Two and a Half Men

Season 9 Episode 2

People Who Love Peepholes (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on CBS
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Walden has Alan come along for the ride when he tries to get his ex-wife, Bridget, to take him back.

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  • good episode

    I thought it was a good episode. What do you people want? Funny episode.
  • And it's just getting worse...

    Okay, I didn't like the first episode, and this second part episode was even worse than the first part.

    Ashton still doesn't fit in, and his character is really weird. I'm saying weird, cause unlikeable might be the wrong word, but he is definitely not someone you embrace.The whole 'my wife left me and I want to die'-thing is really getting annoying, and it was made clear in both episodes that she was done with him. But then in the end, she comes to see him, to try and work things out. Eh, right.Jake was seen, for like, 10 seconds. Berta was the funniest part of the episode, and so was Evelyn, but all in all I didn't really laugh at all. I don't even know if I should keep watching or not, cause the first 2 episodes were just really really bad.They really need to work on Ashton's character, and have to find a better way to interact him with Alan, cause those two are more awkward atm, then funny. And it's not a funny awkward, it is just awkward.

    Well, ratings for this one were still superb, but I think episode 3 will loose more viewers, and right now I really hope so.Just end it after 13 episodes, or at least after this season.The show is just not working without Charlie Sheen.moreless
  • well, ashton is without a doubt good but i'm afraid two and a half men IS "CHARLIE HARPER"..... sorry...

    although it was a good two-part intro episode, it still failed to catch the essence of the whole show... it's two and a half men.... jake plays way too little a role and let's face it, ashton is good, his character a lil' out of proportion, at the end of the day though, he's no CHARLIE HARPER..... like... but not love....
  • Well it actually made me laugh. I can see that they are taking a different turn this season

    Well it actually made me laugh. I can see that they are taking a different turn this season; it will be about love. Schmidt getting back together with his wife.

    Schmidt lost his wife because of his immature behaviour... which i assume that throughout the season, he would gradually learn to be more mature; learn to look after himself.
  • Part 2 of this Season 9 Premiere was great but I thought Part 1 was funnier and better in my opinion.

    I thought that Part 2 of this Season 9 Premiere was great but I thought Part 1 was better and funnier in my opinion. This installment just seemed to lack a lot of the humor and didn't really make laugh out loud very hard like I did in Part 1. I did like this episode, I'm not gonna lie on that part but I thought it could have been better though. Alan moving in to his mother's home and the mother saying that she screams "umbrella" when she has sex was very funny. All of Berta's lines about Walden's butt and everything else was definitely hilarious. The scene with Walden and Alan climbing over's Bridget's cage and getting electrocuted was very funny. The whole scene with Walden talking to his ex-girlfriend named Bridgit was very funny. I especially laughed the hardest at the scene Alan waking up naked with Walden and then Walden telling Alan to get off him was funny. I don't think anything else really made me laugh, the rest of the jokes were maybe just a chuckle. Definitely not the best episode I've ever seen but the storyline was enjoyable enough for me to really like this episode. Overall, I hope the rest of Season 9 is really good especially since Ashton Kutcher is a very funny actor and I know that "Two and a Half Men" will still be funny even without Charlie Sheen. 8/10moreless

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