Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 22

Mr. McGlue's Feedbag

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Charlie arrives home late one night drunk and has difficulty getting into the home. Alan was still up reading in the living room, assists Charlie in getting into the home. Charlie goes to the kitchen and begins making chili. Alan asks Charlie if he will watch Jake and help him with a book report that is due. Charlie agrees.

The next morning, Berta comes over and sees Jake eating a bowl of chili and the kitchen is trashed. She notes that Charlie made his "Blackout Chili". She then explains that he makes this chili but has no memory of it the next day. Alan leaves to go to the DMV reminding Charlie that he agreed to help Jake on his book report.

Jake and Charlie discuss the book report, specifically the fact that it is not due until Monday. Charlie shares his tips on complete a book report. You let the information percolate and then when it is crunch time, it will almost write itself. He then decides he is going to go to the race track. He starts leaving the house, leaving Jake with Berta and then decides that the track would be better than Jake sitting in front of the TV all day.

At the track, Charlie attempts to explain the finer points of betting to Jake. Jake wants to bet his money on the 80 to 1 horse. Charlie decides to let him do it to teach him a lesson. The horse wins and Jake comes home with $1120 from his $14 bet. Charlie warns him to hide the money from his father because his father will make him save the money.

Alan is gloating that he is #42 to the man next to him who is holding #97. He offers the man his power bar. An attractive woman sits down next to Alan and he decides to flirt with her. She receives a phone call from her "baby" and tells him that Momma has to finish her business. She informs him that he can come inside or just play his game out in the car. She then tells Alan that she hopes she can make it to his piano lesson. Alan gives her his number in exchange from hers which is #138. She thanks him just as her baby walks in, he is a grown man. #97 thanks Alan for the power bar and taunts Alan when his number is called.

When Alan finally makes it home, Charlie asks why he did not call ahead and make an appointment. Alan questions Charlie about the book report and he admits that they did not work on it. As Alan heads to Jake's room, Charlie states he has a bad feeling about this. Alan finds Jake on his bed, throwing money up in the air. Jake immediately blames Charlie. Alan goes out into the kitchen, where Charlie is sitting at the table with a drink. Charlie looks at Alan and states, the kid gave me up didn't he. Alan replies immediately. They discuss the money and Charlie makes a case for Jake to be able to keep the money, it would be a good lesson.

The next day, Alan asks where Jake is and Bert replies that he did not like the offering for lunch so he went down to Red Lobster for the all you can eat Shrimp. She notes that he was bringing her back an order of crab legs. Jake returns home and is very excited; he takes Alan and Charlie outside to see what he has bought. Charlie states that he is having that feeling again. Jake bought a motor bike, which is in really bad shape. Alan questions Jake on the purchase. Jake tells the story that he saw it on a trailer at the gas station with a for sale sign. He asked the guy how much he wanted and the guy asked him how much he had. Jake answer $1106.00 and the guy stated that is how much he wanted for the bike. Alan asked Jake if he rode the bike home and he said no, but he wanted to take it down to the beach to ride. Through out this entire exchange, Charlie keeps saying I'm sorry to Alan. Jake climbs on the bike to demonstrate how to start it, when the engine falls out of the bike on to the ground.
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