Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 5

Putting Swim Fins on a Cat

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charlie has to come up with ways to keep his girlfriend's four-year-old son amused. Meanwhile, Alan becomes a test subject.

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  • 4 year old son of Linda is played by Elijah Lee.

    I just loved this episode! The story lines were absolutely hilarious. It's nice to see Charlie having interest in a woman of intelligence...even though she has baggage!! Linda's 4 year old son which was played by Elijah Lee , was the perfect character to get Charlie down to earth and to see his softer side with a little child. The parts of Alan being a medical guinea pig for the desperation of money were so hilarious! Alan's hair falling out from the results of testing, and his skin being red and inflamed was very funnY!!! I wonder if they will bring back the characters of Linda and her adorable 4 year old son Brandon (played by Elijah Lee)....I hope so.moreless
  • this episode was one of the funniest - the jingles that charlie was singing about the corn, etc. were hysterical - does anybody have the words to it and the one about peeing in the toilet - would love to have those wordsmoreless

    this episode was one of the funniest. the little jingles that charlie sang about the corn and the peeing in the toilet were hilarious. i would love to get the words to them, have never heard them before and they made me laugh out loud, something alot of shows today don't make you do. i only started watching this show this season on the advice of a family member and i now never miss an episode. so, can anybody out there help me and post the words to those two little songs, it would be greatly appreciated, would make for good conversation with my granddaughter.moreless
  • Allan is worried about money and tries various means to get it. Meanwhile Charlie's relationship is moving into shaking new territory...but hey, guess what! He's great with kids.

    I watch this show for the wonderful and highly humourous sexual inuendos that occur every week...but this episode had to be the funniest thing I have seen after years of watching scripted TV. I couldn't stop laughing at the wonderful zaniness of the whole situation. The characters were spot on. From Allan signing up for the clinical trials,(the only thing missing was hot-dog fingers) to Charlie's carefree attitude about how everything would turn out... and Mom's great little school-girl was nearly perfect. Only the scene with Judith lacked punch. Way to go are the best! BTW who was the little boy? He was so sweet. The perfect foil for Charlie's Peter Pan Complex.moreless
Ernie Grunwald

Ernie Grunwald


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Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzie


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Elijah Michael Lee

Elijah Michael Lee


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Berta: God takes care of drunks and fools, and C. Roscoe Harper is both.

    • Alan: Money doesn't just fall from the sky.
      Charlie: Obviously you've never been sitting ringside when a pole dancer hangs upside down.

    • Charlie: Linda's spending time with her son tonight. Apparently, she's one of these single moms that puts her kid first.
      Alan: The bitch!

    • Charlie: I'm babysitting.
      Berta: You?
      Charlie Why not me?
      Berta: You're a rum-soaked degenerate.

    • Charlie: Hey, Berta, look what I got.
      Berta: Big deal, it's a freaking miracle you don't got ten of them.
      Charlie: This is Linda's son, Brandon.
      Brandon: I'm Brandon.
      Berta: I got ears.

    • Alan: Charlie, you can't depend on the kindness of the universe.
      Charlie: I have to. I don't have an older brother to sponge off of.

    • Jake: Hey, Dad, did you get Mom a present when you got divorced?
      Alan: (rings doorbell) A present?
      Jake: Yeah, a memento of your time together.
      Alan: Jake, buddy, you're the memento of our time together.
      Jake: So you're too cheap to get her earrings.
      Alan: She did better than earrings. She got my family jewels.

    • (At the drug clinic)
      Alan: So is there anything I should know about? Any side effects or anything?
      Doctor: Well that's one of the purposes of the research. But in tests of this nature, common side effects include dry mouth, hair loss, blurred vision, inflammed gums...
      Alan: Okay.
      Doctor: ...Mild nausea, heart palpitations, liver damage...
      Alan: Wow!
      Doctor: ...Boils, shingles, sudden fainting, and temporary darkening of the stool.
      Alan: Good Lord! How much do you pay people to do this?
      Doctor: A thousand dollars a week.
      Alan: I'm in!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die üblichen Nebenwirkungen", meaning "The Usual Side-Effects". The French title is "Qui vivra verra", meaning (idomatically) "Time Will Tell". The Italian title is "Qualcosa succederà", meaning "Something Will Happen". The Spanish title is "Es como ponerle un flotador a un gato", meaning "It's Like Putting Floaties on a Cat".

    • International Airdates: Slovakia: January 20, 2010 on Markiza