Two and a Half Men

Season 11 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • they re still using Charlie

    i hope he still gets checks ,even gone he remains the most important,interesting character .I like her ,cant wait to see what happens next

  • Funny stuff

    I really liked how Alan was getting the short end of the stick in this episode. How Jenny said that her stepfather never looks for a job and mooches off her mother and Walden hinted to Alan who would do such a horrible thing and Alan with a miserable look on his face, has no comment. How Evelyn was a terrible parent letting the maid raise her sons. At first, I was surprised that Jenny would be a lesbian but I guess that's to make her half a man, if you get my drift. After all, Jake's no longer half a man now that he's an adult. Well, at least we know that Walden won't be hitting on her.

    My dad says that they're introducing Charlie's daughter like 1 or 2 years late. Well, better late than never. I can understand with Walden, a complete stranger suddenly coming out of nowhere and living in the beach house. Kind of out there, don't you think? Jenny could've shown up then and she would've rightfully inherited the house and not Alan since she's the next of Charlie's kin. But then Alan would be mooching off his niece which would be even more pathetic for him but hilarious.

    What I didn't like is the beginning of this episode where Alan was giving that highly educated boy, Henry a hard time. The way Alan was acting so smug while interviewing Henry, I just wanted to beat Alan to a bloody pulp! Henry is more qualified to be Walden's assistant than Alan is because if Alan was trying to get an assistant, he obviously must not know a lot of what Walden does. Since when do assistants have assistants anyway? Alan was given power by Walden and he was abusing it. Henry says he's 2 semesters short of a law degree and Alan says,"No law Alan doesn't even have a law degree and neither does Walden.

    This could've been in the ending:

    (at Walden's company), Henry is now Walden's assistant.

    Henry: Thanks for making me your assistant, Walden, it's an honor.

    Walden: Hey, you deserve it man.

    Henry: But you didn't have to give me an assistant, too.

    Walden: Oh, I insisted. It's actually not a bad idea.

    Henry: I out) Hey! Where's my coffee?!

    Alan walks in with tray of coffee, looking miserable and embarrassed

    Alan: (groans) Here you are.

    Henry: Excuse me?

    Alan: Boss.

    Henry: Thank you.

    Alan: Walden, this is so degrading and unfair. I was your assistant first, now I've been demoted to an assistant's assistant?

    Henry: Isn't that what you were interviewing me for?

    Walden: This is what you get for abusing your power, Alan.

    Alan: I couldn't help it, I get so little of it.

    Henry: And now I have it and you don't.

    Walden and Henry both laugh.

    Alan:(walking away) I wonder if I could fake my death to get out of this.
  • Nice going...

    Amber Tamberlyn is a doll and does a fine job however I'm miffed that she's a lesbian.

    Why was this written in the script?
  • Charlie Returns

    Amber Tamblyn injected new life to Two And a Half Men. Jenny is definitely Charlie's daughter with all his mannerisms plus she is making lesbian cool by bringing home hot chicks to have sex with. As for Angus T. Jones who played Jake enjoy the unemployment line because we don't want to see you again.
  • Charlies back

    Best episode of two and a half men in years. Never stopped enjoying the show but this new girl has brought new life in to replace jake who stopped being funny about 4 seasons ago. Really pleased with it
  • Best in 2 years

    Havent laughed so much for a long time on this the new girl, keep the Charly act.

    Everything was perfect