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  • The new show is just plain stupid

    I have seen every charlie episode , and while some were better than others, they all made me laugh.

    There is nothing funny in the new show; the characters that worked so well with charlie have lost their pizzazz. Allen has turned week and wierd, almost backwards. Berta doesnt get the funny lines anymore and Rose and the mom are never featured. And Jake, the "half" we never see.

    I agree the show needs a whole new format or its a goner.
  • Ashton sucks on show

    I have tried to watch the new show but all the comedy is gone. I agree with others and say either cancel the show or bring Charlie back. I have seen all the reruns and I know allk the lines before they are said but its still so much better than the new show.
  • The show is a train wreck!

    I agree with a previous mention that they should have left the house to Alan and his son.

    Perhaps they can find a 2nd will which nulls and voids the first? Give the house to Alan, bring back his dignity and morals, etc but finds himself with a lot of expenses, taxes, perhaps the mortgage is not paid off.

    Of course kick Ashton off the show and now have Alan call on a cousin to come move in and help pay the bills. The cousin can be a fun character, raunchy, the opposite of Alan but still have a family bond and Alan is not a mooch.

    Let the kid have more screen time. I think I have offered the writers something to start with. I hope they can take it and bring back the fun because you couldn't pay me to watch it now. I watch the re-runs too.
  • This show stinks/not two & a half men anymore

    Jon's character stinks now, not funny at all. Ashton acts moronic and immature and not appealing at all for the sexy man that he is. Can't stand to watch this show anymore. There was a magic between Charlie, Angus and Jon that is gone. This show is so stupid, especially the show with Ashton acting like a monkey brother, that I can't even turn it on. Sorry, the house has changed and, while I love change, it doesn't work for this show. Bring back Charlie Sheen. Say he wasn't killed after all. Please.
  • Number one worst show of the year

    I do not know how this show supposedly is the number one comedy when it is so awful. I use to love the show which made me try a couple times to watch it, but I cannot make it through an episode for it is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.
  • Nothing Redeeming about Allen any more

    I think the show is getting better as the time goes on, but, what the writers are doing to Allen is awful. He is no longer relatable to any of us. No one is "Frodo" no one is that creepy and slimy and lacking of morals. Allen was a likable shmuck, relatable, you wanted to root for him, and now, I don't even want to watch. I love Ashton, but the show went to raunchy with Allen. Jake needs more. He used to steal the show. Its sad when the really great shows go down the drain. Bring Charlie back and make the current stuff a dream sequence or somehting. Seems like Charlie might have "won" back a few of his marbles. LOL
  • this show is based on Charlie Sheen's actual life

    No one can replace him. Aston is already showing as being type-cast in his 70's role and this is not working. I no longer watch the new shows i just watch the reruns. Bring back Charlie: He's Da Man!!!!
  • The new episode has been on for 25 minutes so far; I halfheartedly chuckled once so far.. Im almost positive it was a pity chuckle.. Pretty terrible now. I wish all the actors the best, this show is on the fast track to cancellation..


    I'm almost positive that killing off Charlie was the death sentence of the show. What could save the show? I don't know. Charlies death was pretty gruesome (even if it wasnt shown), I don't see how he could come back. I doubt he even would. If anything I bet Sheen sees the current state of the show as a pretty huge middle finger to Lorre. Even if Sheen was asked to come back, I doubt he would.

    Time to cut our ties and move on, I guess. It was a pretty good run, and like the saying goes "All good things must come to an end".

    IMO they should of just switched the focus of the show to Jake. Always thought he was an underused character. What would of been so horrible with letting Allen become successful? Charlie could of had a change of heart and left him the house. BINGO no need to switch sets! Bullishly insisting the show maintain the exact same formula, but without the character that made it possible, will result in guaranteed failure.

  • Writers are making a real fool out of Alan.

    The show is pure stupidity now. I won't waste my time watching this. I feel sorry for Alan and Jake. They were funny when Charlie was there all that humor has been lost.

    I am not saying that Kutchner isn't a good actor but he just doesn't fill the shows of Charlie. Either cancel the show or bring Charlie back.

    I was so embarrassed for Alan this week and am not watching the show anymore.
  • barb3541

    Please give Alan his back bone back!!! It was funny when his brother called him a mooch but I can call my brother many names but if someone else calls him the same name, I will be very angry. Get a hint.

    Plus Alan doesn't need to call himself a mooch. He needs to go back to work and get some self respect. I just can't stand what the writers did to poor Alan's self esteem. I want to cry that he is so pitiful.

    I think Walden should give the beach house to Alan and Berta. Walden should still be in the show but not at Alan's expense. Walden can be funny. Please get Alan to the shrink so he can get back on track.
  • The network must me lying

    I can not imagine that the network is telling the truth about the ratings.

