Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 18

My Son's Enormous Head

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Charlie still is learning about this relationship stuff. This week Chelsea is ill and Charlie has to make the sacrifice of taking care of her. He does it in his usual lame but entertaining way. Pretty silly, but still an entertaining episode.

    Another episode dealing with Charlies relationship phobias.

    This week Charlie awakes to find out Chelsea is sick. Of course all of us who have had long term relationships know how that goes. It can be pretty ugly. It's not exactly Charlies finest hour as he basically begrudgingly does all the things that he should do without the angst he has. There are a few cute scenes thrown in where he sees his favorite pharmacist Martin Mull to get supplies for his sick fiancee and then later when dealing with her finicky cat and getting Alan to do the cat box. Alan again comes off as the normal brother in trying to teach Charlie what is expected when you have a sick spouse.

    In sort of a cute twist you see Charlie at the end hallucinating about Chelsea's cat in his sleep as he has caught whatever Chelsea had and she now feels fine.

    Berta has a nice small part in this episode as well as we get to see her true softer side as she helps take care of Chelsea behind Charlies back. Something you would never catch her doing with one of the boys. Also they have a weird piece with Jake "dating" a nine year old suggesting either he has been held back for math or this girl is really smart and has skipped a few grades herself.

    In general a silly episode dealing with Charlies growth as a person. We'll see how much growth he can stand before he goes back to his old ways.

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