Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 17

Not in My Mouth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • really?

    This was the one bad episode they had. I was completely disgusted. It made me nauseated. Please don't watch it! Gross! Yuck! EEW!
  • Good episode!

    This was a good episode, it made me laugh which is something that the show hadn't done since Ashton came aboard.

    People are saying that Waldon should be more like Charlie, but Waldon is not Charlie. I don't think the writers are being very creative which is a shame. The show has potential but not if they continue with having them both in serious relationships.
  • What the F...?

    Puking jokes, are you serious? Are the writers illiterate? That's all they could come up with?
  • The overused crude humor with puking ruined it for me

    Walden's miffed that Zoey didn't reciprocate after he blurted out "I love you" when his jet hit violent turbulence. Alan thinks Lyndsey is drinking too much. Oh my god, this episode had the potential to be good but the writers just ruined it for one major problem that I had with this episode. The used tons of overused crude humor with puking and I had to cover my eyes but I couldn't stand seeing it. Seriously, Alan and Walden trying to talk to each other and then you constantly listen to Lindsey throwing up horribly in the restroom. Not too mention you actually throw up in the scene where Alan was cleaning the restroom. Also, Lindsey throwing up in the airplane has gotten to be the most disgusting scene in this episode. I literally had to change the channel until the scene was over but by the time I changed the channel back, it showed her throwing up in the window on the airplane. Not too mention near the end of the episode when Alan kissed Lindsey (eww, you know why I said eww) and then Alan says "Not In The Mouth" (which is the title of this episode) and Lindsey happens to throw up in Alan's mouth but THANK GOD it was offscreen. Okay, I'm gonna stop from there because even discussing all that in this review makes me want to throw up. My score isn't as low as it should be though because I did laugh a few times and they were pretty good laughs so yeah. PLEASE avoid this episode though because all it will make you do is just THROW UP. Overall, please don't ever use crude humor as disgusting and overused like that ever again writers... like the other reviewers of this episode just said "puking isn't funny". 4/10
  • Boring

    The other reviews already said it:

    Puking isn't funny.

    And the sidestories simply are boring.
  • Who the %ukc are these people and when are they leaving our show?

    The original cast should sue the writers, they were a good team and worked well together. If they could have just focused more on Berta and Alan's relationship they wouldn't need to add Walden and this British bimbo. Every-time she speaks I am filled with murderous rage.
  • WTF was that?

    I really had to turn it off. What were the writers thinking? Puking isn't funny!
  • worst episode ever

    nothing to add more...this "puke-humor" is simply off the grid. Kick all the writers!
  • Most disgusting episode ever

    Sorry Two and a Half Men.. But I'm never going to watch this show again after the last episode..
  • Not worth watching at all! This week's episode, we'd better forget it.

    How come the writers could come up w/ such an awful storyline like yesterday's?

    Sorry, I really keep giving a chance to "2 and a half men after Sheen's era" (and I've always made part of those who believed this sitcom would be able to keep its good quality - especially because the last 2 seasons w/Sheen were not very good either).

    However, this season has really been very weak so far, and its getting worst every week (with one or another rather funny episode once in a very while).

    Then i recall what Charlie Sheen said about the writers... is he right after all?

    Another point I find is relevant: How 'bout the secondary characters to be exploited on the show? How about the witty, dynamic and spicy storylines we had before?

    It's not acceptable that only because the main character changed, all the other tools be discarded as well. I want more of Alan's character as he was before, as well as his mother. How about Herb and his wife? Not to mention Berta herself? She's there, all right, but badly and under used. We also had the shrink, who was a great character.

    Frankly, TAHM is getting pporer every week. That's sad.
  • worst episode so far

    I've been frustrated with the last season, but am still trying to give it a chance.

    This epsiode gave me a solid push towards dropping it. Horrible story, bad writing and none of the old magic that made me love the series remains.

    This is one of those times you feel angry towards the showwriters for spending half an hour of your life on pure crap - or puke in this matter.

    Coud very well be the last episode I'll care to watch of 2,5 men
  • Why spend time writing a show when you can puke all over it? Seriously?

    This could have been a nice episode developing Zoey and Walden's relationship and their characters as well. Could have, however, Lyndsey literally puked all over it.

    So Walden confessed his love to Zoey in a moment of fear of death and Zoey -- didn't. The following insecurity made Walden question his relationship and he almost hooked up with the next young blonde he could find. Meanwhile, Alan had his own problems with Lyndsey who spent the whole episode drinking red wine and then throwing it up. Well, unfortunately, not only Alan suffered, Walden and the viewer did as well. I don't think there was any funny line, just puking or puking noises. Just gross, can't think of anybody who doesn't get a feeling of sickness from puke... The puke stuff on the plane did look like a cough syrup I had to take as a kid, pinkish, viscous, disgustingly sugary... Just sickening...

    At least, Walden and Zoey got back together in the end. Otherwise not really worth watching...
  • Terriblly gross gutter humor that is not funny!

    Is there no other story left for this sitcom that it has to resort to gutter jokes (farts and puke)? Change the writers please if they do not come up with really funny episodes --- like when Charlie was around and fooling around with girls, his psychiatrist, his mother, his nephew, his brother, Chelsea!!
  • very funny

    this episode was so funny loved it can't wait for more ashton and the cast are funny