Two and a Half Men

Season 8 Episode 14

Lookin' for Japanese Subs

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • 814

    The Jake and the kid from The Bill Engvall Show stuff was completely ripped off from a Family Guy episode where the gang tries to mimic stunts from Jackass (including the shopping cart ride off the roof.) I do like that they tried to do something with someone other than Charlie on this show, but this is not the right way to do that.

    As for Rose, I am glad she was back on the show, but Charlie falling for her plan? Really? I'm not buying that. The stuff with the mannequin just felt very childish in my mind too.

    Not a bad 2.5 Men though.
  • Jake is clearly the STAR of the show.....not Charlie.

    I thought this episode was just what Two and a Half Men needs to get back to it's original way of comedy. Most of the episodes I've seen this season didn't impress me too much, and it's kind of clear that the writers and producers of the show have lost their creativity. This episode was hilarious, and I needed a good darn laugh. I don't care about Jake & Eldridge mocking Jackass, but it was hysterical watching them fly off the roof in a shopping cart (I think), and landing over the balcony. Alan's reaction to their stupidity was definitely pretty funny too. I won't give away every detail, but I thought this show needed an episode like this. I wanna see more of Jake & Eldridge. Together, they might be dumber than rocks, but they're ridiculously funny. Jake is clearly the star of the show. As much money as Angus T. Jones is making for someone his age, I should be able to see his face quite a bit more in this show. Hopefully the next episode will be just as good and funny. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  • Dumbass....

    so here we got 2 plots, now one for Charlie & one for Alan. One for Charlie & one for Jake.

    Jake's plot: he starts a channel on youtube parodying Jackass called Dumbass (too bad, Charlie has already made the Ass-keteers shirts). Alan doesn't approve of this stunts. The stunts include burping coke & mentos, the fart rocket, ans my personal favorite: them jumping off the roof in a shopping cart...and forgeting to record it.

    Charlie's: So he goes to Rose's and he is actually buying the mannequin stuff. So he confesses his love for her, and sleeps with her. So Rose fakes being upset about cheating with Manny, and Charlie wants to do it again some other time. Title Reference: Alan to CHarlie, after seeing him looking through some binoculars.

    Overall: Great. Call me dumbass, but I loved Jake's plot as much as Charlie's. Good stuff. 9.5/10.
  • 814

    Ugh, Jake and Elridge really brought down the rating for this episode, they were just so unbearable, I don't even know where to start on saying how bad this story line was. The moment I think I'm becoming a fan of this show, we get a childish plot like this. I probably only laughed once throughout the entire episode, and Alan undermining his son was just ridiculous and unfunny.

    The thing that definitely salvaged the entire episode was definitely the return of Rose, Charlie falls head over heels for her. I was looking forward to the continuation of the Rose story line, but things are just left up in the air again here, this was an okay plot, but it still was good too see Rose again. Just one plot utterly brought down by another.
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