Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 22

Mr. McGlue's Feedbag

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jake wins money at the race track.

    I think the writers of Two and a Half Men are smart enough to realize that this show's only worthwhile use of Jake is when he is being berated by Charlie. This is such an interesting dynamic that the show has created, a true uncle, nephew relationship where the uncle can be a heartless individual and yet the audience loves him more because of that behavior. The only somewhat relatable comparison would be Archie Bunker and "meat head" on All in the Family.

    This was an okay episode, but certainly not one of 2.5 Men's better offerings for the season.
  • Much better than last two weeks

    Last few episodes I reviewed I was not so happy with this show but I'm glad to say it's back strong.

    I know not everyone will like this episode because it spent time developing Jake's character which some people might not like.

    The main story is that Charlie takes Jakie to the track while Alan is at the DMV and Jake wins at 80:1 odds (so that's a lot of money).

    The comedy is brilliant and one of the best openings yet with Charlie coming home very, very drunk. The show is well executed by the actors although Jake being so naïve is slightly unbelievable.

    Still, this was a good episode and shows that they are back on track with this series and ending on a high.

    On a seperate note, Rose's show on Fox (Drive) was cancelled so hopefully she will be coming back next season.
  • Homework is due on Monday so what its only saturday today, so lets go do things our parents wouldn't be happy with.

    This episode starts off with Charlie drunk at his front door acting like himself. He then makes promises that he will help Jake with his homework, and then makes chilli. This was a funny funny episode. Jake then goes with Charlie to the race track and places bets on a horse with the highest odds and whens big. Watch the rest of the funny stuff that happens in this show it was a great episode. Jake makes me laugh so hard. the stupid things he does and just his character. I hope the season ending is jsut as good as every episode.