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  • Chuck Lorre is an idiot!

    To Chuck Lorre Productions:

    I'm not going to go into the fact that you've ruined Two and a Half Men. Which one of you decided that Kathy Bates was funny? Could any of you idiots not see that Charlie Sheen needed to be in one last episode? Is your ego so big that this program, which is created for me by the way, not your bank account, would not be better with the original Charlie? I am very sad and disappointed that money is more important to you than your viewer's entertainment. You are all idiots and I will discontinue to DVR this show. Maybe in the future you will consider your viewers more than your pocket book.

  • Charlie should return for real!

    Plain and simple the show sucks. Take Jake, Berta and the evil witch mother and put them on anger management now that would be a great show. Alan and the show should have had a fatal heart attack
  • Ashton Kutcher Isn't the Problem

    This show used to be so great. I even loved the first episode with Ashton Kutcher. But, of late, CBS is makeing Alan dumber and dumber so that the show is becoming almost unwatchable. This appears to be a trend on CBS, (e.g. Adam on Rules of Engagement). Jake is supposed to be the clueless one, and that's fine. But Alan is a "doctor", for pete's sake, and shouldn't be so stupid in every episode. The fact that the mother and the housekeeper are used less and less is hurting the show, as well. They are both hilarious. With the demise of Charlie, psychotic stalker Rose's role necessarily became mostly pointless. This is too bad, because I always enjoyed episodes with her much more than the fare of late.
  • What the F&$k !!!!

    On the original show Charlie was NOT the carrier of the show. Jon Cryer, Angus Jones and the other actors (Conchata Ferrell et all) were the attraction. With the new character (Ashton Kutcher) the show is, how should I say????....Duhhhhhh. Send him back to advertising cameras. Or perhaps you should get a NEW writer. The show is sooooo borrring that my wife refuses to watch it. I happen to sneak a peak once or twice....and believe was just to see if the show came up with a new actor..........
  • What happened to the writing? Last episode I didn't even crack a smile.

    I don't see the difference between Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher playing in the series. Any good actor can memorize the lines and spew them out. What I do see is the writing for this show is lacking big time. The last episode with Ashton and his ex-business partner was boring, no humour and almost made no sense at all. It is almost as if the writers have given up on the show or are trying to sabotage it so the show will be cancelled. If the episodes continue to be as bad as the last I imagine that is what will happen. The show always was a bit disturbing with too much sex and bodily functions BUT NOW it is over the edge. It is past the point of disgusting, there are no words to describe it. It is not about Charlie or Ashton, it is all about the writing.
  • Almost like watching porm??

    I used to loved this show, but now i think is very silly, gross , nasty jokes and not funny... too much about fart and puke and sex... do not think is funny watching the boys smoking pot , this is not what i want to see on TV at 8 o'clock !! The show needs to go!!! i did like Charlie and i did hope that someday he will get married and became a father, but did not happen. the show is gone too far!!
  • Prime Time Porn

    This show should just be renamed to: The Burp, Fart and Puke Show
  • The way I thought the show would end

    I always thought that at the series finale of the show, that Charlie would end up getting married(to Chelsea) and that he'd become a dad and that he'd finally have broken all his bad habits.

    I thought that it would turn out that Millie is Alan's daughter and that Alan would get custody of her. Herb would willing give Millie to Alan. At first Alan would think Herb is being understanding about a daughter being raised by her real father but Herb would say that he's just happy that from now on, people can't tell him that he has the most homely looking daughter. Alan would start to make his usual miserable look. Charlie would smile and pat Alan on the shoulder and say,"Well, just further proof that she's yours, Alan." Alan would give Charlie a sour look. Herb would divorce Judith.

    Alan would also find out that Jake's not his son after all. It's kind of implied in the episode,"Taterhead is our love child". Judith had known it all along but scammed Alan. Judith would then have to start paying back ALAN all the money that he had spent on Jake. Alan would then be living the life that Judith was living when he had to pay her so much alamony. Alan finally moves out with his new daughter.

    Jake would ask Judith who his real dad is and she'd reply that she does have it narrowed down and then we'd see the exterminator, delivery man and mailman from "Taterhead is our love child" appear at the door.

    So Charlie would finally be in a committed relationship, Alan would finally have his happy ending and Judith would finally get what's coming to her.

    Of course, that ending could still happen with Alan. It's what should happen with Alan.

