Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 9

Madame and Her Special Friend

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

One of Charlie's elderly neighbors tries to seduce Alan, while Charlie tries to stop Jake from giving money to a televangelist.

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  • Alan becomes friends with an elderly woman (who wants to be more than just friends with Alan)

    One of Charlie's elderly neighbors tries to seduce Alan, while Charlie tries to stop Jake from giving money to a televangelist. This "Two and a Half Men" is actually not that bad considering the fact that it had a creepy and a little awkward storyline to it BUT hey, it worked for me at least and it was handled well. Cloris Leachman did an excellent job guest starring in this episode as the elderly woman named Norma who dates Alan. There were a lot of parts in this episode that made me laugh. Alan doing his prayers in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Alan saying "Charlie is a sad and depressed man" and then you see Charlie and Kandi running inside the house and going upstairs was hilarious. More parts were very funny as well. It was also very funny when Alan actually had sex with Norma but the fact that Norma died after sex was funny but also kinda dark at the same time. My score is a little low because I didn't like the fact that Charlie had sex with Norma also years ago just so he can have the piano. Some parts in this episode were also kinda dragged yet creepy especially when Norma kissed Alan. Overall, for an episode that has a creepy and awkward storyline, it actually wasn't that bad and it worked for the most part... not the best episode I've seen but it was an enjoyable way to spend 30 minutes of my time. 9/10moreless
  • What the hell?! Not good...

    God, I wouldn't know where to begin, but I'll begin somewhere...

    The episode started off kind of funny with Kandi being presented in the airing for a short time, but only a short time. Alan get's seduced by one of his elderly neighbours and then she dies. Alan with an older woman, yeah that is weird, and not good. Just weird and out of character.

    The whole praying thing and Jake was pleasant because I am a committed Christian but there could have been more in it and it ended terribly. There was nothing hilarious about this episode scratch! I was annnoyed and thinking after Alan told Charlie what he and the old lady did before she died "What the hell?!".

    I honestly can't decide if this deserved the score I gave it, a little higher or much much lower. The no-comedy, the poor storylines and the death of a woman suddenly was just unoriginal, and a huge meltdown for this season. Then the sickest part was Charlie confessing to Alan what he and the neighbour once did just so that he could get a Piano, absurd and insane.. But more disappointing. So in base terms, very disappointing with very few things on the good side. Worst episode of the show to date -- PS: Unoriginal, just like my chosen category.moreless
  • Alan dates an older woman

    Alan dates an older woman, Norma (Cloris Leachman) which Charlie is dating a bimbo. Great one liners. Alan: "It must be fun dating a women whose IQ is the same as her age".

    Charlie: "I could say the same about you." Alan is in the spotlight in this episode, as he takes Norma out for dinner and dancing. She must be twenty years older that he is. She's wealthy, and she tries to seduce Alan with a Rolex and plans for the "Alan Harper Clinic." The waiter is really funny in the restaurant they go to, talking about "Madame and her special friend" and winking at Alan. Finally, Alan has sex with her, and it kills her. But, I guess, she died happy. A hilarious episode!moreless
  • Alan befiends an older woman, who just happens to be Charlie's neighbour, who he slept with years prior when he need a piono.

    Great episode.

    Norma comes over to complain to Charlie that his overnight guest is in her parking space, and long story short, Alan being the nice guy that he is, befriends her and the episode takes off.

    Norma and Alan went out for the evening then she kissed him, which shocked Alan, and I'm not shocked that he was shocked.

    She makes him a propostion to be her paramour, and she in turn will finance his pratice, then she gave him a Rolex to blind him and seal the deal.

    That Rolex worked very well, seeing that at the end of the episode Alan reveals to Charlie that he slept with Norma and she died in his arms.

    But the greatest reveal of the evening was that Charlie had already slept with her years earlier in to other to get a piano.

  • Allen with a older woman. Who'a a thunk it.

    This was an excellent show. Allen finally was taught a few things about himself. He was humbled also. Cloris Leachman was excellent as Norma. She knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. Charlie was simply Charlie. Allen found out he was a little like his brother. I think this was hilarious.
April Bowlby

April Bowlby


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Phil Abrams

Phil Abrams


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Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachman


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James Edson

James Edson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Bobby the waiter says the title Madame and Her Special Friend of this episode.

    • When Norma gives Alan the choice, we are shown the Rolex she just gave him moments earlier, then a clock ticking is heard, however Rolexes tick twice a second, in half-second intervals, so the ticking isn't from the Rolex.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Berta: I forgot to do a load of laundry. Last chance to change your underwear.
      Alan: I'm good.

    • Alan: Jake, are you praying?
      Jake: It's okay. I'm not in school.

    • Charlie: Likes to take long walks on the beach after crawling out of the ocean and growing legs. Her birthstone is lava.

    • Charlie: Her high school graduation pictures are probably on a cave wall in France!

    • (Talking about their neighbor)
      Alan: You know she's rich, right?
      Charlie: Richer than God, who she's known since he was yay high.

    • Charlie: Well, we've established that you're a man-whore and now we're just trying to zero in on your price.
      Alan: Charlie, you're not helping at all.
      Charlie: Alan... did you really think I would?

    • (Jake's hands are together and his eyes are closed)
      Alan: What are you praying for?
      Jake: I have a math test on Monday.
      Alan: Oh, so you're praying for a good grade?
      Jake: No, that never works. I'm praying for the teacher to get sick.
      Alan: Have you considered just studying for the test?
      Jake: How would that help?
      Alan: Okay, listen to me, even if we were to assume a god who would be willing to give your teacher a cold—
      Jake: Anthrax.
      Alan: Okay, no more praying for you.
      Jake: Who are you, the Supreme Court?

    • Jake: It won't work, God answers kid's prayers first.
      Charlie: Who told you that?
      Jake: No one, it just makes sense.

    • Charlie: I get an extra parking space, and you get to keep the watch. Enjoy it, buddy.

    • Alan: Charlie, wake up, I had sex with Norma.
      Charlie: How was it?
      Alan: Actually, it was great... she knew stuff.

    • Charlie: (to Alan) If you got her pregnant, you'll get a full page in Ripley's.

    • Alan: How does it feel to be dating a woman whose IQ is the same as her age?
      Charlie: I could ask you the same thing.

    • Norma: Are you sure you're not homosexual?
      Alan: Positive.
      Norma: You would've made a good one.

    • (Jake sneezes)
      Norma: God bless you.
      Jake: He better, I sent him five bucks.

    • Charlie: (to Alan) Why are you dating someone who probably lost her virginity during WWII? And knowing her, probably not to one of our guys.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Cloris Leachman also worked with Charlie Sheen in the 2006 movie, Scary Movie 4.

    • The German episode title is "Ein Witz mit Urknall", meaning "A Joke with a Big Bang". The French title is "Le nouvel ami de madame", meaning "Madam's New Friend". The Italian title is "L'amore non ha età", meaning "Love Has no Age". The Spanish title is "La Señora y Su Amigo Especial", an exact translation.

    • Guest April Bowlby will later take on a recurring/starring role as Kandi.