Two and a Half Men

Season 6 Episode 2

Pie Hole, Herb

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on CBS

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  • Some extra lines that I thought of

    Charlie asked,"How much money would it take you to wrestle a gun from a mugger," and Alan replied,"Assuming a small to medium-sized mugger, at least

    After that this could've been said,

    Charlie: When do you ever see a small to medium-sized mugger?

    Alan: People do.

    Charlie: Alright, let's go for the type of mugger that's not an endangered species. How much would it take you to wrestle a gun from a large to extra large-sized mugger?

    Alan: Uh, well, for a mugger of that size, at least 1,000.

    When Alan comes back from work and said that he had to pay for lunch with his lucky Sacagawea dollar and his lunch was 2 gas station hotdogs, this could've been said.

    Charlie: Oh, Alan, everyone knows that Sacagawea dollars aren't lucky. After all, you've had one and what kind of luck have you had in your life? Besides bad?

    Alan: It was still important to me, Charlie. They don't make them anymore. They stopped making them after one year.

    Charlie: Probably because they found those things weren't lucky.
  • I've gotten bigger laughs from other episodes of this show than this poor installment.


    I thought that this was a poor episode of "Two and a Half Men". It's not the worst episode that I have ever seen because there are more weaker episodes than this but I just didn't find this episode to be funny or entertaining. I did laugh a few times but they weren't that big though. The biggest laugh I've probably from this episode are the scenes with Jake. Sadly, Jake's part wasn't that huge in this episode. He was only in the beginning, a little bit of the middle, and the very end of the episode. Jake in the beginning of the episode did crack me up when he was chasing the ice cream truck and then Grandma said "I've should have hired a monkey". The very end of the episode when Jake was fired and the monkey has his job was very funny and a great way to end this poor episode. There weren't any more huge laughs after that. I didn't like Charlie and Alan were fighting over the money and how Charlie didn't pay back Alan his money. Both Charlie and Alan were irritating me in this episode and I didn't like it when Charlie kicked Alan out of his beach house. Alan accidentally ending up in Ginger's bed was pretty funny also. Like I said, this episode really isn't that good or funny to me. It's okay if you fans love this episode but I honestly did not love this episode. Overall, a poor episode of "Two and a Half Men". 4.5/10

  • Charlie borrows $38 from Alan, and Alan cheeply requests it back immediately. Charlie is laid back about the situation, until Alan goes over the top to try and get his money back, which leads to his dismissal from Charlie's home.

    This episode seemed a bit repetitive for me. Alan's character is exploited in this episode once again. The highlight of the episode is how cheap Alan is.

    Charlie borrows $38 from Alan, and Alan is insistant on taking it back immediately. The storyline seems a little uncreative for me, since Charlie is rich enough to use his own money for his own personal needs, and it is not explained well enough as to why he may need to borrow Alan's money. In that case, the storyline was lazily prepared.

    The repetive feature in this episode is Alan's removal from the House. Alan has been kicked out of Charlie's house before. With this poor storyline, it seems like this episode is only using this narrative for humour gathered through the audiences pity of Alan's character.

    What is done differently in this episode is Alan's return to Judith's house. Alan's short stay at Judith's comes to a quick end when Alan accidentally wanders into Judith's bedroom and starts cuddling up to her - Old habits die hard!

    The episode is definately funny, it's gags are enjoyable, but once again Jake is left in the background with no strong involvement in the main storyline, due to the lack of ideas for his ageing character. Jake's humour is still used from his stupidity, however the writers seem to be running out of ideas for him.
  • The second episode of the sixth season.

    In the second episode of the sixth season of Two and a Half Men - Charlie borrows thirty eight dollars from Alan. Charlie tells him that he will pay him back the next day. When the next day comes, Alan asks Charlie for his thirty eight dollars. Charlie says he doesn't have it. Alan gets mad. Then, Alan sees Charlie just giving money out to Berta. Alan gets mad and drains Charlie's gas tank of his car. Charlie finds out and tells Alan that their even now. Alan says that he still owes him twenty four dollars and seventy eight cents. Charlie gets really mad and tells Alan to get out of his house. Alan and Jake leave and stay at Judith's house.

    Overall, this episode was ok. I wish that they would have done more of a storyline on Jake's first job though.
  • "What do I know, I'll just shut my pie hole"

    So Alan is kicked out by Charlie after taking it to far to get back the thirty eight dollars he leant him (Like we haven't seen that before). Alan moves in with Judith for a night and Herb goes to Charlie's to pick up some of Alan's stuff and ends up spending quality time with Charlie on the balcony with scotch and cigars and talking about Judith. Alan who's sleeping on thesofa goes to the toilet in the middle of the night and by accident he goes into Judith's room and get's into her bed beside her.

    A all round great episode. Made me laugh.
  • funny

    This is my first full episode of Two and a Half Men that I have seen and it was hilarious. Alan loans Charlie money and Charlie refuses to give it back and the argument goes too far. Charlie is kicked out of the house and his ex-wife has to take him in - though unwillingly. It was funny that his family only lasted a few hours with him - poor Charlie that has lived 6 years with him! Anyways, the other side story was the kid getting a job from his grandmother. That was pretty funny. Overall, funny story, funny characters, and I'll be sure to watch again.
  • Alan loans Charlie $38.

    Two and a Half Men delivered another fine example here tonight. Both Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen were on top of their game in this episode and the scenes with Jake were kept to a minimum. We could've used a little more of Evelyn Harper here, but the main two stars gave strong enough performances where it was not necessary.

    Here we saw Charlie borrow $38 from Alan, and then to get it back Alan stole gas from him, leading to Charlie kicking him out. The storyline progressed well and gave us some good one liners in the process. Herb was fine here, but it's obvious why he only appears in a few episodes a season as he would grow tiresome after awhile.