    I think today's society is going down hill rapidly. Tonight proved it even more now that we have prime time porn. On TWO and A HALF MEN we had people spending the night with their child along. How we going to teach are kids right from wrong when TV is getting more immoral every day. Than we have MIKE and MOLLY a school teacher shacking up and we wondering why teachers think it is ok to jump into beds with students. Oh GOD help us all and protect the children.
  • It's such a shame

    Never would I have imagined that Sheen was dead on the money when he complained about the quality of the writing. Two and a Half Men was quick-witted and subverted the formulaic sitcom genre, with the one exception being the dumbing down of Jake. TAAHM was perverted humour and I really believed that swapping Kutcher for Sheen would be interesting from a screen-writing point of view and cement the shows durability. Proving they could make a great show without Sheen was, acceptedly, a challenge and, although I really liked Sheen in his role as Charlie, I was anxious to see the writers make a top-notch show and prove the quality of the show did not solely rely on his star power. The possibilities were endless and it was a great battle of the writers versus the Hollywood star.

    But how we were proved wrong.

    The latest storyline involving Alan's impending departure should Zoey move in with Kutcher is a blip. We all know it can't happen because it would interrupt the very premise of the show so is a dead line. When we discussed the show recently none of us could remember Kutcher's screen name and had to use google. Amused by this we called up several friends and colleagues to the same result. Ok, that last one could be argued as being on the hyperbolic side but it goes to illustrate how little personality the Kutcher character has. The vomit episode deserves its own BBC Panorama investigative entitled 'When good sitcoms go wrong'.

    Anyone remember the first few episodes when Jake was such a bright spark? He does have a few good lines these days but they're not the sort of lines that need to come from a pot-head character. Bertha has all but disappeared from the show and thank the good Lord of television for Evelyn Harper! Let's please have as much screen time with her as possible.

    So I'll admit it. Sheen was right. I ws wrong. Mr. Sheen, if you're out there, I'm sorry I thought you were amusingly and entertainingly wrong. Do forgive me.
  • Any of the shows

    Horrible-terrible-pornographic. If someone is paying for this show to air, let it be shown only on a pornographic site available only to the lowest of lows minds
  • Bravo to Evelyn Harper!!!

    Kudos to the writers and producers of Two and 1/2 Men for finally . . finally . . after all these seasons to have the beautiful, amazing Evelyn Harper come out of the closet as a lesbian!!! So many of us are Holland Taylor fans, and we've waited 9 seasons for such a surprise . . .

  • lost 2 viewers

    April 9, 2012 - no longer watching CBS's 2 1/2 men. The show was buried along with Charlie. My wife & I would rather talk with each other
  • Get real

    I'm giving the show a 10 to offset some of the ignorant 1's and 4's. Honestly this show is easily a 7 in terms of sitcoms. "OH NO THEY MADE POTTY HUMOR," you do realize this show is not for children right? It is a journey through the life of an extremely dysfunctional wealthy family. When Charlie left they had to add another person into the mix to deal with the multitudes of crazy that is the Harper family. Ashton does a good job while not trying to replace Sheen as an alcoholic womanizer. He's just a nice naive guy that has to get through weird situations.

    Stop freaking out if a TV show that was once about an alcoholic womanizer makes some off color jokes. If you have a problem with the show now, then you have really always had a problem with the show.
  • This show has become vulgar so vulgar!!!!!

    I can't believe how vulgar this show has become. Writers are obsessed with masturbation,vomit, oral sex bathroom jokes, farts etc. and the last episode implying two 70 year old women diddling each other has just

    taken it to the lowest level possible.

    Glad I wasn't watching it with anyone else in the room!

    When you watch a sitcom and it ends, your reaction shouldn't be ewww!

    Never again!
  • No longer clever...

    The show does not even make sense anymore! It has nothing to do with Ashton but it has everything to do with the writing.

    Alan is an annoying leech and his son is no longer cute - just dumb. Humor about body functions can be stretched just so far. Are the writers stuck in "middle school mode?"

  • The Show Is Over

    I can't believe what i just seen. The show shouldn't be aloud to air. Taking off the main person in the show and replacing him with someone who brings no ANYTHING to the show. How dare Ashton. At least Charley was funny. I am not watching anymore of the new shows. I am going to watch the old ones and try to forget what i watched, it will never be the same!!!!!! Who evers idea that was ruined the show and should be fired. It's a shame, just a really big shame. We are all sorry Charley!!!!!!!!! They are for sure lying about the shows ratings also, if any of them had any balls they would just admit how bad they messed up, and either try to bring Charley back somehow, or just cut there losses and shut it down! THERE IS NO SHOW WITHOUT CHARLEY!!!!
  • Ashton is being paid all this money

    I just heard how much they pay Ashton for doing this show. If you have that much money to piss away please send me some I could really use it. Maybe instead of him taken a trip into outer space he would send me some too.
  • Complain

    Ive just watched the last episode and am very upset am polish and I did not enjoy that stupid comment about polish women so next time please make a fun of something else other then people from foreign country's it was unprofessional and stupid!!!!
  • Why do so many people like this show?

