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Season 9 Episode 1

Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • History Repeats Itself

    When Michael J. Fox left Spin City and was replaced by Charlie Sheen the show was never the same and went downhill. The same can be said with Two and a Half Men but this time Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen. But unlike Charlie Sheen Ashton Kutcher is worse. Except that Walden Schmidt is rich he is similar to Alan Harper. There is no contrast between them.
  • Ashton raised to the expectations and will rise even more by time.


    Let's be honest here, Charlie Sheen screwed up big time, we all love him, and we all think that the show is not Two and A Half Men without him but what are we supposed to do? Give up on the show we love? Give up on Allen and Berta and Jake?

    No! I don't think we should be called fans if we do, Ashton Kutcher is hilarious and I think we all remember him from that 70s show he kicked a** didn't he? So why the hate people? I am sure he will prove him self by time and I am sure the show will go on.

    The first episode is funny, starting with a funeral that turned out to be funnier than we all expected in funerals! They brought most the girls Charlie Harper slept with, even Mia! It was hilarious.

    Then there was the house-selling. It was funny bringing famous guest actors especially Dharma and Greg, I could swear that they acted as if they own the show.

    The bringing up of Ashton was funny and the crowd yelled loudly-as expected. He is a great actor.

    Then he decided to buy the house and we will see how Allen will still be in the house. Still too many things to unfold in this season and fun is on its way.

  • I did not expect two and a half men would be good without charlie but its great it made me laugh more than most of season 8.


    This episode introduces us to the new character Walden Schmidt and kills off one of its main characters Charlie Harper. There werealotof laughs involving Charlies death and the best part was the hint that they gave us which is Rose (the one who killed Charlie because he cheated on her). I didn't like Walden that much at first but then things seem to be going well with him he made me laugh and feel sorry for him in the same time. Now its time to talk about the true star in this episode which is Alan he was so funny in this episode and without Charlie Sheen i think he will make us laugh even more in future episode. All in all this was an amazing episode and i hope that future episodes will be better and better.

  • Bad without Charlie


    "His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat." That is how it is described that Charlie Sheen's character dies in the season 9 premiere of Two and a Half Men. I have never been a huge fan of this show but it always had its moments. However, I have never seen a show do such a disservice to its fans than the half hour that premiered tonight. Yes, Charlie Sheen is, well, an idiot (I try not to use profanity as much as possible on here) but there's a difference between holding a grudge and giving a character a proper send-off.

    The closest thing we get to any form of sentiment is when Alan tries to decide what to do with the ashes, which he then spills all over the floor. When fans have followed a show for eight seasons with a certain star and that star is suddenly killed, they deserve more. The creator needs to grow up and learn how to put his feelings aside and write an unbiased television show.

    As for Ashton Kutcher, he was hit or miss. His character provided a few chuckles and smiles but nothing too hysterical. By the end of the episode his character had developed the same dynamic that Sheen's did with the show. The show will survive for as long as it can whether people by into the cheap replacement or not. However, this reviewer hoped that the show's writers could end this whole dispute with a little class. Instead I am sure they left fans, and maybe even many involved with the show, disappointed. Too bad. (1/10)

    Note: I will not be reviewing Two and a Half Men on a weekly basis. I was merely curious of how the show would handle itself given the difficult situation.

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  • The dead character was the funniest; That's where this show is heading.


    The first five minutes of the show really compelled me and somehow made me believe that they'd pull it off without the great Charlie.

    A couple of scenes later, i'm looking at this dull character; Walden Schmidt and just thinkin' how the show has lost it's glory.

    At least @ Charlie's funeral the women he'd slept with made some witty comments and jokes, and the Harper family was hillarious. And somehow just the presence of Charlie Harper made the whole scene indulging and funny, even though he wasn't even there; That's the effecthe has.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Ashton is a great actor; done a couple of fun movies and That 70's show will always be a diamond of a comedy. But all his actions and jokes feel kind of enforced, and he doesn't fit in well with the surrounding and the rest of the set.

    That can however be due to the fact that we're all suffering from the Charlie-Sheen-sympton. He's been there, and he's done that. And my has he done it better than Ashton.

