer called upon all other nationalities than american and that resulted in my friend being somewhat the halftime entertainment where both the writers and actors ( especially Jake )were laughing at him.. we got the feeling, even though the serie has aired for some time now that this episode is to be remembered.. not only for me and my friends but for everyone.. and of course it was the end of seson 3..

    keep up the good work! can\'t wait to seson 4!

    Morten from denmark

  • Jake is so stupid he's cute

    I loved how Jake got an attitude at the hair salon during his $75 haircut. It's good to see the stories moving in the same direction as Jake aging. Who didn't change when a boy or girl they liked called them for the first time. Alan was just as anal as ever.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Charlie: Ha, one kiss and he's ready to marry the girl.
      Alan: So?
      Charlie: So you don't have to worry, he's definitely your son.

    • Alan: What's going on in school?
      Jake: Nothin'.
      Alan: "Nothin'?" You just sit there all day and stare at the wall?
      Jake: That's where the clock is.

    • Alan: Wendy Cho's the smartest girl at school. I wonder why she's calling Jake?
      Charlie: Maybe she lost a bet.
      Alan: Charlie, that's not nice.
      Charlie: Well, kids are cruel.

    • Jake: Can I get leather pants?
      Charlie and Alan: No!
      Jake: Why not?
      Charlie: 'Cause you need something that lets the farts out.

    • Alan: I happen to believe that childhood should be a time of innocence.
      Charlie: I agree: childhood should be a time of innocence, and Bambi's mother shouldn't die, and lap dances should be complementary after the fifth cocktail, but that's not the world we live in.

    • Charlie: By the way, did you have the talk with him?
      Alan: Well sure, I mean, well we've had a talk, you know, covered the basics. He knows where babies come from and how they got there.
      Charlie: That's all? He's going to this party completely clueless about how much fun he can have between "Hi, how are you" and "What do you mean you missed your period."

    • Charlie: I can't risk letting you scar the kid forever.
      Alan: What do you mean by that?
      Charlie: Face it, Alan, what can you bring to the table other than a lifetime of abject failure with women?
      Alan: It's not a lifetime yet.
      Charlie: I, on the other hand, have a wealth of experience to offer.
      Alan: He's twelve, he doesn't need know how to choreograph a three-way.
      Charlie: I'm not talking about that—I'm saving that for prom night.

    • Charlie: Why does everyone keep telling me to shut up?
      Alan: Because you're an insensitive dolt.
      Charlie: That's no reason.

    • (Jake is asking to go to a girls party)
      Alan: Are her parents going to be there?
      Jake: I guess.
      Charlie: Let the fathers who have girls worry about that.

    • Charlie: You know what they say, a man's reach must exceed his grasp, but what's a penis for?
      Alan: Who says that?
      Charlie: Okay, I might be paraphrasing.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The German episode title is "Ein Mann braucht höhere Ziele", meaning "Man Needs a Higher Purpose". The French title is "Ma première boum", meaning "My First Party". The Italian title is "Un discepolo per Charlie", meaning "A Disciple for Charlie". The Spanish title is "Solo una vez con tía Sofia", an exact translation.


    • Charlie, thinking back to their high school days, calls his brother "dungeon master Alan." This is in reference to the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, whose participants are stereotypically the socially unpopular. The dungeon master is the person who runs the game for the other players.