    The show sucks. The only time we watch it is to see how bad it has really become.

    It is simply now just like any other show , dumb. Ashton's character is dumb.

    Allen is over acting and the chemistry is not there.

    Please network swollow your pride the new show does not cut it.
  • Show's over

    This used to be my favourite show until Charlie left.
  • Should I say more besides what everybody wrote below?

    Anybody, anybody can read last 3-4 pages and see that something is wrong with this show. He doesn't even have to watch the show, as there are not such big coincidences.

    I honestly don't see any point of writing anything more than what was already said, as people said it:

    The show became BAD. Period. Anybody with enough brain cells can notice it from the spot. Some people are still brainwashed, or hate Sheen this much that they just can't admit it's that bad at the moment.

    Now, you can love, hate, admire, dispise Charlie Sheen, whatever, but the fact is a fact, and that is it's Two And A half Man, not "evaluating of Charlie Sheen and putting morality stamp on his behaviour". Also, I won't be discussing whether firing Sheen was right decision to do in connection with his behaviour towards producers and the show. I will just discuss the show, because that's what everybody should do. Talk how good/bad show has become, not if it was right/bad decision to fire Sheen.

    With that being said Sheen made this show awsome, along with the story idea and Chuck Lorre who back in a day was writing great episodes. The idea was briliant, the Sheen was briliant with his genious comic talent to act a certain types of characters(spin city too btw), and it was working all great together. Now it's not, and I don't have to repeat hundreds of posts of people who ain't blind.

    And people ain't blind, well not all of them. You can go anywhere to internet, and you will see dozens after dozens of posts like that. And I doubt people LOVE Charlie Sheen and bash this show despite it being still good. No I doubt that, unless someone believes Sheen pays those people money to watch it because of him. No. People watched this show because it was GREAT, because it was funny, refreshing, and it made you smile after whole day of work. So no, people, most of them, are not blind. They also ain't stupid.

    That's also what Sheen said couple weeks ago in the interview when somebody said the ratings are falling, and Sheen said "people ain't stupid, well not all of them at least". He was dead right on that one. The fact that this show has so many people who still watch it, lead me to believe either those ratings are tampered, or those people are just brainwashed, or they never saw first 6 seasons of this show, and think what's now is what this show was since the beginning.

    I encourage everybody. EVERYBODY to watch this 9th season, whole ninth season when it will end, and then pick one of the first 3 seasons, and watch it. There is no way, NO WAY anybody in clear state of mind, will say that this what we have today is not some sick joke, or pathetic attempt to make us believe we should still watch it for God knows what reason.

    Walden character is one of the most ridiculous and most clueless(in terms of what he's doing in the show in the first place, and what's his place here) ever. Alan became pathetic looser, who lost all he had for first couple of seasons, and that is moral high ground and being quite smart guy despite his relationship with Judith. He might not have money, he might not have house on the beach, but he always had moral grounds, and he RARELY made stupid things that made him look completely ridiculous. Well, not in almost every episode I mean. Charlie was pretty rich guy(considering) but empty inside, Alan was broke on the outside but rich on the inside. That was perfect combo, on top of them being brothers and giving it another special angle.

    The show today is nosious, it's hardly funny, and if it is it's due to some physical humour not one liners that became clasics. It's dull, it's boring, it's a waste of time.

    Firing Sheen might have saved his life, but it killed another life, and that is of this show. It really puzzles me what some people say about this show, how it's "refreshed now" and how it's going through second youth. Come again?

    I stopped watching this show around 6th or 7th episode, and then went back and watched almost whole show again from the 1st season. WOW, what a difference I tell you. Alan was likeable character, who despite not having money and STILL living off Charlie, he was not reminded of it every episode, and also he had some moral upper hand over charlie. There was humour, there was great chemistry, there were great storylines.

    Today it's all what it wasn't before.

    Too bad, cause it was briliant commedy show while in it's prime.




    The next time they make some polls, or count ratings, they should interview normal people. Like here:
  • Bring back Charlie

    Bring back Charlie as this isn't the same show it used to be. Aston is a good actor but not for this role. Charlie sheen should come back as he has been kept in Paris in one of roses sick plots to keep Charlie all to herself. Other wise my boxset is going to get used quite a lot :(
  • A brand of comedy that can be semi-entertaining or extremely revolting. For me, it is mostly the latter.


