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  • Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen hit the nail on the head; the writing was failing and currently has painfully failed. With that stated, Charlie can resurrect a mediocre script and yet, the show toward the end was having writing issues. Ashton Kutcher doesn't have the kind of talent Charlie Sheen seems to have naturally. The rest of the cast melded with Charlie. It's not happening with Ashton. Lorre may have fired Charlie yet, he refuses to accept the rebound boyfriend isn't working; two completely different actors with two styles. Charlie Sheen will succeed where ever he lands. My congratulations to the entire cast for many successful seasons; best wishes for future endeavors.
  • This show sucks so bad without Charlie Sheen!

    End it, end it right now! CBS and Chuck Lorre should have never fired Charlie Sheen.
  • They shouldn't have made the new series!

    The new two and a half men is dreadful without charlie sheen in it! Aston couldn't be less amusing and the whole "I'm going to be kind of like charlie but more annoying and less cool" really doesn't work. They should either have charlie make a new series or not bother at all... it's not the same without him.
  • Charlie DID make the show!

    Never actually watched 21/2 men, until I began watching re-runs, n I was hooked. So it's super sad that no more episodes are done with Charlie. Ashton is NOT FUNNY!!! & his act of a fumbling idiot is OLD. It only worked on the 70's show. Tried watching new episodes, but just couldn't get passed the first 5 mins, OMG its BAD...a revival of show will only happen if Charlie is resurrected! I agree with previous posts that show is over, unless Charlie is revived which would make for an awesome it's sad that 2 1/2 Men show is over.
  • Charlie made the show! Terrible show now!

    This show was Great with Charlie! The concept is just awful now! I can't stand the new story line and the soul has gone from the show! I can't watch it any more but I did give it a go! The writers couldn't get their story line straight! kutchers character gave Alan a share in the house but later he kicks Alan out because of the stupid Bitchy English woman! Terrible show now! The heart and soul of the show was Charlie! I wish he could get resurrected!
  • Two and a Half Man

    I loved the show with Charlie in it, they were funny and entertaining. Now that the new episodes with Ashton Kutcher came in, I don't even laugh anymore. This guy is not funny at all. I didn't even smile the first time he came on. Now as the episodes go on, Alan is getting way dumber and he's supposed to be a DOCTOR, aren't they supposed to be smart? Jake is clueless as usual, which is okay for the kid to be like that. Now they are using Berta less. I mean she's still part of the cast and she should get better roles in the show. I still watch the reruns with Charlie in it, and I still smile at the jokes and I just shake my head at the newer episodes. The writers can't think anymore. They need Charlie Sheen to come back and save the show before ratings get too low and the whole show crashes and burns.

    There is no Two and a Half Men" without our lovely Charlie!!!!!!

    Who the fxxk is Ashton Kutcher who is trying to make money out of our dear Charlie's demise?

    I never watch the new episodes in protest thus helping to downgrade their ratings. Truly, I did watch the first two episodes but later from the internet.

    Please, please STOP watching Two and a Half Men on TV let the ratings go down.

    Again, Two and a Half Men is only our beloved Charlie and we must protest to stop this new crap they are doing to to take revenge from Charlie.


  • This show sucks now!

    Get Rid of Ashton Kushar...........bring back Charlie Sheen!

    I was excited about the show when it came back & watched it consistently. BUT.... I haven't seen a new episode on Monday nights in well over a month! Now I'm COMPLETELY TURNED OFF by it. If this is what is being called 'the new season'? I say KILL IT. Don't come back. Exactly what are the actors being paid for if they're not producing?
  • Two and a half men

    Bring back charlie
  • Legends can't be recreated.

