Two and a Half Men

Thursday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2003 Returning October 30, 2014



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  • Great Show

    i really like two and a half men. The humour is great. I own an on line store angeljackets and really appreciate what they are doing.
  • No Half men anymore. Only two men.

    This is a complete different show. Charlie was a model who anyone that want to be a party animal.

    There is no half men anymore, no Jake, no Rose, no Charlies Mother. Nothing.

    Its not Ashtons fault,. If you want someone to blame is the people who hire him.
  • Ten More Years Of This?!

    I just heard that Charlie Sheen is returning to Two and a Half Men; and that CBS may consider renewing this series for another decade. There's only so many episodes that can be devoted to the kid who stays at the house with his father and an uncle. What's next--Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher bring in an adopted kid from Kampuchea who berates the family and all that is wonderful about America? In 2024, this series will be known as Two and a Half Geezers.
  • Still Hilarious

    This show has proven that it doesn't need the original star of the show to still be hilarious. When I found out Charlie Sheen was being replaced by Ashton Kutcher, I thought it would go downhill. But I'm loving it now! The writing is still hilarious and fresh in each episode, I find it really amusing how a completely new stranger bought the house after they killed off Charlie and Allen is still living there LOL
  • Show Went Bad

    Total garbage show. There is nothing left In this show that is appealing kisses, cheating, sex, foul language won't cut it. The product life cycles of this show is over. They should immediately take it off the air. Substance is missing. Content is not there. The writers and directors have lost it. They don't have any stories left to tell. Please let it go.

  • Clearly, this show belonged to Charlie Sheen

    That's why it died after he left.
  • This Show Ran Much Too Long

    At first, it was funny. A man who got thrown out of his house, had nowhere to go, and had to raise his kid around an uncle who brought different girls home every night, and was drunk a lot of the time. Much as the show progressed, and especially when charlie died, I stopped understanding the point. It is one thing for someone to mooch off their brother for years, but mooching off a stranger? C'mon Alan. It's time to get a life buddy.
  • The original show died with "Charlie Harper"

    Season 11 with Amber Tamblyn was some what okay but otherwise much of it's comedy was over by season 7 and it stopped being funnier in season 8 and died with Charlie Harper. Cryer is a good actor and so is Kutcher but Charlie Sheen was the "soul" of this show but even in his presence season 8 was dull. I think they over dragged the show. Season 7 should have been its "finale" with Charlie marrying Chelsea and Alan moving out either as gay with Herb or as straight with Judith or whatever end for him after all the show was never about "Alan Harper". I'll rate it 7 for the first 7 great seasons.
  • A mixed bag, for now, anyway.

    At first when I saw the show, it was about Charlie, Alan, and Jake. The supporting cast were excellent, but it was about the 2 1/2 men basically. Yes the jokes were sop***ric, (it reminded me of Porky's), but it was funny, and the three main guys were involved most of the funny moments. John Cryer is a bit underrated, because he did carry a lot of scenes and set up Charlie for most of his sarcastic, but very funny, lines. But I feel that after Jake got older, and especially after Charlie left, the chemistry is missing. Jake is hardly in most of the recent episodes, and I don't even know who some of the characters are. But that is not the real problem. The problem is that Charlie had most of the punch lines, and what he didn't have, Berta, Jake, Rose, and Alan filled it up. Nowadays, there are so many new characters, that it doesn't quite work. Compare it to Cheers, in which the main female lead left halfway through the run. In that show, there was so much support and subplot storyline comedy from the ensemble cast, that it actually got In this case, the show lost its way, and when I watch newer episodes, I don't get most of the relationships, let alone the jokes. There is one huge talent, though, and that is John Cryer. He carries the later shows more than even Charlie did in the early ones. Although, Charlie seemed to play it with no effort - He was the character. I miss those days when Rose would come over the wall, only for Berta or Jake to say something funny, then Charlie would answer with an even funnier casual line.

    I kind of want to know why the auto editor took out the word so-pho-mor-ic? It was not a H0-mo-pho-bic Haha.
  • I acted in the show.

    It was a great experience!! Awesome!!!
  • Pot and penis jokes are never funny

    In the new seasons of Two and a Half Men you can find two types of jokes: penis jokes and pot jokes. But they're never funny.
  • Is the name really suggest the show? Where is the Half men?

    If i compare with the old show with Charlie and Jack it was definately very different. It was fun and ok with light comedy. Now the show has started targeting different set of people I think. They have changed the show so much that only thing remains is Two and Half men name from past.

    Back when charlie was on the screen, it was tolerable. i am not saying that it was not an adult comedy back then, but now it has completely deteriorated. i used to watch this show with my friends, but since SEASON 11 EPISODE 2 we have stopped watching it. it is DISGUSTING, STUPID and IMMORAL. It clearly reflects the perverted mentality of the people associated with the show. JUST TAKE IT OFF AIR!!!!
  • You guys are so funny XD

    I love how people are complaining about a TV show, you know there is an off button right? or a channel switch button? or internet to watch whatever you like... Also, so mane people rant about how the characters act, while that is what makes the whole everything. Alan being a leech and what not, is what Alan makes Alan, hes a leech, but its funny to see people so annoyed by him, but hes still clever enough to get by XD and Charlie was also hilarious, but after the 9th season, getting Walden was not so bad, better then having "girl gets banged, charlie gets in trouble and makes jokes" another season... Also, two and a half men with Walden is IMO just a new series. with the same story... it should have been 2 or 3 man now... but who really cares? its comedy people, put ur brain on 0.0000 and laugh ur balls off XD and then read the hilarious hates of people that dont get how it all works XD
  • I Think It Was All Over When Jake Became a Teenager

    Back when Jake was a little kid was the best moments this show had to offer. This was because it was very funny exposing him to Charlie's behavior which Jake took notice of. When Jake became a teenager, I basically stopped watching this show.

