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Two and a Half Men

Thursday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2003 In Season



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  • Don't stand up until the ride has come to a complete stop

    I'm not sure I'm tall enough to be on this rollercoaster. I thought I was gonna hate it with Ashton Kutcher, but it was great. But this season is just pathetic. Charlie, his mother and now Walden have gotten nasty with Alan. They have always given him a hard time, but never like this. I don't even look forward to it any more.
  • Boring

    I never understood the appeal of this show. The characters aren't that interesting, the plots aren't that interesting and it isn't that funny. The show is about Charlie sheen living with his brother Alan and his son Jake. Charlie and Alan go out and pick up women. That's basically it. Not much happens in this show. The characters in this show are hard to describe because the only real "Characters" in this show are Charlie and Alan. Charlie and Alan are the only characters with any real defined personality. The other characters seem like filler material. Jake is a plot device, Berta is a walking fat joke, and Kandi is a piece of sex meat. These characters seem like robots that they put in to move the plot along or make jokes and this comprises a majority of this show's characters. Like I said before the plot in this show is uninteresting. Most of the episodes are the same thing. Charlie and Alan hit on women and complications ensue. This is the premise of about 90% of the episodes. I would often watch brand new episodes as they premiered and got the deja vu feeling. This is because they take the same old stuff and present it differently claiming that its new. Some episodes are different. For example there is one where Alan and Jake go to Sacramento to pick up an antique clock from his deceased grandfather. Its not interesting but at least its something different. The humor in this show is 90% low brow. This show has more bathroom and sex jokes than a crummy kid's cartoon. The humor in this show is similar to that of family guy. It consists of fart jokes, sex jokes, fat/ugly jokes, you know things that nobody over the age of 13 would laugh at. I do not see any appeal to this show what so ever. I feel bored every time I watch it.
  • New > Old ?

    yeah, without Charlie the show is not the same, but with Charlie the show was getting soooo repetitive. I loved it with Charlie, and I love it even more without him. I actually NEVER laughed more while watching it than in the season 10 and 11, ppl saying it's bullshit because it's without Charlie probably didnt watch a single episode or are just butthurts that don't like the show BECAUSE it's without him, the show is great, it wasnt that good in 9th season, but 10 and 11 fixed it, worth watching even more than the old seasons, in my opinion, as someone who watched every single episode at least 10 times (if not 10 then 9, but not less), I really think that the new TAHM > old TAHM, yes, it's not the old show that u're used to, but this one is better, it's the same as like in Game of Thrones they killed Eddard Stark, the show goes on, and is better/the same as with him
  • Two and a half men

    I've watched the show from the very beginning and found it absolutely hilarious! It was clever, witty and different from any other show I've seen. I do agree that the show is seriously bad without Charlie Sheen. One of many things I think made the show great and incredibly funny is that charlies character was an older man who still drank, partied and got all the woman - to replace a character like that with the complete oposite (young, clever, immature Walden) with the same cast, takes away the whole storyline to which we've watched over the years. Charlie being a drunk and a bad example to Jake, and Alan is the opposite, sensible, down on his luck brother, was the perfect storyline, it just made sence and we got it! Now.. the show is a boring mess and a bit sad. I find the humor to be very childish, I think Alan's character has changed into a greedy, sad and arrogant man which is the complete opposite to what he was in the begining. The show should never have continued without Charlie, they've ruined something that was once great. I just hope they don't keep dragging it on.
  • This show is just plain awful.

    This show is awful. It's trashy without the saving grace of humor. Find Berta another spot and get rid of it. This time slot is the only time I switch Networks.
  • Next it will be on at midnight

    They put it in a later time slot and the show is so stupid I can go to bed without wondering if I missed a good show.
  • A good show but not the same

    The show is great overall, but ever since Charlie Sheen left, It hasn't been the same without him. I'm not saying that you shouldn't watch it; I still watch this show with Aston as the protagonist, but just not as often as I used to.
  • A show that was one of the best of its time

    It was a great show until Charlie left, Aston has done a great job but it not the same. Now jake is gone, I don't know how this show is going to survive it was good show while it last RIP

    The story revolved around charlie,pretty much alan and many jokes were with/on jake. Now its just on walden's girlfriend problems and alan is great being an think they are just trying to stretch the story as much they can. Until they make are just trying to push a rusty old car with new nut n bolts.
  • The real problem wasn't Charlie...

    Okay, let me start by saying this is more like Three Men now, Jake's a full grown man!!! Anyway, I didn't really cried for Charlie's departure. Kutcher doesn't stand up to him, but he does his best and kinda gets away with it. But the real problem... Is Alan! Yes, I can clearly remember that in the first episodes, Alan was a good man and you even felt sorry for him. Now it's panful to watch Jon Cryer in this greedy selfish punk. And it's not that his character became this overtime, they just made him like this ever since Charlie left, which makes me think the old show was much better. The new ones still make me laugh but not nearly as much as the classic one.
  • love two and a half men

    it's just my favorite TV show ever
  • Utterly bland and inconsistent

    I never liked this show. Sure a couple episodes made me laugh, bit whether it's Ashton Kutcher or coke head Charlie Sheen, two and a half men gets two and a half stars. for every funny episode, there's 3 more crappy, unbearable episodes
  • A great that was, but has lost its way and we all hope it fins its way again!

    I have watched two and a half men ever since the show came on and have always loved the show until the last 3 years and the show has gotten worse over this time and to me and all my friends have grown

    to not watching the show and the reason is that the part of John Cryer has gotten so stupid and almost to the point that he has become sicking and everyone says they want to throw up. I hope that some one can point this out to the writers. On my facebook everyone feels the same.