    Chuck-Why are you dragging this show and wasting all the hardwork that made this show a legend? With every episode you are touching new lows. Try something new- maybe a new series altogether. You have to understand- legends can't be recreated. The earlier show was a legend not just because of your hardwork but probably also because of luck, chance, fate - call it what you may- because that's what was supposed to be- it had everything in the right proportions at the right time- that's why it was a legend. Don't drag it like this and spoil it just to satisfy your ego. The show has become bigger than you. At times the creator has to let it go.
  • Seriously Funny

    In the older seasons, the kid cracks me up the most. He has talent for such a young actor. He's interesting to watch... knows his lines very well. Charlie Sheen tells straightforward jokes on real life issues in this one episode I recently watched, and I had to keep watching!
  • How to

    rate such a show? season 1-8 deserves a 10 and season 9 a -10.
  • Bring Charlie Sheen back

    Sorry, but all my friends and family in UK, think that the new series is rubbish, it is just not the same without Charlie Sheen. So bring him back as he had such a rapport with Alan, Jake and Berta. This Walden chap is just half baked and not at all funny ( doesn't do much for Ashton Kutcher's reputation as a fine actor either ). Am now watching re-runs of all of the old series as even 2nd or even 3rd time around they are still so much funnier than this new pathetic series. Will certainly not be watching new series - ever!...............Guildford UK
  • It's Ok

    I only still like the show still because of Alan and Jake. There was no need to bring in a new lead when clearly Alan should have taken over. Idon't like the Walden character because he is stupid and childish he's not even funny and should have been a seconry character his girlfriend is also stupid i much prefer Waldens Wife and thank the writers for keeping Lyndsey at least they got one thing right
  • Post Charlie Sheen Two And A Half Men

    I was really prepared not to like the post Charlie Sheen show. I couldn't see how it could last without its star.

    However, it has potential to be a hit in its own right. Ashton Kutcher is a good actor, it's just that the writers haven't figured out what to do with him yet. His character is slowly evolving however, and with the right backstory could work out.

    My personal favorite post-Sheen episodes are the funeral, the one where Alan is admitted to a psychiatric ward, with an appearance by Gary Busey, the heart attack episodes which feature Jason Alexander and Kathy Bates (as Charlie).

    I don't like the idea of Jake and Eldridge joining the Army. I was hoping they would figure more prominently in the new series.

    Maybe by the tenth season, they will have worked out the kinks.
  • Terrible Terrible Show without Sheen

    I don't even know where to begin with this review. I watched the first 8 seasons of THM religiously, they were great. Charlie, Alan and Jake had just the right balance between them because they were related, and that was the key to the believable performances.

    The show now however simply doesn't work in any way, shape or form. It makes no sense for a billionaire to be living with a desperate, creepy, letch who has only known him a matter of months.

    Charlie wanted Alan out of his house, but as brothers he felt a certain obligation to look after him and therefore let him stay. Charlie wasn't a billionaire, and could not afford to simply buy Alan his own Malibu beach house next door or whatever. Walden however has enough cash that he could quite easily buy Alan and Jake a house of their own and not even notice the dent in his billions. This is really annoying when Alan is repeatedly kicked out of Walden's house for one reason or another, having to go back to his mom's or to a grotty apartment that he can afford. Surely Walden would offer to just buy Alan a house in Malibu or at least sort him out with some cash, after all he repeatedly says he feels guilty kicking Alan out and is reluctant to do so.

    Walden's character is totally unbelievable as a human being. I don't really even need to go into this as its blindingly obvious as to why. Their main mistake (out of many many mistakes) here was making him a billionaire. A multi-millionaire maybe, but not a billionaire.

    Walden's British girlfriend is so annoying that her character alone makes me want to just turn the show off. She was great as 'Big-Suze' in the UK series 'Peep Show', but she couldn't be more out of place in an American sitcom. She is the most unlikeable, annoying character in the show so far. I'm British myself but her accent just goes through me. She was a terrible choice for the role and nothing about her performance is entertaining in the slightest.

