Two and a Half Men

Season 3 Episode 15

My Tongue is Meat

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie has trouble keeping up with Mia's healthy lifestyle, so he begins to sneak beers, cigars, and burgers behind her back. When Mia finds out what he was doing, Charlie has to decide if he is truly in love with her or just whipped.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Fianlly got rid of Mia

    I could not stand Mia. She was too goody-goody for Charlie. The girl at the end was right up his alley. What was up with Jake? When the writers get Jake on a subject they really get him on a subject. I would have liked to see more Mother and Berta in the episode.
  • Charlie has trouble keeping up with Mia's healthy lifestyle, so he begins to sneak beers, cigars, and burgers behind her back. When Mia finds out what he was doing, Charlie has to decide if he is truly in love with her or just whipped.moreless

    This is by far, without a doubt the worst episode in Season 3. Charlie finally gets rid of Mia, which i think is just pathetic. He had finally been able to get himself into a position where things were going right for him and he just blows it up just coz he can't keep his damn taste buds in control. I dunno what happened to the comedy ? They had been doing pretty well in Season 3 and in this episode they suddenly seem to have run out of content. Jake whose dialogues are normally hilarious was awfully boring throughout the episode.moreless
  • 315

    A good episode of Two & A Half Men tonight, I didn't like how Mia's exit, but the episode was enjoyable overall. Rose was absolutely hysterical with throwing meat over for Charlie. Her getting a boyfriend in the end, and ditching him right when Charlie revealed it was over with Mia was absolutely hysterical. Jake was lackluster tonight, he just simply wasn't as funny as he usually is. The dramatic encounter in the restaraunt was too "dramatic" for 2 1/2 Men but it was enjoyable either way. Bertha was another highlight, her dry humor always impresses me. Good episode overall. .moreless
  • The outcome was terrible, but this episode was a very good one

    When I say "The outcome was terrible", I was referring to Charlie being an idoit with Mia and just dumping her. I like her, she's excellent and a very good person. I just god almighty hope that Charlie comes up to his brains and goes after her!

    That's how the outcome reeked, I liked Mia, and Charlie's decision was quite upsetting, and dramatically disturbing.

    The episode itself shared some funny parts. Berta and Evelyn were great examples. I agree this season has lacked in laugh out loud, comedy moments, but the storylines have been way better and worth the while, espeicially when both Kandi and Mia came into it. The whole plot of Charlie trying to avoid Mia was crazy, and an excellent storyline. The restaraunt scene was kind of sad, I know disagree with this review. Point is, I liked Mia, and I know deep down that Charlie will regret what he did.. Who knows when though?

    Basically, the best aspects of this episode were the storylines (excluding the terrible outcome), and the few laughs from Berta, Evelyn and Jake. Hey, it was great to see the Pizza man from Season 1 Episode 14: "I Can't Afford Hyena's" return; this time, as Gorden, Rose's boyfriend! Holy cow.

    Yeah and overall, another very impressive week with a terrible outcome and very few laughs but again, I really liked it and Season 3 has done very well for itself. Now, more Kandi would be fabulous lolmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Charlie: (about Mia's conversation with Evelyn) And did she or did she not say that I'm a lazy-ass schlock jingle writer who wasted thirteen years of piano lessons that she paid for by marrying a series of men with large wallets and small penises?
      Mia: Yes, that was mentioned. But it's only natural for someone who loves you to want to see you live up to your potential. I mean, do you really want to be known as the guy who writes songs about adult diapers?
      Charlie: Hey, it's better than being known as the guy who wears them.

    • Berta: (about Charlie's behavior around Mia) Considerate?
      Charlie: Yeah. See, I love Mia, and I want her to be happy, and I happen to know she's not happy when I smoke cigars and drink and gamble and stay out all night and eat meat and sugar and grease and fat and nap and swear and wear shorts, bowling shirts—
      Berta: Charlie, you ain't just whipped, you're roped, saddled, and gelded. They could use you to give rides at kids' birthday parties.

    • Ginger: (watching a sports game) If you got cash I could give you a lap dance at halftime.
      Charlie: That would be swell!

    • Mia: How's your couscous?
      Charlie: Yum yum.

    • (hands Charlie shopping bag)
      Berta: You might as well take one of these sacks since yours is empty.

    • Evelyn: One question?
      Mia: What?
      Evelyn: Can you fix him?

    • Evelyn: I'm deeply hurt.
      Alan: With me or Charlie?
      Evelyn: Charlie.
      Alan: Great, come on in.

    • Jake: I thought you weren't supposed to be smoking and drinking anymore.
      Charlie: I thought you weren't supposed to be watching dirty movies anymore.
      Jake: Don't change the subject.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The French episode title is "La rupture", meaning "The Break-Up". The Italian title is "Votato al vizio", meaning "Devoted to Vice". The Spanish title is "Mi Lengua es Carne", an exact translation.

    • This is J.D. Walsh's second, unrelated appearance on Two and a Half men. He first appeared in a different role in "I Can't Afford Hyenas".