Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 1

Large Birds, Spiders and Mom

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • A nice opener to the new series

    A nice opener to the new series.

    In what I thought was one of the funniest episodes in a while, Jake prepared for Junior high but his first day was more than "a bad school day", Jake ended up ditching just because of all the warnings that Alan and Charlie gave him prior to his first day. But, this turned out to be a wicked premiere and I can say, we have another great season on our hands. The wicked premiere was focussed on Charlie, Jake and Alan of course, but just them. The funniest scene was Alan's determination to stand up for himself on the highway when the bully in front of him wouldn't move. "God Charlie! Why didn't you help your baby brother?"
  • Loved it possible spoilers

    I just watched this episode on Paramount comedy and thought it was great. The most funniest thing in the entire episode had to when Charlie was using various objects to rub his private area on cos he had an itchy rash. That really reminded me of an episode from season 4 NCIS when Proby gets poison ivy down there and does the same thing that Charlie did. The look on Jakes face kept getting more traumatised as Alan and Charlie went on about what not to do at High School. No wonder Jake never went to school on his first day.
  • Another great episode.

    I have to say like the previous viewer, I have to say that this was a great episode, but certainly not a classic. My reasoning is that there was not enough Berta. But this was the only blemish I had with this episode. It really does involve preparing Jake for junior high school. It was funny how Alan bought him a cell phone for reasons that stem from Alan's experience in high school, which was not always pleasant. The sub-plot involving Charlie's genitals was funny as well. I think the best part was Alan trying to overcome his fears of being bullied around and HOW that backfired on him. And also how Charlie wouldn't get out the car to help Alan with the bully was pretty hilarious as well. Another overall great episode.
  • A good episode SPOILERS

    This is a great episode, however not the best season opener. The story is based around Jake preparing for a new school. Subplot = Charlie has a rash on his privates.

    The episode is very funny and has some great Two and a Half Men classic moments. The problem with this episode is that there isn't enough Charlie.

    Although the story has never been hugely necessary or hugely important in these types of comedies this one was particularly weak, it needed slightly more substance to work.

    The comedy was still good though and, although crude, the rash was still a funny addition to the episode. Overall the episode is a good one and I look forward to the rest of the season.
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