  • A spiteful goodbye


    I know that sitcoms aren't supposed to be realistic but this episode was justunplausible... imagine if Charlie Sheen had died in real life instead of being fired. I don't think Chelsea, Mia and Charlie Harper's other ex girlfriends would have gone to his funeral to spit on him and make petty comments... if the writers had handled this death professionally, without the childish hate towards the actor, this episode could have been funny without making a disrespectuf and tasteless mockery of death. Also the fact that Rose killed Charlie and no one cared, not even his mother of Alan, is just too much. His death was all about spite. It wasn't remotely realistic, nothing the audience could relate to.

    It's one thing that they decided to carry on with this show without Charlie but the aftermath of the character's death was too unrealistic and kind of offensive.

  • Not a good episode at all.


    Well, I have to say I didn't like this episode at all. No offense to Ashton, but he just does not fit into this show.

    The only good thing about this episode was the beginning, the funeral of Charlie. A lot of his exes were there, which was a well enough send off. Plus the cameos of John Stamos & ''Dharma & Greg'' Jenna Elfman & Thomas Gibson. And then it went downhill...

    The introduction of Ashton didn't work. His character Walden Schmidt just tried to kill himself, cause his wife left him. Of course, Alan just takes him and voila, a couple of drinks and he wants to buy Charlie's house. The whole plot was really weakly constructed and was way too illogical, even for a sitcom. Plus once he came in, the laughing stopped, at least it did for me.

    Well, the ratings were fantastic, so let's wait and see where this will go, I just think it is not fun to watch this show anymore, which is definitely not a good thing for a sitcom.

  • Great first episode!!!

    Great start of the new season.

    I dont agree with most reviews, that have said that the latest with Charlie Sheen episodes were great, in fact if anything the last couple of seasons were a bit of a mess for the show.

    That being said the way Aston entered was authentic, great that they did not create a Charlie replacement but a new completly different character.

    Agreed that the funeral was kind of messy, with the Courtney part, and Chelsea being so mean, afterall she almost married him and was the latest long relationship that Charlie had.

    Anyway great episode!!
  • Ok, he's gone...


    I hope the writers step it up a notch from now on. I think they went too far with Charlie's funeral. I thought Chelsea's portrayal was a bit false for her character. They made a caricature of his mother. I think Rose / accident was a great way to do it - but they could have made a bit more of the people who cared. The reason the audience invested in Charlie was that no matter how hedonistic, he had a hidden nice side. When Mia wanted him to kick his brother out, he wouldn't. When Jake went to his first boy/girl party - Charlie was there. He wasn't a drug addled playboy, he had a 'soft' side. And drugs rarely even entered into it in the show. Alcohol, yes, but not drugs.

    Jake, a star in my eyes, was non-existent.

    So, Charlie is gone. I think that was a mistake, but so be it. If they want the show to continue, they better develop Ashton's character to a strong one and return to the sharp witted comedy that made the show good. I for one will only give it a few more weeks to step it up.

  • 8x01


    I am not a fan of this show at all. I've watched a couple of time on french tv and found it boring. I was curious to see the results of the media battle in the Chuck Lorre side. And he create the event by bringing back Dharma and Greg and by inviting John Stamos who was rumored to replace CS. The character of Charlie is completely destroyed and laughed at maybe in a too personal way. Ashton Kutcher was nice but remind me a bit of Sheldon of the TBBT by being the weird guy but at the same time really unique. He brings something new in the show. I only hope for the fan that the result of last year "problems" won't be too much in the show and that Chuck Lorre won't use his show to get a kind of revenge on charlie sheen.

  • Better than expected. Way better!!!


    Well, I never was the biggest fan of Charlie Sheen in the first place. I bascially played himself all the time.

    So I was really excited to see what they did to the show.

    My first impression at the funeral was "Outlook not so good". The scene tried so hard to be funny that it just was too much. The laughs during the scene seemed so fake, it was hardly unbearable.

