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  • It's not as good, but still better than most

    The show definitely is not as funny without Charlie. Or I should say, the "Old Charlie". The last year with Charlie, you could see he didn't have passion for the show anymore. He looked tired and bummed out, probably due to him "Winning" too much. Watching him just sitting on the couch drinking a beer cutting down Alan was getting pretty stale. The ratings prove this. This years ratings are far better than the ratings for Charlies' last season. The show will go on and it is a money maker for CBS. It's not as funny, but then it's evidently better than most of the comedy shows on TV. I know that a lot of people want Charlie to come back, but that's not going to happen. In fact, he never did want to come back, especially after "winning" that lawsuit against CBS. I know that many people complain about the show and say that they don't watch it, but in reality they really do. Somebody sure is. I still do, but admit, I can't take too much of Ashton.
  • Did the writers give up?

    The problem is not loosing Charlie, although he was the star. The problem is the writing... Its almost like they have given up on the show. They are not even trying anymore. I feel so bad for AK as he is good... The first couple of episodes I thought might work but it just keeps getting worse.

    Seriously Chuck... Step up or end it.
  • One good thing ...

    There's one good thing left about Two and a Half Men. It can't get any worse. After last week's barf-o-rama, the only way is up. There just can't be an episode that's worse than that one - it's not possible.

    Attention writers! Throw up is not funny! HELLOOOO!

    Kit M. Carson
  • 2 and a half men....Jumped the shark

    30 mins of done

    this use to be a gud show until charlie sheen left
  • NOT Winning!!!!!!

    I have always been a fan of 2 1/2 men. I have been trying really hard to get into the loss of Charlie. I've decided that it's not so much as a loss of Sheen, but the writing in general is bad. Why make Ashton so naive? He could be a pretty cool character, but the writer's "dumb" him down. I used to like Cryer, but he is just a moocher with no redeeming qualities. The same goes for Angus. He's a loser teenager. Now that I think of it the whole cast stinks with the exception of Berta, who has remained steadfast. Last night's episode is probably the last time I will watch. I don't find it entertaining to watch someone vomit for 30 minutes. It was SO distasteful and NOT funny at all. It was just horrible. Also, in my opinion, you can lose the bathroom and masturbation humor. Still not funny. People don't talk like that in mixed company. It's just "lowclass" for lack of a better word.

    Walden is a reprise of Kelso only older. The new show is not funny by any stretch of the imagination. Proof of this is Lorre had to resort to cheap tricks (Walden in the nude) to spur up the ratings. However, such tactics only serve to distract from what is truly a terrible sitcom. I hope Lorre is cringing in his seat. BRING CHARLIE BACK!!!
  • "Simply" Better now

    Im glad he replaced Charlie on 2 1/2 Men cause I LoVe the ShOw NOW!!! B4 I'd occasionally watch it, Now I watch every episode. Charlie was an ass, Ashton's role "Innocent Adolescent Mentality" is hilarious. Plus he's alot nicer to look at than Sheen. Charlie's like that saying U Cant beat a dead horse!


    I found this week's episode (2/18/12) to be one of the most disgusting sitcoms I have ever watched. Who want to watch a show where everyone is vomiting or almost vomiting? And then the 3 of them sloshing thru vomit in the plane? Please!

    I was not too sure I liked the new show, now I am sure- I DONT!

    Alan's character has been turned into a cheap leach, Jake is certainly not a role model for any teenager watching and Kels- err- Walden is not believeble- nobody can be a billionaire and be so silly and he is never seen working.

    And all the fart and bowel movement jokes! come'on! I miss Charlie!!!!
  • show is better with Kelso!

    I used to think its alright back with charlie and used to watch it regularly but charlie was a typical playboy we've seen before...I never liked the character. Its boring. I watched for Jake and Allen those are funny characters. Now with Kelso its real. Much improved.

