Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 21

Mr. Hose Says 'Yes'

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Just fine

    Jon Cryer does a nice job in hurting himself all the way through this episode and Ashton Kutcher was nice to watch too. However, the humour of the screenwriters appals me time and time again. Furthermore, I'd be really glad if Lindsey and Zoey finally vanish into thin air.
  • funny

    I truly though this episode was pretty funny. Not the best episode they ever had, but I though it was pretty good.
  • Sucks and blows

    This episode was just stupid. This is my last season for this show.
  • Really?

    Seriously, is that what the show was reduced to?

    No one likes Zoey, lindsey and respectives daughters, sons and mothers bring back Herb, Judit and Gordon, even Rose...

    Jake is nothing but a shadwo of what he once was...

    It seems its not Charlie who left the show, but all the writers too.
  • Not an episode to remember.

    Had some few nice moments. The real best moment of this episode (for me), was the discussion between Walden and Berta (about waiting 9 years until Zoey's grown up). This was a real funny moment in the old fashioned TAHM style). All the rest was just a sort of "teenager funny stuff".

    It's true that both girls were just taking profit of the situation and I simply hate this kind of plot.

    I just would love to see more of the old and good TAHM humour style. Bring Herb back (he's a wonderful source of good stories). Try to bring the shrinker back (she was funny too).
  • Some funny but some kinda sad

    It was funny to see Alan get electricuted at that fuse box. Alan had a lot of funny stuff happen to him. The way things were going I was almost expecting Alan to burn down Lyndsey's house again.

    I thought it was kind of sad that Walden was not happy having to spend so much time with Zoey's daughter. I guess Walden doesn't have much experience raising a kid since he's spent most of his life BEING one. He needs to grow up more. He talked to Bridget about having kids before and well, that's how it is. I'm hoping he grows to change his mind because I do like him and Zoey together.

    Obviously, Zoey and Lyndsey were taking advantage of Walden and Alan. Then at the end, it seems to imply that they want to break up with their girlfriends. I actually hope that doesn't happen with Walden because I like Zoey.