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  • A clever title goes here!

    Without Charlie it's not same show anyway. Why not change everything?? It needed more change, something brand new "Two and a Half Women" would work for meWith Maya Rudolph as Maya instead of Charlie, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Julia (Maya's Sister ) instead of Alan ,Barbra Streisand as Barbra(Maya's Mom)instead of Evelyn ,Miley Cyrus as Miley (Julia's Daughter) instead of Jake, Chris Rock as Chris(Maya's stalker)instead of Rose, Rob Schneider (Maya's ex husband) instead of Alan's ex-wife and Conchata Ferrell should stay as Berta (housekeeper),and Kandi (April Bowlby) should stay as Kandi, Rob's new wife instead of Alen's new wife .I could watch this all-day long.
  • Why bring Rose back into this

    Rose was good when the show had charlie sheen around but with ashton kutcher why bring rose back, please i don't understand
  • killer 0.0

    this show need to go with out sheen it dead i think Judd Nelson should have been there instead he hell of a lot better like the Breakfast Club or ST.Elmo Fire. please cancel this show it dead
  • Sucked

    To be frank, this show sucks. It will only get better with charlie Sheen in. Not as funny . You can't expect Aston Kutcher to imitate charlie sheen's personalty. I rather watch the older episodes with charlie sheen in it..
  • Zoey vs Rose

    To sum up the latest developments in the show:

    1. Being with Zoey is good for Walden

    2. Being with Zoey is bad for the show

    3. Rose is bad for Walden. No, make that: Rose is bad for everyone

    4. Rose is great for the show! Ferrets! Attack! *roflmao*
  • Not ROSE again

    ohhh come on , not rose again !!! her character is pathetic . her character should die when she killed charlie... come on stocking Walden... you dont have any new ideas for the show. just stop it or do something worth it.

  • For the first time I notice the canned laughter!


    How can anyone screw up this show?!!! It used to be soo good.For the first time in the series I notice the canned laughter and it is uncomfortable as that's the only laugh we hear with hardly a smile from us at times!This was my staple for the weekend! All the actors just seem to have lost the chemistry altogether.Very Poor and thank god for Big Bang,30 rock,etc The time's ripe for a new sitcom to grab the top slot.

  • Charlie has most certainly left the building

    I have given the new format long enough but I think it's very clear now that it's not going to get any better. Everything about the old show worked, slick, funny, sexist in places... And it's clear that the reason for this was Charlie, his alcoholic womanising ways were the foundations of the show. What are the writers doing really? Ashton can't act, Alan is now portrayed as even more of a fool than before to compensate and as a result the show is not even funny, it actually makes me cringe. Unless the producers plan to get an A-list celeb to appear as a guest in each episode to make the show vaguely interesting I doubt there's much life left in this show. Thankfully we have re-runs.

  • English Tea Sucker

    I'm so glad to see the last of that Zoe English tea sucker. Throw the tea in Boston habah I say and keep that crappy actress (she stinks) off of the show and her dumb kid too. Why is Walden such a wuss? Falls in love with everyone. Want a review? YUCK.

    Seeing Rose returning gives me hope. And please can't the kid grow up a little without being the same stupid blank headed pot smoking idiot? You ran out of pot jokes years ago. The whole show is too childish and wussy. Am hating it. Put Berta in more, at least she's funny and has a crazy family. The rest of these people are killing you all.
  • oh charlie return to us

    why would you replace someone who made your show a god for someone who keeps making it worse. exactly, this show went from being funny and mature to being unfunny and more of a porno rather than a show. i would like this show more if they would have just said that charlie got married to chelesea and moved to another country INSTEAD OF KILLING HIM IN THE SHOW!!!! also now when berta appears its nothing as funny as it once was allan and jake have troubles with each other thats sad not funny anymore and that was cruel to do the funeral for charlie harper especially after he made the show a hit CBS should get charlie back and just kick out ashton out for good!
  • Not the same...

    Please, we all understand that charlie is gone now and the show must go on. Nevertheless, the show is keeping up the comedy and the story. Who would want to lose a great show like that.
  • Great series!

    *Thumbs up* One of the funniest shows on Tv. It's a good thing they took charlie of the show. He's just a coke head.
  • Miley Cyrus??????

    It was suprisingly funny. Didn't think Miley cyrus could pull It off. Good job.
  • poorly written

    The show's biggest problem is that the writing is horrible. A group of high school kids could come up with more creative episodes and give the show some kind of direction. Streamline the cast back down to Alan,Walden, Berta and Jake (on Skype if necessary). Get rid of the girlfriends and do some actual comedy. John Cryer's character has become deranged and not very entertaining. Bring Jake home from the Army with a baby boy. Make it 2 1/2 Men again. The writers are killing the show.
  • Two and half??Its Three!