    But ever since they made it to the beachhouse the show found back to former strength. I laughed the scene when Charlies ashes arrived at the house and how they dealt with the urn.

    And in comes Ashton. I had never expected him to arrive this way. So cool. Though I felt he had slight problems returning to TV. At first it seemed like a grown up Kelso showed up. But I think there is potential.

    I'm really looking forward to the development of the show. We'll see what's going to happen.

  • This episode was hilarious didn't expect it to be this good Ashton Kutcher killed it and Alan was great. The first scene at the funeral was funny i am glad it was not depressing I was not sure how they were going to kill Charlie but that story was perfect


    This episode was hilarious didn't expect it to be this good :D Ashton Kutcher killed it and Alan was great as usual. The first scene at the funeral was funny i am glad it was not depressing I was not sure how they were going to kill Charlie but that story just seemed perfect

  • Great episode!!!


    Another great episode by two and a half men.I wasnt sure that it would be still good after sheen's deparure but the season 9 premiere proved me wrong.Ashton Kutcher was amazing as Walden Schmidt a billionaire who wants to suicide because his wife left him.Overall everything on this epidode worked the acting was good the jokes were funny and smart as always and i believe that alla two and a half men fan should watch this episode.

  • I think 2.5men is done now.


    The reason why 2.5men was that successfull and good, is that Charlie Sheen kinda played himself.

    But now... that nice guy and mama's boy Ashton has joined. He isn't that funny, and he also could never believable replace Charlie Sheen/Harper.

    And what's up with him running around naked? Will the series be so bad that he has to be naked to draw a (female) audiance - to replace the people watching because the show was funny by people who watch because they wanna see Ashton naked?

    This Episode wasn't a tenth as funny as the worst 2.5men - and ALL of them were quite funny and entertaining; this one though... not so much.

    And what about Alan's storyline at the end of season 8... the cut that completely... wtf?

    At his roast one of the roasters said something that might quite true: Charlie could do drugs, prostitutes, get fined, go to rehab - all this is kinda the same things Charlie Harper would do - and therefore it was fine and it also made the show more popular, and more important, Chuck Lorre would get more money (!!!) because that's what it's all about. Sheen could do anything that made him more money, he could insult everyone and anyone - except Chuck himself.

  • eh. i didnt expect much because i knew charlie was going to die but i didnt expect a funeral of everyone laughing and making jokes about him instead of showing emotion. Why would they even go to the funeral.


    I hated the funeral part. All the people in the back were laughing and shouting out insults about charlie when alan was trying to make a speech. The only ones that seemed upset were Alan, Rose, and Evelyn. I makes me more upset that people would do that to charlie than if they showed emotion. Not every scene has to be funny. They can add some seriousness to it like in the family guy episode, "A new Kidney in Town." In that episode they made the second half serious cause it went along with the story. The only funny part was when Waldon was walking around naked in the house. The story was stupid. Walden was saying he was such a billionare, but he didn't seem like he is. He was wearing old dirty clothes and he was trying to commit suicide. That was pretty stupid. overall rating is a "C" could of been better

  • Has a chance


    For me two and a half men lost its high quality about two season ago, It has gone into the realm of a farse so often,

    As with this episode, the whole funeral scene took away all the humanity from the show, chelsea was in love with charlie, yet she was just another bitter ex girl in the crowd, his family acted in such a spitefull way to a guy that after all his faults looked after them in many ways.

    Turning charlie into a dept ridden loser was just spiteful from the bosses.

    having said that it showed promise once they got back home, few good jokes, but nothing special

    Ill give it a while before i sign out , who knows they might find the spark again.

  • That was brutal


    It would have been one of the weakest episodes ever, and for the first of a new line it was just awful. The incident of Charlies death was poorly executed and the introduction of Ashton Kutcher without any esprit. There was zero chemistry between Ashton and Jon. I will watch the second episode, but that will be it for me if it does now significantly improve. The whole thing could have worked if it had a real transition from Charlie to this Walden guy, but done like this it is plain right horrible. Massive fail.

  • Hated it.


