Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 2

Media Room Slash Dungeon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • Charlie likes his Mom spoilers

    While I was sat watching this episode I was wondering if someone had spiked my drink because I began to think I was halucinating, especially when Charlie started willingly hanging out with his mom - aka - the devil. The Charlie I know would never do that. Trust Alan to pick a woman who wants to kill herself after they sleep together. I started to think that Two and a Half Men was changing a lot but then at the very end it came back to normal ... Evelyn calling the husband on his cheating wife who was with Charlie just so she could sell the house ... classic Evelyn ... what a nice mother!
  • Well at least it didn't suck...

    The episodes are starting to become the same humour week after continous week. The episodes tend to drag on and have for a while now. Guaranteed people who have liked this show from the start will (well at least the majority will) like the episodes that seem to keep rolling out of Hollywood on a radio flyer wagon. (I'm sorry that was a bad similie I was trying to say that the episodes are slowly moving on from Hollywood which means that the scripting is slow moving and almost in near inexistence.) Well after that being said I'm sure I'll get a lot of "Users who disagree" on this review, but truthfully that doesn't bother me if I accidently step on the "fans" hopes.
  • Hugely entertaining and interesting SPOILERS

    This episode is about Charlie and his mother - always fun - except this time they get along, sort of. The sub plot is Alan and a mentally unstable woman. Jake doesn't really play a part in this episode.

    This episode has a great plot. Charlie getting on with his mother was extremely funny although only for people who watch Two and a Half Men regularly. For people that don't, this episode would have completely washed over them. The actress who plays Evelyn Harper, Holland Taylor, finally gets the screen time she deserves in this episode. The plot twist at the end is fantastic and is one of the great Two and a Half Men mother moments.

    The sub plot with Alan is also good fun and is used well although it was a very unimportant part of the show and took up only 2 scenes.

    This is a good episode and continues the good start to the season