    To start off, I'll happily laugh at well-done vulgar humor. Two and a Half Men, however, tends to take cheap shots at it's characters that make me dislike both them and the show itself. Sometimes it is funny, don't get me wrong. I loved everything Rose and Berta did, and the "jingles" Charlie occasionally wrote on his piano. However, these good moments tended to be few and far between all the half-naked ladies, sex jokes, and cheap laughs. Anyways, enough from me. There are plenty of people who like this show, and I don't particularly dislike it. There are just a lot of higher quality shows that I'd rather watch. Lastly, they really should have cancelled it when Charlie left. I have nothing against Kutcher, but somehow it is so much worse now.

  • We no longer watch this show!


    This show is horrible, I guess Sheen actually did make it funny, I can't even stand to watch it anymore. Kutcher CANNOT do this kind of comedy. He is sooo boring! The interaction between Sheen and the other two was comedic, I am actually embarrassed for Kutcher as he seems so clueless on how to make this show funny.

  • Please drop Kelso and bring Charlie back!


    No one should be fired for the things they do outside of work. Its a shame we've become so judgemental.

    Sheen may have been hard for Lorre to work with, but he was the heart of the show. Suck it up and figure out what it'll take to keep it going.

  • I am Sad


    it really pains me scoring this show as Abysmal, one bad move ruined 8 years of brilliantentertainment, we watched this show for Charlie Sheen only, even though i don't condone what he does in real life. we really miss him. what we got now is a rich beared Kelso, no thank you.

  • I guess sponsors don't believe what they read here


    First of all, it is a very sad situation when 2 men, Lorre and Sheen can't put aside their differences and be "professionals". The public is the one that bears the brunt of their childish behaviors. We are now regulated to a second class comedy due to these two talented people with supersize egos. It seems that the only way to get things done is by going over their heads and target the advertisers. If the advertisers put pressure on Lorre and co., Charlie may rise from the grave. I for one will start watching again, just to see who sponsors the show, and boycott their products. Yeah, I know, big deal if it's just me. But if it catches on, like this, who knows.

  • Dude is in his 40's, has kids & is snorting stuff up his nose. Selfish, sad & disappointing. Other seasons are great. Sucks for the rest of the cast & crew to go out on such a sour note. CBS didn't make the mistake, Charlie Sheen did... (continue show>)


    His job was to fill time between commercials and Charlie brought in the $$$. Yes, the network is greedy, and of course they wanted to continue with production, but there is a point when CBS can no longer just sweep the problem under the rug. It boils down to an issue of liability. When the risk got too high, it was time to pull the plug on the show. Sure, all this could have been avoided. All Charlie had to do was put down the pipe. Sadly, he made the wrong choice. We all lost, the fans, the network, the cast and crew; so many people dependent on just one person, the star, and he let us down...cocaine addiction is a very serious disease that will ultimately kill you if you do not stop, go to jail or get help. This is not about whether CBS made a mistake, or if the show stinks with Ashton Kutcher (even though it really does), or that fans are upset because they miss Charlie and the old show. This is about an actor on the most popular TV show, who was making $2 million an episode, who decided drugs were more important than his career, his co-workers and his fans. Charlie Sheen thought the rules didn't apply to him. He thought he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted...welcome to reality.

  • AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bring Charlie back!! This show is so painful to watch. What happened to the mom? Last night she was reduced to just a voice on her security camera?? WTF was that?? Berta's character is just not funny anymore. Jon Cryer is doing his best but he can't pull the whole show, Charlie could, but not him. Ashton is a funny actor but he cannot fill Charlie's shoes! Bring Charlie back or kill this show. And another thing, now they changed the set?? BORING!!!! I already cancelled the recordings on my DVR!! Stop the madness and bring Charlie back. It is not winning!!

  • We really do miss Charlie, the old show was so funny, now it is so boring. Ashton can not take Charlies place, the whole concept is off. It is hard to even like Walden, he acts so wierd, he has no comic sense. There is no feeling in his acting, disaster .


    The show is a big disaster, we still watch old reruns of it, we really miss Charlie. No one can replace Charlie Harper, and Walden is a weak try. How sad for all the former actors, we loved them all, they are trying hard, but just not the same.

  • This show is becoming the Titanic!! Toilet and sex humor. That's it! No substance!!


    Remember when the Roseanne Show started to get really stupid at the end? They won the lottery and killed off Dan and then the show sank in the ratings and it was "goodnite"? This feels just like that. Evelyn screwing Waldon? Really? Fart jokes, toilet jokes, Waldon being about as exciting a personality as Mary Hartman. The writers are constantly cutting down Charlie Harper to vent their anger at Charlie Sheen and they forget that the people watching the show actually loved Charlie Harper. Enough with the constant digs at him! If you want to save this Titanic you are going to have to make peace with Sheen and bring him back from faking his own death. Otherwise you guys don't have enough lifeboats to keep from drowning.