    I love Great humor hope to love the show again.
  • TWO and a half men

    The show is still cool after charlie left, its still funny and enjoyable, but there is one problem, the seasons are going too slow, there is big gaps between the episodes, i think they should release the episodes faster than like 2 weeks gaps.. :S

  • Why Renewed?

    I admit the show has changed since Charlie was fired, but the truth is charlie did it to himself and even though most people say the show is terrible now, this show is still ok. Ashton coming into the picture was a bit of curveball to the fans of the show, but combined with his terrible breakups, loaded wallet, and his resent of Alan (Jon cryer) living with him, the only differences between him and Charlie is his age and booze. The new situations happening now in the show are hilarious bombshells every week which continues to bring in fans. Maybe the show could've been better with Charlie or maybe not, either way the show lives and CBS will never cancel the show because it's still good and it makes money. As for what's going on now, the show may be having to deal with some changes but no matter what, the writers will find a way to keep the show good and the stars will still be popular. Charlie goes to anger management(not the therapy session, the show) Ashton and Jon remain tv's biggest stars and angus gets to follow his religion.
  • Not that bad - after all it is situational and a half hour

    I hardly ever watch with Sheen but I do like Aston - not surprising that the kid wont be on much if any since he chose to shoot his mouth off about the show being disgusting - someone should tell him a paycheck is a paycheck and he is lucky he has one in a tough business - Cryer's character has gone down hill to almost gross but over all it is a funny relief in among so many cop and graphic criminology shows.
  • RENEWED!!! WTF!!?!?!?

    How is this show still on. Not just that but renewed for an 11th season without Angus. This is just another show now, no longer Two and a Half Men.
  • Show has always been a bit far fetched

    The show itself is not bad, but it was never great. What made it last was Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, and those who grew up watching their movies. What is surprising though is the show has lasted as long as it has. I don't mind Ashton Kutcher (aka dubbed the NEW Two and a Half Men), but the show should have really never lasted more than 5 seasons, regardless of who the cast members were. Will this show stand the test of time in 30 years? Time will tell...
  • Why is this show still on?

    Two And A Half Men was so funny when Charlie Sheen was on it, it sucks now! The storyline about Alan living with Ashton Kutcher makes no sense and their only comedic crutch are gay and masturbation jokes. I don't watch the new ones, but If I catch it, Alans more than likely masturbating. Sadly, this shows coming back for SEASON 11! Seriously, this show (Even with Charlie Sheen) does not deserve to be on as long as Cheers was!
  • two & half men

    I used to love this show.. But now it suks !!! Its not funny and Asser is terrible. He cant carry a joke or line so its funny. And Alan stinks also now. I bet they have a new writer and he suks. cant wait till they cancel the would rate this show 2 at most.
  • Two and a Half Men has to have Charlie Sheen!!

    It was great with Charlie Sheen!! Not so much anymore. It's not two and a half men without Charlie Sheen!! And it should be renamed, because Jake isn't half a man anymore. Anyway, I loved it with Charlie Sheen and it was extremely fun while Jake was a child, without it loosing it when he grew up. However, I think two and a half men is not the same without Charlie Sheen!!!! (my score for the show represents the Charlie Sheen era)
  • Funiest Episode Ever

    How does Chuck do it, i loughed my ass off the whole episode.
  • Out of Ideas

    This series ran out of material three years ago. Stick a fork in it, its done.
  • boring

    it has got so boring now i think that should cancel it. its had 10 brill years they should cancel it after this season
  • Judiths baby

    Whatever happened to the baby Judith was supposed to have after her and Herb split? They never said who the father is, I suspect Alan afterall they had a fling. The show isn't the same since Chuck killed the main star-Charlie Sheen. The story went the wrong way with Ashton. Chuck should have played him as the forgotten son of Charlie and Alan's mother. One she had but didn't talk about. What a twist the show would have had and the questions Alan would ask. I love Charlie and the show will NEVER be the same without Charlie.
  • What goes with Alan?

    Is Alan starting to question his sexuality?

    He just takes on more feminine attributes with each episode.. His man parts surely have shrunk down to pea size by now. He depends on Walden for everything that's not provided by his girlfriend. (Didn't I see this on Judge Alex, Judge Mathis, Divorce Court, Judge Joe Brown, and Honey Boo-Boo?) He'll be seeking alimony or some sort of severance pay if he ever does "have" to move out.

    It's a sad commentary on life ... sorry to say. But it's just too damn real to be very funny anymore. Why not let Alan grow a pair... or plant a seed... hehe
  • love both ashton and charlie

    I loved two and a half men with charlie, but i also love it with ashton. Just saying!
  • change summary

    change is no charlie anymore dude!
  • Doubts Cleared

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I loved Two and a Half Men while Charlie was on the show, but while I was at first apprehensive, love the Ashton flip! He is the opposite of Charlie, come by fortune by hard work and not luck, falls in love easily instead of being promiscuous, is caring instead of an asshole. The episode that did it for me was when Allen leaves the hospital after thinking he is Charlie and the house is redecorated. Removing the piano from the house helped me relieve my nostalgia for Charlie. It took a couple seasons for 2 and 1/2 Men to hit it off, and it will be the same with Walden as the new lead. I love the dynamic, and the unfolding storyline. My only complaint is that I wish to see more of Allen's mother, who added a great dynamic, and Jake back in the house. The show feels somewhat empty without them. I am drinking beer and smoking cigarettes to the latest episode, as I did with all the last, and will continue to do with all the rest!
  • really cool

    i love the cast and crew
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