    Usually I am a huge fan of the comedy genre - there have been some amazing comedies before. Sadly, this show is not one of them.

    After hearing people rave on and on about this show - I decided to give it a watch. Well, I didn't like the first episode I saw, but I am not the kind of person who rates a show on just one episode. So, I watched it again - no still didn't like it. So I watched another one - no again. OK, how about another and another? No and double no.
    Finally I just gave up.

    OK, before I go on - I have to admit that I am not a fan of Charlie Sheen - he has always brushed me the wrong way. However, I have enjoyed some comedies before which have starred people I am not too fond of. Sometimes it just comes down to the way the show is produced or written.
    However, for me, this show seems to have no redeeming qualities.

    I am sorry if you are a fan of this - as a few of my friends and relatives are - but this is one show I will stay away from. I will just stick to "Malcolm In The Middle" and "The Simpsons" from now on.
  • Wake Me When Its Over....

    I myself do not condone the ideals exemplified by Charlie's character, but I also understand that it is TV and done for the humor. The show was one of my favorites, even the reruns still make me laugh. Now, however, after two episodes of Kutcher I avoid the show altogether, except for the reruns of the original series. Charlie Sheen is a pompous-@$$ and difficult to work with, but he was the show with excellent support from the Alan, Berta, & Jake characters. Work out the differences with Charlie. Both sides need to remember its your audience that matters most.
  • Any episode

    Chuck Lorre needs to shut down this horrible show. Ashton is awful and the writing is horrible. The entire group dynamic is gone and the puke scenes by Courtney Thorne-Whateva was a pedestrian, elementary grasp at comedic straws. PLEASE end the agony!
  • Bring back Charlie or drop ashton make it about Alan jake and Berta

    This show was great at one time with charlie but if he had to go he had to go it would have still been a great show with just Alan berta and jake they should have made Ashton a lost cousin that moved in with Alan After he got the house Alan's ex and her husband need more scenes too it will never be as good as the old day I only watch the old ones any more the new one suck
  • Show has run its course

    I think the show was about out of steam before Sheen was dropped, but its really terrible now. It's time to end it now with some dignity if that's possible anymore.
  • Crap, Total Crap

    Man this show is boring. Once you hear one of there jokes there's 30 minutes of the same joke. There's only one funny joke per a episode. I hate the laugh track, they play it after every joke. If this is a highly rated sick com then i shutter to think what some of the bad ones are. Everytime i watch a episode i have to put the gun down and say "its over, the nightmares over" everything about this show is stupid and lame and i hope only fat losers watch this, because if intelligent people watch it then they become stupid

    I used to watch it, but now I don't havea reason to watch. Without Charlie is so boring. We all wanted to see, what happend with Rose and Charlie, maybe some happy ending, but when Charlie Sheen went away, writers have done horrible mistake. They did not have to kill Charlie's character, they could contiune show with other star. But they killed Charlie, and that's the biggest mistake.
  • HORRIBLE!!!!

    This is a once loved show with a rating of "10" with Charlie to a "0" rating if that was possible.

    It has to be the worst show I've watched in years!!!!!! It is NOT AT ALL FUNNY!
  • RE: Latest episodes of Two and a Half Men


    What were the writers of this show thinking! The last 3 episodes have gone from bad to worse with each passing week. This last one with Alan's girlfriend throwing up all over everything was enough to make the whole audience BARF!!! If they don't get this show back to where it's funny again they will surely lose most of their audience. Also they are focusing only on the two couples, and not using the rest of the shows cast.

  • 2.5 people

    chuck lorreee is a complete and utter BOZO , this was a good show until charlie started taking charlie and the producer/directors thought their tin can could roll without charlie kickin it around. Because yes he did take that tin can of show and he did turn it into a golden chalice, which now with kutcher on the show is quickly becoming brass thats becoming tin again.

  • Such a shame

    After watching the latest episode, I doubt I'll watch any more until the producers find a way to get some real writers or return Sheen.
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