    Alan used to be great, he was believable and had a great back and forth with Charlie and Jake. You felt bad for Alan and wanted him to eventually succeed in something. Now he's just a creepy unlikeable letch. Even John Cryer must be thinking the same about his new role. There's no back and forth between him and Walden so they are reduced to cringe-worthy jokes, getting naked and toilet humour. Alan has become just plain pathetic, but much more than before, now he's just unlikeable. Any shred of dignity or self-respect he had is gone. Now you don't even 'root' for him, he's just plain annoying. A real shame as there was so much potential for him in the 'new' show.

    Jake who also used to be a great character in the show and who also had a fantastic back and forth with Charlie has been reduced to a pot smoking monkey. His lines are few and far between and even then it's just so predictable that it's not entertaining to watch. This is a great shame as there was great potential for him, Angus Jones must be gutted at his new character. We watched him grow from a young boy to the young man he is now, but since he's teamed up with Eldridge, he's basically turned into a really really lame version of Kelso from that 70's show.

    Eldridge is just a waste of time, couldn't be more annoying, even his name winds me up. I can't stand his character or anything about him on the show. He's just 'padding' to mask how bad the show has become, but it doesn't work.

    Each member of the THM team must secretly know that this show has died without Sheen. They are in major denial if not. Seeing Evelyn as a lesbian and the inclusion of 'grandma's pie' jokes was just a whole new low. If this was a brand new show there's no way in hell it would be picked up for a second season. I think if season 10 does actually happen, the only reason will be that Chuck Lorre does not want to admit that the show died without Charlie, so he will keep pretending that he has 'won' and string this terrible show out as long as possible. Chuck must secretly watch season 9 at home with his head in his hands wondering how it all went wrong.

    Everything about the 'new' show is awful, the jokes, the writing, the many many inconsistencies, Walden, the whole plot, everything!. It has become a cringe-worthy joke of show. Charlie Sheen knows it and must absolutely love watching the show just to see it go further and further down the toilet, each show makes Chuck Lorre look more of an ass.

    Sorry THM cast, i wish the show had been a success, I tried and tried and tried to like it, but it sucks. It really really sucks. Only a moron would find the new show funny.


    The show is crap. What happened? I thought to give this show a chance when Charlie left but I kept seeing Ashton wrapped in a towel or naked in order to see if this would boost ratings then he goes to bed with be. with Berta and Charlies Mother. Alan is a dis likable leech, loveable Jake is just a sad case. Last night I happened to flip the channels and now see that Charlies Mother is a lesbian. What happened to the writing of this show?

    Suggest you bring back Charlie, make this crap a dream sequence or shut down the show. What you are doing to the characters of the show is awful!
  • Berta is the only funny one anymore!!!

    I've been watching & hoping for a great show with the new cast! Charlie's antics after the split were; WOW! CRAZY !! Unfortunately; the new show has Alan playing a complete pathetic loser to all concerned ! Jake? Well he's becoming a pothead with no goals in life! HONESTLY? I even forget Ashton's characters name! His character is "YAWN" Boring! The British girlfriend? ICK!! She's way too needy & pushy!!

    Did you get new writers & change your views? Or is this all just bad acting?

    Hope you guys try to at least make it more.....hhhhmmm? Interesting? Make me/us want to wait for that next episode like you did when Charlie was there! Please!!??
  • Lame, and boring -score

    I loved the show when Charlie Sheen was on. Now, the jokes are lame, and the show bores me. The cast does not work as well together, Jon Cryer's character is too pathetic, and his issues with his son are no longer funny, now they are sad. And the formerly very funny housekeeper does not have as much time, and when she does, she is not as funny as she was delivering lines. The storyline with Kutcher sleeping with the mother was just pathetic.

    I have better things to do with my free time than to watch this. RIP, 2 1/2.

    I know people have watched it to see Kutcher, but he is not adding to the mix.

