Two and a Half Men

Season 4 Episode 24

Prostitutes and Gelato

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Don't show this episode to people who know nothing about "Two and a Half Men" - otherwise they won't like it! ***contains spoiler***

    This episode was one of the worst ones in TAAHM-History.

    The opening was great but after intro it goes from good to bad to worst.

    Robert Wagner as Evelyn's new lover was a great choice, he proved in the Austin Powers movies already his great talent for comedy and good timing.
    He has a good chemestry with Charlie and Jon.

    Their trip to Vegas was a bit weird but ok. Several good jokes. Alan's "I think that might be the Snoopy-fella" after he talks to the black guy and Wagner's "San Francisco" after the bell are the highlights of that segment.

    We all knew what a "bad" person Evelyn is, but the way she reacted on the death of that guy... that was just horrible. That wasn't funny at all, it was really disrespectful and I really thought TAAHM has more class than this.
    This ending ruined the whole episode.

    Also there wasn't enough Berta and Jake action in it. Their few moments were great as always.
  • Thanks Dad!

    Prostitutes and gelato is the episode tonight, and what an enjoyable installment of Two and a Half Men it was.

    That scene in the bathroom was absolutely hilarious with possibly the best payoff in show history. When Teddy said, "If you guys are done screwing around come on out and talk with your mother." I lost it and was on the floor laughing. The best segway to the opening credits this show has ever done.

    But the scenes with Charlie, Alan and Teddy after that were equally hilarious and it was great to see an episode take place outside of Charlie's house.
  • Las Vegas and new dad...

    Charlie and Alan run to Evelyn and her new boyfriend Teddy in the coffee house. Then, Teddy invites Charlie and Alan to a fight in Vegas, where he reveals he wants to marry their mother.

    Season's 4 finale was really great and awesome. I rlly didnt expected it to happen when I first saw it. Charlie and Alan get a new daddy and Jake gets a new step grandfather, and Evelyn gets a new husband. The episode is so full of comedy, as usual, and the episode gets better and better. Two and a Half Men episode Prostitutes and Gelato is awesome!
  • Charlie and Alan have a new daddy?

    This would have been a better episode if the ending wasn't so bad. The opening scene in the restaurant was absolutely hilarious where Alan and Charlie are trying to hide in the restroom from their mother and her boyfriend. It was great to see Robert Wagner as a guest star. He seems to have a flair for comedy as well as drama. (See Austin Powers..) The chemistry between the three men were great, especially when they were in Vegas. But Charlie and Alan's mother really showed no class when she ended up sleeping with another man, then went back to Robert Wagner after the guy she slept with died on her couch. And then the comment she made after "covering the dead guy up" was just plain horrible. So all in all, an okay episode, but a very bad ending..
  • Daddy Day Care!

    The guys need a day and they may have just gotten themselves the ideal dad in the season's finale epiosde. meaning no more Men into September. They found a dad that they like, if the mother is intrested in marrying him. the epiosde is funny as unusual as the guy hang out with dad. I won't give away the ending, but it will be tied to next season. I like the series, if not for "Heroes," I'll be watching more. Oh well, theat what summer reruns are for. Next season, the fun will be back all over again. It's Cool!
  • Good episode, bad season finale SPOILERS

    The episode has been largely slammed by other reviewers on this website so I'm going to be nice to it.

    This episode makes a great episode for the season but is definatly not special enough to be a season finale.

    The episode is about Evelyn's new boyfriend and Charle, Alan and hers reaction to him and his proposal.

    It is funny but it isn't great. Jake and Berta barely appeared and together had about 1 minute screen time. The story itself is good and has some great character moments for Charlie and Evelyn. Alan is, as usual, an idiot.

    This season has had some great episodes and some really bad ones and, as a season finale, this is hugely disappointing.

    It's still worth watching though.
  • Very disappointing Season Finale.

    Boy, as far as this season's episodes go, this one would rank towards the bottom. Many reasons for this:

    One, Berta has less than one minute of screen time, which is ridiculous, being that she is the best supporting actress in a sitcom these days. Two, Rose needs to return to this show. I sure hope she will be back once next season's first episode airs. Three, Jake has less than 4 minutes of screen time. And finally, the writing, especially for Evelyn, was rather awful.

    Just to summarize the episode, as I have yet to do that: Evelyn has yet another 'wealthy male sex buddy' (Guest Star James Garner) who ends up befriending Alan and Charlie. Then, when he decides he is going to ask Evelyn to marry him, Alan and Charlie are more than happy to have him as their new 'father.' But Evelyn declines the original offer. Then (possibly) reconsiders. There were a lot of really excellent episodes this season. This one was not one of them.