  • No Charlie, no show as far as I'm concerned. Charlie was so good, this new guy will neverreplace him in a million years. I just watch the old shows now when I feel like a good laugh. Bring back Charlie PLEASE. Dx


    Not seen the show, can't stand Ashton K.

    No Charlie, no show as far as I'm concerned. Charlie was so good, this new guy will neverreplace him in a million years. I just watch the old shows now when I feel like a good laugh. Bring back Charlie PLEASE.


  • Very bad decision killing Charlie and replace him with kutcher.


    I don't think this show will stay in air for another season. Ashten is no Charlie. He has a goofy personality and the show requires a personality like charlie's.

    I wish they can find a way to bring charlie back, I don't know how but I wish. :)

  • big fan for 8 seasons!!! now ill never watch again.


    Couldn't bring myself to watch this episode...WS is supposed to be a genius & acts like Kelso? dumb...The show was funny when Charlie was a dick & Allen was screwing up somehow. Should of just kept the show leaving Allen the house & using more jokes with Jake & especially Dr Melnick...Its Ryan Styles,hes one funny guy, yetthey managed tomakean unfunny personas thestar of the show.Allen& Berta could have kept good ratings. Now they managed to make Berta not funny...... Making the show all about AK was a terrible idea. Should of used him as a guest star not a lead role. Male nudity is not funny...... the show use to be witty now its just bad jokes & alot of boring scenes. I was a huge fan of the show.... was. AK killed it.... the character is just dumb and the jokes just dont work with WS... they make Allen try too hard to carry the show.... its just not good TV anymore. It would be great to see Allen & Charlie back together..... oh and quit bringing back the most annoying woman you can find... cant wait for Sheens new TV Show to air!!!! ANGER MANAGEMENT!

  • Such a waste!


    Perhaps you could make it all a 'bad' Alan dream and bring Charlie back. Walden is just not making it funny or fun, (sorry Ashton) What a wonderful show to go down in flames like this. It's like having two Alan's, the original and another even sadder one.

  • Painful to watch


    Like most series, Two and a Half Men was suffering from a reduced amount of creativity after 5 seasons. However, the scripting changes have made this show truly unwatchable.

    How stupid is the new storyline and what were they thinking in the casting? Did the producers really thing that having the lead character nude in every episode was sustainable?

    If they were really being creative they would have made Charlie's unknown son appear with the same characteristics. Alan's role should have been increased to be the rich guy who inherited all of Charlie's money leaving the new son the be the womanizing, drinking, freeloader.

    Man, I wish that I was one of the writers for the show!

  • Watch Online Two And A Half Men Season 9


    I loved how the show was raunchy in some places and yet very clever. I decided it wasn't misogynistic, it was a fantastic juxtaposition between the extremes in men: one sweet and sensitive man considered a "loser" and one man considered a "winner" who was up-front with what he wanted from women. The loser, Alan Harper (played by Jon Cryer) lived happily off his brother while trying to raise his son Jake (played by Angus T. Jones) after his divorce. The winner, the infamous Charlie Sheen, lives the lifestyle of which many people dream. The supporting cast of the disapproving mother Evelyn (played by Holland Taylor) and Berta (played by Conchata Ferrell) were a riot. Jane Lynch as the psychiatrist was truly wonderful.

    We watched Jake grow up and into his role as a dumb-but-loveable teenager. We heard Berta tell her tales of an interesting past life and her disappointing family members and many of us could relate to her. Berta often stole the show, but then, at some point, each of the supporting cast did.

    The "Squab" episode still makes me howl in laughter as I watch Jake finally break Evelyn, a feat neither Charlie nor Alan ever accomplished. Each season I wondered how they were going to keep the show interesting and funny. As Jake got older, so did Charlie. I was glad they brought in the colonoscopy episode ("Yay, no polyps!") and showed Charlie's mojo not being what it used to be. The writers were brilliant. Even though Alan was a mooch, there was humanity and kindness that surrounded him. Even though Charlie was a sleaze, he never lied to women about who he was. He was noble in his own way. The writers made these caricatures real to us and yet the viewer could see that, when all is said and done, this was a family. Speaking of family, I also loved the cameos with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. This show was about family: the quirks and the love-hate relationships.

    Watch Online Two And A Half Men

  • Its dead, end it now


    I have been a massive fan of this show for 8 years and it had become an unmissable part of my weekly viewing.

    Unfortunately that has all changed with the departure of Charlie and the arrival of Ashton Kutcher, the show has lost its star and the show no longer shines.

    The remaining original actors are trying their best but with Ashton leading the show there is little hope

    Not worth 30minutes ofanyone'stime anymore :((((((

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