    So glad this immature show is finally come to an end. It should have gone a long time ago.
  • Find Alan really funny

    I am really fond of Alan's acting and his one liners. I think even when Sheen was there it was Alan who seemed more of a centre point and created more laughs.

    I do not dislike the show even now. Kutcher seems more of a sidekick. Cryer still takes the cake away. Some of the witty one liners he utters make me laugh even afterwards remembering them.
  • I also prefer the series with Charlie

    I also prefer the series with Charlie for me the series is like those episodos the beginning of the series ... no comparison!

    since Charlie died in the series ... it's not funny anymore! either find funny episode with Walden, is much more rare

    I see the episodes in Portuguese! from Tv Online site (vertvgratis . eu) I already watched in French ... more not as funny as in Portuguese

    the episodes with Charlie! Allan! their mother! and Judith are the best ... sensational!

    I watch the series from the beginning ... and watch some episodes enough times! and never get tired of watching me

    I think the series never returned be funny as before! unless officers of the serie ... resurrect Charlie
  • obsessed with charlie sheen

    all people are obsessed with charlie sheen.

    i was in fact started to get irritated by his wrinkled face and old like walking style

    ashton kutcher just came to save the show and is truly looks like a man who can get flirted everytime he come across a girl.

    and FYI i think jon cryer is real flavour of this show

    i don't really cared about the other ''one and half man''

    i really wish courtney (jenny) could get some of a screen time, i like her performance
  • Pure garbage now

    I honestly don't think this show could sink any lower! The writing and plot now absolutely suck! It's as if a bunch of perverts are now writing the script. John Cryer's character has degenerated into the most despicable pathetic worm. I quit watching this crap as of NOW! If you ever bring back Sheen and clean up your act let me know because that's the only way you will get the audience back,
  • Best

    This is the best show ever, it only gets better. It's like the writers don't know how to make it bad. I gotta say, AMAZING!!!
  • These are my first Skechers

    the new series gets worse and worse! And, stop adding new characters to the show. You are only making it worse. What happened to the writers and directors?? I can't take Ashton anymore! The show is completely boring now. I watch the old Two and a Half Men reruns. Now those were really funny. Charlie Sheen made the show.
  • What have they done to my show?

    Is this how the writers feel after all? Unconected and sexual frustrated? I loved the show when the extrem relationships between the characters were the main subject of every episode. I loved the chemistry between Charly, Allan and their Mother. Allans exwifes had allways suported the fun factor like Jake has allways done. But now after they are all removed or has been transformed into a kind of uncolored negative I feel frustrated too. Why? Why is Judith, Herb, Kandi and Jake no longer in? And Alan, Rose and Evelyn are not Alan, Rose and Evelyn anymore. And the lesbian? What the ... is so funny watching a medium atractive fatty doing "her thing"? It's a tragedy. It's horrible to watch.
  • Enough stupidy

    why are they only relying on sexual innuendos to get them thru a episode. and, when is Walden going to get rid of all those free-loaders. john cryer's character has become a pathetic character. now it's a show that you watch "on demand" when you have nothing else to watch and 30 minutes to waste.
  • Please let a dying dog lie

    Totally ruined the show completely. They should have ended it when they let Charlie go. The rest of them should be ashamed having to lower themselves to this standard. Shame on them all... the actors, the writers and CBS network. It's not funny what so ever and it is down right Gross in parts.

    I was watching some old reruns of the show from the beginning and it was very good writing. I really like the wit. Then to see it today with Ashton Kutcher... it is really bad.

    I don't get it. Why is it still on?
  • It probally went on too long

    The show deserved a real finale a while ago. Most of the cast is either gone or replaced and it really is not that funny anymore when you watch it.
  • revisited

    when charlie played himself the show had chemistry. now it's like: you have seen one, you've seen them all.
  • I love This show

    I can't see any show taking the place of this one with half the fun, If you really think about it and see what is out there there is no alternative! at all!

    The real soul of this show always was Jon Cryer doing a fantastic job (and still is), along with a very inspired group of really talented writers and co-stars. This show couldn't be better. I was even surprised by the great performance of Ashton Kutcher that I confess was not high on my list of good actors, but that surprised me integrating himself so perfectly to the plot and showing his own talent. I am amazed by how critical people are of this show, when you think deeply it is one of the best shows ever and giving no signs of getting old!

    This show always had sex undertones, and as always the soul of the show is Jon Cryer not Charlie Sheen, who now is in a crappy show of his own, those who do not like two and a half men must perhaps see the other one to gain some perspective!
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  • I thought i was done...

    Honestly this show is great again, season 9 was bad... mostly i think because they had no idea what to do with Waldens character, however season 10 was great, season 11 is going downhill now but if you really watch theres some good stuff here. I was a fan of Anger Management aswell, charlies new show, but honestly i cant stand it now, since Selma Blair was fired do to charlies tantrum's the show has been aweful, almost like charlie is in complete control and ruins perfect opportunities of making jokes about himself which turn out to be a way of making him look better, where as this show is pulling out all the stops to make it funny, however it will lose its steam, lets just hope the writers know when to get out, but i think its fresh, looking back at season 8 the show just wasn't that good anymore, i mean you can love the older season and they are obviously better... but not the passed few that charlie was in, to be honest, thank god they fired the prick.
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