Two and a Half Men

Season 7 Episode 3

Mmm, Fish. Yum

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Alan cares for Judith's child and his ex-mother-in-law. Charlie backing over a cat provides Jake with a chance to blackmail him.

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  • Mediocre at best.

    Was Jake not 10 years old in the first episode? So now, over six years later, he's just turned 15. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Ignoring the obvious flaw in the timeline of Two and a Half Males, this was not a bad episode, but not as good as the show is capable of. Sometimes the writing attempts to be a little too raffish, and when you are on broadcast TV, it is kind of hard to do that, given FCC restrictions, and not come off as lame. Save that stuff for the Judd Apatow movies I won't torture myself with my by going too.

    Jon Cryer did prove tonight that his Emmy win was deserved with yet another great performance, but Charlie Sheen seemed to phone in his efforts. How many episodes can we have where it's just him walking around with a bedhead whining about things?moreless
  • meh

    Not that great but not that bad either. Strangely enough the main story was the part i didn't like of a two and a half men episode. I thought it was funny how Charlie was trying to hide the fact that he accidently ran of over Chelsea's cat while backing up, in the end it was someone elses cat, which wasn't a necesserily better thing for Charlie. The whole Alan being obssessed with a baby that he thinks is the real father is kinda anoying to be honest, and the mother wasn't really that funny, we've seen jokes like this outrageous behaviour many times before.moreless
  • Leverage is a fickle bit*h..

    Not a typical episode usually characterized by hysterical laughter. Nevertheless, had some really funny moments which explains for the 13.07 million views on Monday.

    The cast had expanded with Judith and Herb both getting featured in this episode. Herb really pulled off a funny one with his - 'look who mowed the front lawn' one liner. Alan was a little less on comedy this time around. The main storyline was on the same pretext of storyline we saw in Fox's Cleveland Show, where Cleveland runs over the family dog while backing out his car. Jake was also pitched in well after a long time. I guess this role might be welcome change that might put an end to his food, poop, and fart jokes.moreless
  • Jake is fifteen with his learners permit and he has become a pain in the posterior. Charlie backs over Chelsea's cat and Jake is trying to blackmail him. Judith and Herb go away for the weekend and Alan has to save the baby from Judith's Mom.moreless

    Another one of those episodes I was dreading based on the coming attractions. I just didn't think it was going to be funny. Wrong again.

    A very humorous episode with a few stumbling blocks in the way. The really big stumbling block is Jake. He's not that funny. The whole it is supposed to be cute bugging us to let him drive was just that. It bugged me. Then the whole blackmailing his uncle which they have done before is just annoying. His father Alan and his obsession with the baby being his is also annoying.

    The rest of the story made up for it. Charlie backing over the cat by accident and then not doing the right thing. What a big surprise. Then when Chelsea walks in with Sir Lancelot under her arm was just too much. Boy, that's a big cat!

    Alan dealing with Judith's mother played by Annie Potts was a lot of fun. When she started coming on to him it was very funny. "I think of a cave from an Indiana Jones movie. Full of webs and spiders and such." Nice! In the end it was good he was there as she did what they always claim she does. She got buzzed and not just a little.

    A little too much Jake and not enough Charlie but other than that a fairly funny and enjoyable episode. Thanks for reading...moreless

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