Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 4

Nine Magic Fingers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on CBS

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  • My thoughts

    while charlie is gone (an never coming back) ashton's character is pretty much the same as charlie's. nothings really changed . the show is still funny as it always has been. the chemistry is building up very well between the characters. So even Though charlie sheen was the main character he alone did not make the show! it was all the character's that brought the show together, so you either like the show or you don't. but don't go putting any blame on the fact that the show has gone down hill because sheen is gone, the writing is still the same they just added a new actor is all!
  • Major improvement over last week's episode. Funniest episode of Season 9 so far.


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Two and a Half Men". This is (so far) the funniest and best episode of Season 9 in my opinion. I laughed hard at everything in this episode. It was very enjoyable to watch and all that. Definitely better than last week's mediocre episode. I forgot the episode title but I know it is "food fight" in that episode title. Anyways, I really enjoyed this episode. I'm not gonna lie when I say that I laughed at a lot of things. Jake's cameo appearance in this episode was definitely hilarious. The users are right though, the creators don't seem to care about Jake anymore. He hasn't been getting big roles. Hopefully, there is an episode somewhere around this season where Jake gets a lot of screen-time. I know some users think Jake is pointless to this show and isn't funny like he is was in the earlier seasons but I honestly think that he is still funny. I laughed at many more parts such as when Berta keeps saying "Oh no" when Alan kept telling Walden that he will get his own house in a few days because she knows that Alan is lying, Berta bringing home a homeless person and getting ready to have sex with him, and many many more parts. Also, I laughed hard to the ground when Walden wants Alan to stay the beach house and then Berta says "son of a b**ch". Overall, an excellent Season 9 episode of "Two and a Half Men". 10/10

  • 904shoul


    After departing That 70's Show Ashton Kutcher tried to play more adult roles, with varied success. In a few weeks he has regressed so badly that it is almost a laughable, something the show certainly is not.

    I know that diehard fans will still support 2.5 Men, and I used to be one of them, but this was just a really bad half hour of television. The jokes were really lame, the acting was atrocious and it's enough already with women drooling over Walden. Week after week it's been the same thing. I don't want to tune into a show to continually see that.

    They need to end the show after this season. Either that, or get on the phone, work out your issues with that certain someone, and get this thing back to the way it should be.

  • A huge step forward. I think Charlie lovers should stop giving low ratings! Be honest and accept the Charlie is gone!


    This is the fourth episode and it has gotten funnier with each and every episode. I think the chemistry is building up very well between the characters. Alan is still having a difficult time convincing Walden how will he stay and not move out and in the end he helps him get on his on his feet and get rid of Jenny Mccarthy. Walden tells Alan that he can stay because he needs someone to rely on.

    The competition between Alan and Jenny starts when Walden asks her to move in with him and this leaves Alan no choice but either to leave or to tell Walden's Ex.

    Funny moments when Alan tries to reunite with his ex and berta brings over the freaky Boy friend and Walden is the only one who is single!

    Berta in the end of the episode decides to move out and get back to her place so Alan gets his room back.

    I think the show will get funnier each time and I believe in Ashton's abilities, I liked his acting since That 70s show and I thought it was ruined when he left on the 8th season.

    People who hate him and still love Charlie Sheen should accept the fact that it was an end of an era, Charlie is gone and your annoying reviews wont get him back!

  • BORING...


    This episode was another lame one. Berta is still the funniest of the show, but she can't save it either. Lindsey came back, but it wasn't very interesting, I guess they just tried to give Alan some kind of storyline.
    Walden starts dating Charlie's con artist ex Courtney, but that was another lame storyline. Jake again had just a 1 minute appearance.

    All in all, it's not getting any better, the laughs are cheap and almost non-existent, plus the stories for each episodes are ridiculous and dumb.
    A really bad episode, something we've been getting used to lately.

  • Just boring


    I just don't get it: What's funny or at least charming about Ashton Kutcher's character?

    The running gag seems to be, him burning his tongue.

    Wow, brilliant. It probably took 5 ghostwriters and at least 10 pre-screenings to get there...

    Pathetic crybaby, kind of annoying...

  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold, this the only way to call this season. Mr. Lorre, never is too late to reconsider. All the actors seem to be sad, scattered, orphans. John Cryer is trying to drive the boat but he's not Superman. The challenge is huge...

    Chronicle of a Death Foretold, this the only way to call this season. Mr. Lorre, never is too late to reconsider. All the actors seem to be sad, scattered, orphans. John Cryer is trying to drive the boat but he's not Superman. The challenge is huge... replace Charlie... and fit the "new" Jake into the show.
  • Getting back to the original formula with familar faces, but not quite there yet.


    Previously on "Two and a Half Men"...

    I think every episode this season has opened with that so far. Not sure if it's necessary anymore. This is the first episode of Season 9 that seems to fit the classic "Men" formula. Familiar women return, Alan gets far without doing much at all, more women instantly cling to Walden upon first sight like some Axe commercial, and Jake's there long enough to remind us he's still on the show.

    This was an ok episode. Laughs were few and far between for me, but when I did laugh, I thought it was pretty funny, such as Berta's "guest" or Bridget meeting Courtney. I also feel Lyndsey's character has run her course. What's her interest in Alan at this point? Is there even an interest? It wasn't making much sense.

    I do like the setup towards the end. Alan solidifying his place in the house, Berta moving out, Walden going out for women and finding golddiggers. It felt like "Two and a Half Men". It was weak, but it felt more like the show than the last few episodes and now the stage seems to be set to pick up where Charlie left off. Let's hope the dust has finally settled (pardon the Charlie's ashes pun) and find out once and for all if this show can run successfully again the way it used to before.

    And please, stop with the flashbacks already!

  • ...


    What a low-brow, predictable slog this show has turned into. All four episodes this season have been nearly devoid of laughter and had some ridiculous stunt at the end that just fell flat on its face (this time it was Alan choking on a popcorn kernel and flailing around like a retarded fish). Speaking of stunts, Courtney returns and has a fast fling with Walden, and you could probably guess how that turns out.

    I still think Charlie Sheen will be back on the show at some point. He has to come back. Lorre's hands are tied. The Ashton Kutcher era is failing miserably. All four episodes have sucked. Score-wise I cut the first two episodes some slack since, after a cast change this major, there is groundwork to be laid, and it isn't always pretty. But seriously, this is gonna be a looong year for Men.