    I did my best to watch the episode with an open mind, knowing that sometimes changes are good and/or necessary, knowing that the programme's got some very good actors, writers, directors, producers and knowing that Mr Kutcher's very talented and funny. So no, this is not about not being able to accept any deviation from the status quo.

    Myself, I think it's time not to worry about political correctness or worrying about being thought of as a Charlie Sheen stepford or an unpleasable toxic fanboy. I do not object the effort of continuing 2 1/2 Men without him, I do not object Mr Lorre's decisions on what to do with the characters, etc., as I know it's his profession, and I do not know better, etc.

    But let's call a spade a spade: the episode was hideous. All those great actors and writers doing something that's 0.000001% of their skills, at best!

    Terrible, terrible.

    At the Emmy Awards, Charlie said some very nice words to his former workmates. At this very moment, however, he may be feeling relieved he's not part of that sinking boat. Or maybe not ... I don't and can't know, but I'll keep thinking maybe he is.

  • Wasting time episode


    In my opinion this was the worst episode ever, I only watched it to see how things were now that they've killed charlie and I can say that the show must be cancelled I mean the jokes were pretty bad, laughing tracks all over the episode even when it wasn't a joke, and the worst of all they did not show any kind of respect to Charlie's character, I was hoping at least some grieving from part of his relatives but no instead they show a happy Alan and an very stupid farting cold Jake.

    About Ashton character I can say its almost like Kelso but millionare, it's far far away from filling Charlie's shoes but it's not Ashton's fault it's the producers who instead of ending the show they wanted more money but they forgot that the show was Charlie and without him simply lose any sense

  • This episode is fantastic.


    I thought the show would suck without Charlie, but I was so wrong. This was just as great (if not better).

    Ashton Kutcher was absolutely brilliant in the part as Walden Schmidt, no matter what you people think. He's an excellent actor.
    I don't want to admit it, but Charlie Sheen is a terrible actor. He did not make the show funny, the writers did.

    Sure, I will miss Charlie a lot (I cried at the funeral on the show!), but I am positive that the show can be just as successful without him.

  • The new start is only here to try and prove Charlie Sheen is replaceable and provide a chance to mock him on the very show he Starred in. If the producers were about the fans at all this series would have stayed dead. It's about money and revenge.


    Regardless of Charlie Sheen's less than appropriate behavior throughout this entire ordeal, he was a big part of why Two and a Half men did so well. Many people believe or began having doubts about Charlie Sheen's skill in acting after this whole incident, but if you think about the whole series was a glimpse into Charlie Sheen's life style, so naturally he would excel. How much was Charlie and how much was the script no one but those who worked with him could say, but i doubt it's all one sided. I do think of Ashton Kutchers a decent actor, but his new role on two and half Men has a weird feel to it. Up until now the show has followed a theme in terms of comedy. It was about cheap shots, sarcasm, humiliation, insults etc. Many of those types of jokes came from Charlie and it made sense. The entire theme has now shifted because Kutcher's character is the exact opposite. The entire opening episode was dedicated to taking shots at Charlie Sheen. This entire series is now about revenge and proving Charlie Sheen is replaceable. It's in bad taste and shows they are no better than Sheen. What's worse is that the season opener was horrible. To start the new episode was a knockoff of the final episodes of "Seinfeld". Second as i mentioned the entire episode was meant to take shots at Sheen, and when the hype of this drama ends those joke will no longer be funny. Finally the plot itself is weak and unbelievable. Yes so man billionaires would commit suicide by ocean when their girlfriend dumps them... They would have nothing to live for right? What Billionaire has that weak of a Constitution? People like Bill Gates certainly did NOT get where are through complaining or thoughts of ending it. A wife of 10 years might have convinced me, but really? Rich people in this and many shows are portrait as selfish and asinine not feeble and love stricken. Playing so many scenes with Ashton Kutcher naked only further proved their lack of ideas. You can't sell TV shows to simply fuel the hate towards Sheen. They should have just killed the show and let it stay dead.

  • Or, how to beat a dead horse.


