Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 12

One False Move, Zimbabwe!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • Ashton should have never been allowed to step foot on this show

    When I watch the Walden character I become seriously annoyed that the show is focusing on him and his people. Who the Hell are these people?!!! Berta, Alan and the rest of the cast could have carried this show without Sheen!!! I wanted to learn more about Berta's past, she would have been a great replacement sans that joke Kutcher. Is it just me or is Alan just the brunt of bad tasteless ***phobic jokes? You know this man has a small cult following you know? I will always know him as Duckie who beat the snot out of the poser for dissing Molly Ringwald only to lose her to the jerk who did nothing to protect her. Sometimes it makes me angry how they are doing Alan on this show, and I think Chuck Lorre needs to take a personal inventory as I don't know what he was thinking having that weirdo Ashton run around naked.
  • Christmas Review #39

    Walden's mother visits, dropping a secret about him as well as leaving Alan smitten. Dang, this Christmas episode got more bad reviews than good reviews. Anyways, it's okay if you thumbs down this review because I know everyone has their own opinions. In my opinion, this Christmas episode of "Two and a Half Men" was hilarious. This show really isn't the same without Charlie Sheen but I try to look at the positives with the whole Walden being the star of the show now. Walden isn't the most interesting character I know but he isn't bad either. This is the first Christmas episode without Charlie Sheen and it was still funny. A lot of parts in this episode made me laugh very hard. It was hilarious when Jake said "Hey, is that my dad on the roof?" (or was it Jake's friend that said that, I don't remember) and then Jake walks off with his friend and said "You want to go get ice cream". Oh my gosh, the part in this episode that literally cracked me up was the part with Walden and the gorilla (that happens to be his brother) running to each other and they hug and then the gorilla tickles Walden... while it was weird, it was also gosh darn hilarious at the same time. Overall, a hilarious Christmas episode of "Two and a Half Men"... not bad for a first Christmas episode without Charlie Sheen (in my honest opinion at least). 10/10
  • Well, things seem to be "normalizing" around the house

    Chaos at Christmas, eh, might make a great song title. Hold on, Walden is shown to be dumber in people skills than in tech; he's a programming genius, but too much of an idiot to realize thigns from his childhood were real?

    The first Christmas without Charlie; talk about a breath of fresh air. His character had too much drunken (don't know what word goes next) for a proper comedy Christmas special. Then again, an idiot who thinks of a 400 pound gorilla as his brother is just as dumb, but lacks the slow-paced punch ine

    Two and a half men became my favorite of all time sitcoms...and I knew that once Charlie Sheen was gone, so would be the show...and guess what? I was right! This show hasn't been the same without him! Nobody is happy with the show anymore, you can't replace Charlie's sense of humor and personality! I love Ashton Kutcher but this just isn't working! If this show ever wants to succeed again, your going to have to bring back the MAN who made the show!

    Gorilla ? Where's the fun? Comedy Show?
  • Worse Than BAD

    I thought they were doing pretty well until this episode. This was worse than bad. They need to give the rest of the cast more air time. This show used to be good because it was about all of them. Now it seems to be only about Walden. I think they can do a lot better then this one.
  • Extremely bad episode

    Okay at first, I thought this might be good, because the storyline at the beginning was interesting. But after just 5 minutes, this thing got worse and worse.... like really bad. Come on, Walden raised alongside a gorilla? Going on top of a roof. Ugh... Obviously fake gorilla at the end. Just a really bad storyline. Instead they could have come up with a thousand other storylines with Walden's mother.
  • One Dumb Move, Zimbabwe. And things were going so well...

    What the heck was this? Did they let a 7 year old write this during recess? I felt the season had begun to turn around the with the last handful of episodes. Things were looking up a tiny bit. Then this came along. The show had slowly begun to get its legs again the last 4 or 5 episodes (still not as good as previous seasons), but it was working.

    It was making me laugh again, unlike the trainwreck that made up the first 5 episodes of Season 9. Then we get served this absurdity. After the first two scenes, it began to unravel. Smooth start until Berta leaves. I really enjoyed the simultaneous phone calls. Then I spent 10 minutes asking myself where this is going, followed by 10 more minutes of what the *** is this? Really? Gorillas?

    I honestly thought it was a joke. Raising Walden with a gorilla. Apparently Walden has all these gorilla tendencies and characteristics that he displays so easily and frequently, yet they have somehow remained unseen through 11 other episodes. Of all the places and tangents a Christmas storyline could have gone on 2.5Men, this is the best they could come up with? Alan's pursuit of Walden's mother would have made for far more entertaining television. Now we're left with an image of Michael Kelso (yep, I'm going down that road again) rolling on the ground being tickled by a primate that will forever haunt my dreams.

    C'mon guys, get with it! If you want this show to last, this is not the way to do it. In the end, and in my opinion, the absurdity of content in this episode is too farfetched, even for "Two and a Half Men" standards.
  • Do they even try anymore?

    It's a disaster. A mild one, I admit. Would it be a new series, I might say: "Let's give it a try, maybe they catch on". But looking back to the former seasons, I have to wonder: "Do they even try any longer"? Surprisingly enough, it's not even Ashton Kutcher's fault. He's not funny at all, but I never found Charlie Sheen the "ultimate comedian" either. But as actors, they should be able to work the material. Charlie Sheen did have some material, Ashton Kutcher does not. Did they change the entire writers team? The dialog is somewhat familiar, but still seem to be somewhat crippled. The rare gags (I think, I've counted 3 attempts in the last episode) you can see coming 5 minutes ahead. It's not original, it's not creative at all. And what I'll never get: Why is Walden such a lame ass? I understand: They had to go a different direction. Another womanizer always would have been compared to Charlie Sheen. But such a crybaby? Basically, he's Alan times 2. 2 sissies without any counterpart? Not working.

    So, for me it's not (mainly) about replacing Ashton Kutcher. For me, it's about changing the story.
  • "One False Move Zimbabwe, was just that, a false move at an yet another lame attempt to match what was the shows' previous success.


    Ashton Kutcher must go! The rest of the cast can carry it until Charlies' illegitimate kid shows up, like we all expected would happen. Each episode is becoming more about Ashton and less about the other one and a half men. The best episodes are when you see the least of Kutcher. At this point, Alan could carry it alone. The only reason the ratings were high in the beginning was curiosity. But with each show, its like slowing down to watch a train wreck. Only this time its all to obvious who the casualties are, the rest of the cast, that we still want to see. Dump Ashton!