    I am not going to complain here saying how good the show was when Charlie was on it and how bad it is now and how bad Ashton Kutcher's acting skills are, because everyone who watched the first episode of Season 9 is aware of these already.

    How long is Chuck Lorre planning to go on with "Two and half men"?Because Jake does not look like "half a man" anymore.After loosing a huge chunk of audience after Charlie's exit,this is the right time to can the show instead of paying big bucks to Aston Kutcher to limp the show on and make the show bleed further.
  • All I can say is WOW!!!

    I watched the first 2 episodes and that was enough to tell me Ashton Kutcher can't act, hes a complete idiot. I'm only here because its funny how they are using the "OLD" episodes to try and create ratings AND offer a contest using Charlie, that is just awesome!!!! They should get Charlie back ... oh wait that was Chuck Idiots idea to write him off. All I can say is one word "karma".... hahahahaha Chuck!!!!
  • Two and a half man - is disappointing ! 1.0

    I quite watching two and half man after few episodes. It can not compare with the old version of the show. Alan and Berta are great actorvand actress, so as the kid. Ashton Kutcher is just not good at all. He is damaging the show. I am still watching reruns of old two and a half man every day. Oh, man! I want the show back badly.
  • utter dissapointment !!!

    Ever since Charlie left, the only people that lit up Two and A Half Men were ALAN & BERTA !!! we all tried adapting to new faces on season 9 but it just wasn't clicking - in my honest opinion the show must just be canned or BRINg BACk Charlie - better YET Robert John Downey, Jr. would FIT in perfect>>> no offense to Ashton, but his just not cutting it -atleast I still have season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to get a good laugh
  • idea!! romance between Walden and Charlie/Alan half sister Gloria...

    idea!! romance between Walden and Charlie/Alan half sister Gloria.. remember her?... the gorgeous blonde in red dress... >>
  • Two and a half man - nomore good!

    From Switzerland:

    It is a pity that my favorite series has lost any bite, since Charlie Sheen plays no longer. The new actor Kutchner is boring and not funny. He has not the special eye flashes and the sarcasm of Charlie. In addition, his lyrics have become significantly worse, the eternal debate is missing with the womens and with Alan. Too bad with the new personality of Kutchner, the series will not long survive.
  • BOYCOTT Two-and-a-half Men! DO NOT WATCH

    A boycott is the only thing that will work. Writing/acting sucks (Kutcher and the British girl, at least); chemistry between Kutcher and the cast sucks.

    TWO WORDS: BOY COTT! Actually, it's one word: BOYCOTT.

    I said long ago, Charlie survived and found some mountain/island babes, and has been trying to find his way back home - Kutcher was a BAD DREAM (a la Dallas). BOYCOTT! I hope the show dies in its current form. Let's all pitch in and DOUBLE CHARLIE'S SALARY or pay Chuck Lorre TWICE the going rate, to bring back Charlie! Sounds like a good project we can do.
  • Only a Shadow of Its Former Self

    Interestingly enough, I never much cared for Charlie Sheen as an actor. However, I enjoyed the Charlie Sheen version of Two and a Half Men, but didn't realize how much until I started watching the Ashton Kutcher versions. The Charlie Sheen versions were downright funny, sometimes hilarious. The Kutcher versions only approach amusing, if that. I don't think I've laughed out loud even once.

    And whoever came up with the Zoey character as Kutcher's girlfriend, needs to fnd a different line of work. I do hope she is written out very soon. She makes it even more "un-funny" than it already is. She comes across as a pure witch, and makes me question why I'm bothering to watch. I thought the show was a comedy, not a lesson in bitchiness.

    Sorry guys but I think you struck out with your decision to replace Charlie. I think only very thin-skinned people take Hollywood stars seriously and everyone deserves a 24th chance. I don't see this series lasting very long, or at least I don't see me watching is very much longer unless it starts being funny, soon.

    Maybe you could pull a "Dallas" and have all the Kutcher episodes be a bad dream and get Charle back. That would be better than continuing with what you have now. Most anything, no matter how unbelievable, would be better than that.
  • Go full Circle.