    For some reason, CBS really does not want Two and a Half Men to die. You have Big Bang Theory now guys, you don't need to keep this show going. Let me start with what everybody is talking about, Ashton Kutcher. I have always hated him, ever since "Dude, where's my car?", but I decided to give him a second chance, I did love That 70's Show. But alas, within the first minutes of his appearance on the show his was down to his birthday suit, and all of America realized "Oh, thats why they got him to replace Charlie Sheen". And it wasn't just once either, right after the commercial, he's naked again! Is the only joke they wrote for him "Walden hugs Alan naked"? Also, I'm not sure if Ashton is doing a really dopey guy, or he's just a terrible actor. Either way, it's not working for me. Aside from that, the first scene was funny, they're still abusing the laugh track and I guess they don't care about Jake anymore. Goodbye Two and a Half Men, we had some laughs, but now you are just tedious, and I want you off my TV.

  • This episode made me want to jump in the freezing ocean.


    I felt bad for Tricia Helfer, Martin Mull and Jeri Ryan having to partake in that opening scene. I felt bad for the cast who probably did not want Charlie Sheen fired. And, most importantly of all, I felt bad for wasting 22 minutes of my life on this.

    It was like they picked the worst jokes of past Two and a Half Men seasons and condensed them into a highlight package. Fart jokes, spilling ashes, Ashton Kutcher playing Seasons 7-8 Kelso not Season 1 Kelso. Everything that could go wrong did here tonight.

    The writing was awful, and what I thought were some good actors did not bring their A game, or even their we're eliminated from the playoffs but we'll still go out there and finish the rest of the season game.


  • I did not like at all, at least this first chapter. 1, asking for too much laughter from the audience. laughed at everything and very high. jokes had not started when they were laughing.


    I did not like at all, at least this first chapter. 1, asking for too much laughter from the audience. laughed at everything and very high. jokes had not started when they were laughing. 2, is in bad taste that even their families were a bit saddened by the death of charlie. 3, the jokes were very very bad, there were no laughter. 4. to much over acting. I think they wanted the public to insisting on quick forget charlie. aston about, well he acts well as usual, but I saw that not be a good replacement for charlie. nobody would. would have preferred that the series was left without any replacement. I am no longer going to lose sleep waiting for the next chapter of this series. is my opinion. sorry for my bad english

  • Not a great job by Chuck Lorre and staff


    In addition to a segmented and undeveloped season 8 finale episode 1 season 9 is a very very lousy way to start... In eight years of show I can remember an episode in which writers and actors all the same where lost. I'm not saying Charlie was the glue of the show, Hey! A lot of crazy good actors in this show very nice dinamic but the episode all together was clumpsy. There is a poorly job staging Charlie's demise, the first part of the show was absolutely useless and spiteful and not in a funny way... chlamydia... Chelsea? Wtf? Why stay with a man who gave her a STD??? I mean c'mon guys try at least a little harder... Walden Schmidt intro? Awful... The water's to cold and I could not kill myself?? A joke already used on Tinkle like a princess season 7 in Charlie himself!!!! Come ON!! I can understand this episode was for introducing Walden but Jake was totally eclipsed... Actually besides overshadowing Allan (In a very much Charlie Harper way in which Walden can't even compete) and being rich he doesn't bring much to the table but his naked body. The only really funny characters were Berta (Conchata Ferrell) and Evelyn (Holland Taylor). I agree with other reviewers... A lot of loose ends and caveats in the story: The House??? Three mortgages??? When is all this referred in 8 years of the show? And may I ask how Allan has no money where does Charlies royalties and assets went to? A charity??? Anf Finally, Guest Stars... Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson appearance? Not funny... and she stared in not one but two episodes as Frankie (That Was Saliva, Allan and Round One to the crazy chick)... I mean really? Is there no one else??? Summary: 1. Want to mix Ashton Kutcher in a new show DO a new show and 2. Funeral for a foe that is a half show I could have lived with out,don't get me wrong I'm a huge Chuck Lorre fan but I'm also a Charlie Sheen fan and above all a tv fan and this one in my opinion didn't even tries to cut it!!

  • Terrible handling of Charlie's death undermines Kutcher to the point where he is beyond saving.