    I wil not waste any more time watching this. It's like watching the last shows of MASH, it suddenly was not the same show.
  • en person til shovet

    i think at Chelse the girl charlie olmost gat Marrid to shut be i the new episodes becaus i just love her and sie is super hot
  • Doing a good job

    Nobody will ever replace Charlie, but I think the show is pretty good with Ashton. He brings a refreshing change to a theme that was getting a little stale. I still think they should not have fired Charlie over his life style which was the very sane he was dipicting on the show. It does not make sense.
  • The writting is soooooooo bad it is just sad

    Everything about this show is just bad the characters have been turned into some of the worst characters on tv. In order for this show to survive Jake has to come back from boot camp with the same attitudes as charlie had and Jake is the only actor in the show that has the acting ability to take charlies place. He needs to come back to the show with a computer inovation that Waldon is willing to pay him enough to live the carefree lifestyle that charlie did and alan will keep his bumbling role and waldon will take the role of doing wright that alan had in the early episodes. The show just needs to use the actors it has to perform the show with its original premiss placing the correct actor in the correct role. It is not doing that now!!!!!!!
  • Sad, not funny

    I agree, this show is like watching porn. It's sad, not funny. There is too much slapstick and not enough fun. Looking over All of the comments and ratings I find it difficult to believe that this show is rated so highly.
  • Was terrible. Is still terrible.

    CBS just loves to churn out mediocrity. This is why they depend on the laugh tracks. Fans are not quite bright enough to know what's funny on their own. They can't quite keep up with intelligent comedies like Community or the late Arrested Development. They need the ridiculous pauses filled with taped laughter to know when to laugh. This show appeals to IQs between 60 and 80. I love that Sheen is complaining about the writing now. Yes, it's a real shame. it was Shakespeare before he left. (I know that was a lot of big words for 2&HM fans. Use an online thesaurus. ... it's like a dictionary that gives you synonyms... synonyms are words that mean the same thing as other... oh, nevermind.)
  • Not the same as it was but still a must watch A++++++++

    I agree the show was definitely better/different in some ways with Charlie but it was getting VERY repetitive with the same situations every week (Charlie sleeps with this one, gets drunk, beds another) yadda, yadda, yadda. So I am glad that the show is taking a new path with a different story, it was time. Allen, Berta and Evelyn are still funny as always and even Ashton has his moments, I give him a lot of credit, he had an extremely popular show to take on and huge shoes to fill. He really is doing a half-way decent job of that.

    O yea and to the ignorant comment below about kids being tarnished by this show is just ridiculous, if you are any kind of parent the line between TV and real life was drawn a long time ago. Mike and Molly...? Are you kidding.. where does anything about that show have to do with sleeping with students???? They're both adults, met at a chubby meeting, dated for a while, slept together, dated more, finally moved in together, got engaged and now they are getting married. If anything you would want someone to be courted like this, which barely ever happens anymore. So please know what you're taking about before doing so, thanks

  • Best comedy ever

    I guess what makes the show significantly better than any other comedy series, are the plausible dialogues (unlike the far-fetched The Big Bang Theory)
  • I miss Charlie

    What a shame Charlie left the show. Two and a Half Men just doesn't make me laugh anymore. Alan mooching off his brother was funny and entertaining. Alan mooching off a complete stranger at least in my opinion is both awkward and hard to watch. He is getting more pathetic each episode. I love everyone in the cast. All very funny to watch. Ashton Kutcher, whom I like, is doing a good job in the role, but unfortunately his character just doesn't belong on the show. Two and a Half Men needs Charlie to make the show watchable again.

  • its a shame

    im giving this a ten just for seasons 1-8

    its a shame that we wont ever see the right endings to these characters, that we've waited for so long just to change so quickly
  • Charlie and his new show

    That's okay, I WILL be watching Charlie on his new show on FX called Anger Management and I'll watch reruns of Two and Half Men when Charlie was on it. It's so boring now, and I can't stand the character Zoie; she's a snob and not funny at all. I knew Charlie was right from the start when he said it wouldn't work. That show was loosely based on his life.
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