    Ashton Kutcher's character should have been brought in as an unknown half brother or as a cousin of Alan's who has a young son. They are down on their luck but can help Alan pay bills and keep the house he inherited from Charlie, Things are starting to turn around for Alan financially but now he has to contend with Kutcher who's an even bigger moocher than Alan ever was. Reverse Alan's role some and let his character grow. Let him get a frickin epiphany after Charlie's death and grow up. What the hell was the point of making Kutcher a billionaire. It adds nothing to the show and just makes it totally stupid and unbelievable.
  • 3 stars with Charlie Sheen, 2 1/2 with Ashton Kutcher.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible show.

    Unintelligent, predictable humour.
  • charlie sheen

    two and a half man is the best without charlie sheen i want to see some new ones win will season 10 come on i think it will be good
  • What they SHOULD have done...

    This whole story about Walden basically just popping in after attempting to commit suicide and all that is so cheesy and unbelievable. There are only about 10,000 other things they could have done if they didn't want to bring back Sheen.

    For instance, anyone who has watched the show over the years knows that Charlie and Alan's mother Evelyn, has had several husbands over the years. Why not make Ashton the 1/2 brother that Evelyn never told Charlie and Alan about? Ashton could have come to the funeral and been introduced to Alan, which would have made a very good scene for the funeral. Of course, Evelyn would tell Ashton that the house was up for sale, and then the 1/2 brother could end up buying the house and allow Alan to stay.

    Another thing they could have done is simply cast someone else in the role of Charlie. I heard rumors that John Stamos applied for the Ashton's role, and he would have been pretty good because he has the same type of look to him and attitude as Charlie Sheen. They could have come up with some crazy story about how Rose convinced him to get plastic surgery and somehow after that they broke up or whatever, and he came home. This would allow the writers to keep writing the same types of jokes that kept this show popular for so many years, just as long as John Stamos or another actor could pull it off. The only real bad thing about this idea is that it would be very hard to bring Sheen back in the future, but I'm sure they could figure it out if they really wanted to. (Stamos stole his identity and took over his life, but he couldn't stand Jake or Alan and he gave it all up and then the real Charlie finally comes home for real and confronts Stamos)

    Those are just two ideas that I had, but hey... They went with something completely STUPID and UNBELIEVABLE.

    As for Jake, his is no longer a 1/2 man... So they gotta figure out something here. Either Alan has another surprise child by someone or Ashton does... I was thinking it could be that child that Alan and Juddith had, but that is girl. (the one that Herb thinks is his) Jake could also have a child with someone, and then they could get rid of Ashton, but I don't see that happening.

    I don't know what they did to Alan's character. Sure he has always been a moocher, but he is over-the-top now. When the show started, Alan was a kind-hearted man who was down on his luck and every time things would look up for him, something would come along and knock him back down. During the first 6 seasons, you could tell that Alan truly wanted to get out of Charlie's house and have his own place and his own life, but now, he lives solely to mooch off of Ashton, and his character is no longer likeable because Alan does not tug on your heartstrings like he used to. As a viewer, I used to feel sorry for him, but now, he's just a jerk.

    The show is quite obviously not as good anymore as it was with Sheen, so I rank it a 3. With Sheen, it was an 8 or a 9 depending on the season. They either need Sheen back or they need to completely overhaul the show again because it's current stance is not funny, not entertaining, and it is not even the same show by definition.

  • we need the original,, the best,,charlie sheen,,,,,,,,,,i'm noy watching it nomore

    were not watching it anymore , we need charlie sheen back that other fool sucks i'm a spread the word to my friends and family not o watch it, get charlie sheen back,,
  • we need the original,, the best,,charlie sheen,,,,,,,,,,i'm noy watching it nomore

    were not watching it anymore , we need charlie sheen back that other fool sucks i'm a spread the word to my friends and family not o watch it, get charlie sheen back,,
  • Ashtons girlfriend

    The Brithish gal needs to go. She does nothing for tbe show. Allen is great but quit making him a bum all the time.
  • It is not really that bad

    Let's Face it, it is not the same as it was with Charlie Sheen, but is it really that bad?

    This is not a one man show, and every character have contributed one way or another to create moments of enjoyment for us, it is not only Charlie absent that reduced the quality of the show!, for instance, where is "Rose" the funniest stalker that I ever seen? Beside we have seen Charlie recently in "Anger Management" is he the same Charlie that we used to love, and supposedly he continued in "Two & half men" would his role as a handsome, rich playboy would be accepted especially after the way he looks right now (aged several years, lost a lot of weight and only God knows if he still using).

    Come on guys I love Charlie too but that does not give me the right to insult the hard works of every person contributed to this show.

    The bottom line is, yes it is not the same, I love Charlie, I love every character in the show and it is still funny and better than many other comedy that is airing right now.
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