    The funeral scene was garbage. Even if we overlook the obvious fact that no one would DARE act like that during a funeral, none of the people there were in character. Charlie's funeral in Season 6 wasn't as ridiculous and that was a product of his imagination. The jokes were tasteless, the death itself was crude and unnecessary - the clothes hanging near the coffin were a nice touch, but that's about it. Jake was barely present, except for a trademark food and fart joke, reducing the men to only one. The first celebrity cameo was funny, if pointless, but the second one just blew my mind, considering the fact that not only the actress HAS been on this show as a different character, but the fact that the cameo itself was from a show, referenced several times in previous episodes as being on TV. Cheap, lazy and luducrious. Screwing around with the ashes destroyed the only touching moment the episode had with Alan saying goodbye to Charlie. An actual both sad and funny moment, and the only one at that, ruined once again by tasteless, pointless humour. This happens exclusively in the first half, which means that by the time Walden comes along, there's no way you can connect with his character in any way after all of that insanity. Sure, he delivers the funnier lines of the episode and does his best, but the terrible transition and disregard to what was essentially the show's central character just leaves viewers with a terrible taste in their mouths that no one can overcome. The total lack of a proper response by the rest of the cast at this tragedy cemented this one as downright garbage and insulting to the show's finest moments just for the sake of insulting Charlie Sheen. I gave it some points for the occasional good joke here and there, but that's all. This show is dead. Find seasons 1-5 and watch its Golden Age. Hell, even season 6 wasn't that bad. After that, just leave it alone.

  • Let's just hope that we find Charlie locked up in Rose's basment.. I don't know what the writers and producers where thinking when they made this episode, and one thing is certain it did not raise the chance of this show lasting more than a season.


    I don't think the the writers and producers where thinking of anything but revenge on Charlie Sheen when they made this episode. The result is a distastfull sendoff in the first half and a akward naked man in the other half.

    I also don't see how it will last very long unless something is done, Seeing as there was no effort of making the veiwers embrace Ashton when they protrayed him as a whining and akward person, with a need of exposing himself nude.

    In order to mock Sheen and to be able to grind the same formula one more season or two. The wirters chose to edit alot of story and what i felt the personality of some old characters:

    Just to mention a few it's not like Chelsee taking a cheepshot on a dead guy by complaining about getting clamydia in his funeral followed by Mia with an outburst i can't see a reasoning behind, but the worst here is Courtney whom never had what could be called feelings for him as she only used him for money and sex so the reason why she want to spit on his corpse is beyon me. There is also the 38k in drug expenses that comes out of nothing. Also wasen't his house was paid off and his pension was set and he got a sizeble amount in royalties, and when he's dead he's broke again, with 3 mortgage and no royalties...

    Let's just hope that Charlie is found in Rose's basment soon and Walden finds wetsuit that fits him sooner...

  • The show has turned pathetic.. With out charlie, the show is nothing alan tried is level best but not enough, ashton a good actor... he was funny but not two and half men funny... no wonder how the show will turn out but it will never be the same.. sad :(


    The show has turned pathetic.. With out charlie, the show is nothing alan tried is level best but not enough, ashton a good actor... he was funny but not two and half men funny... no wonder how the show will turn out but it will never be the same..

    sad :(

  • It was a good run!


    This was my #1 tv show. It's obvious that Charlie Sheen is irreplaceable, and this is a totally different show. Can't say that Ashton Kutcher is a bad comedian, he was awesome in That 70's Show, but after 8 ears witch Charlie you just cannot replace him, he had his own unique way of making you laugh, real laugh.

    Respect Charlie Sheen!

  • Man that was hard to watch...


    For the first time I can remember Allan (Cryer) carried the show. Walden is a sap and everything Harper would have made fun of, cept the anatomy.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the Cast ...I would guess the days of the show are numbered. Of course they will likely change the time slot etc. first.

    I have loved this show, but truly that was hard to watch let alone listen to Kutcher's voice in the opening.... come to think of it the whole show.

    Here is to waiting for the Friday 9:00pm death knell.

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