Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 24

Oh Look! Al-Qaeda!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • One of the season's best episodes as the endmost

    This was actually a really nice season finale. The acting was good and I'd say that Ashton Kutcher delivered his best performance since he's joined the cast. Guest stars Patton Oswald and Richard F. Whiten were really amusing too and Angus T. Jones delivered some funny gags too, despite the fact that his character was just too dumb in this episode. Anway, this can't prevent me from stopping to watch the show after this season, I've just got enough of the silly jokes that are dominating the TAAHM most of the time.
  • Funny!

    I just laughed my head off when Jake and Eldridge messed up in the system core because they downloaded so much porn, causing a virus! Priceless moment!

    Jake joining the army, that's different. Well, Jake's finally going to learn that you can't slack off or cut corners and he's going to learn it, the HARD way! It reminds me of when Alan wanted to spend a night with Lyndsey and couldn't get anyone--Judith, Berta or Charlie to watch Jake because Jake was grounded and Charlie suggested,"Leave a trail of hamburgers up to an army recruitment center. Everybody wins but

    In fact, if Charlie were here, he'd be saying that Jake leaving is sad. Alan would agree because he'll miss Jake, too. Charlie would say that what he means is it's sad that Jake moved out before Alan did. Alan would groan at that and say that he's working on it!

    Now that Jake is legally an adult, Alan doesn't have to pay any more child support. So now, I don't think Alan should have any more excuses about being strapped for cash. I don't know if he's still paying alimony to Kandi, but he's not paying alimony to Judith. So now he should be making enough money to move out. Alan told Jake that he needs to start getting his life together and Jake quietly said that he will if Alan will and that is so true. When is Alan going to get his life together?

    I actually like Zooey because she's the one giving Walden reason to want Alan to leave. I like her and Walden together. She's actually helped Walden grow up because I think Walden is acting more like an adult now, than he was at the beginning of this season. I hope Zooey returns next season.

    Plus, I hope that next season has the series finale because I don't think this show can go on for much longer.

    Alan couldn't get the army recruiter to change his mind about recruiting Jake, so Alan got desperate and pointed behind the army recruiter and yelled,"Oh look, Al-Qaeda!" The recruiter turned to look and then Alan grabbed Jake's form and ran off, but the recruiter called back, "It's just a copy!" There's no way Alan would be able to get the original even if he tried.

    Alan tried to steal Jake's form. Alan didn't seem to be aware that you can go to jail for that. But it's not like Alan's never been to jail before.
  • good and clever

    I though this was a good episode. The ending was kinda sad though. Overall, I thought this was one of the better episodes of the ninth season.
  • One of the best for season 9

    This was honestly one of the best episodes of the season. It seemed to go back to older seasons in terms of comedy and characters. Not seeing Zoey and ignoring the previous episode helped greatly. And the Jake flashback was a good wrap up for the season as well. The show did come a long way and all saw Angus/Jake grow up before our eyes. In saying all this, I get a sick feeling watching an episode about someone worrying about their future when in real life.....
  • not bad

    Not a bad episode, actually. Jake-centric episodes are always good, albeit a little frustrating (the server scene from this one comes to mind). Zoey was absent from this one, so no resolution to that storyline. Ditto for Alan's BS from last week's episode, which went completely unmentioned. The result was a bit anti-climatic, but enjoyable, and the character dynamics actually seemed to work for a change. I'd prefer the show just drop those other two plotlines anyway (and get rid of Zoey, sight unseen).

    If Men knows what's good for them, they'll bring Patton Oswalt back for more episodes next year. He's a very solid comedic actor and I like the way he and Walden play off each other. That's one of the only relationships left on the show that doesn't feel forced. Don't make him a secondary character, just someone who will pop in for 6 or so episodes during the season. His first episode was the best of season 9.

    So yeah, decent episode. Not much of a season finale, but the way things were going, the show needed something different.