    I hope that Charlie Sheen is getting royalties for reruns. The producers will only be getting business through reruns, so I hope Charlie had a good lawyer. Charlie was the show, the others just complemented him. Who cares if he is crazy?? He is funny as hell!!

    Ashton is not a comedian... he was just good at playing Kelso and he doesn't seem to get the idea that his character is not Kelso anymore. We've seen it before!!!
  • So disappointed

    I really gave it a try. Really. Alan's character has become too much of a parasite (it was kinda cute when he was living off his brother, but come on, a complete stranger would put up with him?). His girlfriend (who I loved in the sit-com as Jim's wife) is just plain gross. Walden's girlfriend does nothing for the show. Charlie was the best part of the show, of course, but Alan (then), Jake (then), Berta, Rose, Evelyn were excellent additions to the show. Walden's wife was endearing, though, and now she is missing. I am glad they tried to "clean" Walden up with a shave, haircut, and less nudity (what was that about?), but let's face it, he is NOT Charlie. I MISS CHARLIE! This used to be my favorite show, now I am not sure if I will even watch it anymore. I
  • The show is going down hill fast

    The New season is absolutely awful. Ashton plays the same moronic character he played in 70 Something. John Cryer makes you cry. The writers have completely turned him to an incompetent leach. It has moved way past sad and moved right into pathetic. Bring back more of the mother and the son. Angus ia far more mature acting, as well as a better actor, then John Cryer. Thank God for Mike & Molly or there would be no reason to watch the new Two and a Half Men.
  • Big disappointment

    Two and a Half Men was a clever, funny show, with characters we cared about. This new show may have the same title, but there the resemblance ends. They'd have been better off replacing the actor and keeping the character. It just doesn't begin to measure up.

    Sorry but Ashton didn't bring anything to this show that made it worth watching. If he had started a show of his own, that might have been better but to write a script for Charlie Sheen and make the character named Charlie, then try to replace it just doesn't work. Watched a few and not impressed. Guess I'll stick to the re-runs of the old ones.
  • I was a late bloomer I love Charlie

    OK call me slow but I happened upon 2 1/2 men because of the mess with Charlie. I started watching to see what this show was all about in the first place. I fell in love with it. Within a week Charlie was fired and AK was the new replacement. I was very disappointed because this was the funniest show I have seen in years. I always loved AK so I figured that it would continue even though Charlie was gone and would still be funny. I have now watched 3 or 4 shows with AK all the reruns with Charlie and I will not watch AK anymore. He isn't funny. He doesn't fit in. They screwed up a Friends type show. The final straw was when the writers wrote WINNING at the end of the one episode. LOL Sorry writers either bring Charlie back or you are LOSING. Lots of money. I am ready to even boycott anyone who sponsers the new show. I wish I were lucky enough to be able to tell Charlie in real life. Fat chance of that.

  • Please make this a drunken Charlie's dream !!!!!!!!

    As easy as waking up from a drunken hangover, Charlie could be back ! ...... It would be nice to see him wake up with his TV on in the background with the 70's Show having Michael Kelso ( Ashton Kutcher ) saying something about a dream or about drinking too much or whatever. The producers really must know if they really brought back Charlie the first show would get Super Bowl Ratings.!! To Charlie and the Producers .... JUST DO IT !!!
  • and now a segment called "really ??" by seth and amy

    ok guys, this should be fun !

    A monkey brother ??? A less attractive british broad ??? Jake a pothead ??? My personal opinion : kinda lame, considering the same writers brought me to my knees in laughter.

    If you like to read reviews, good for you. If you like to write reviews, please don't be a ***. I can't believe that there are numerous reviews from fans who love charlie so much that they simply say " i don't watch it anymore, kutcher sucks "

    As the crew on mnf say : c'mon man.

    Y'all just happen to be right, the show is starting to suck, but I can say so without conviction because I gave it a chance.

    Charlie did not have to make an effort to be funny. As a matter of fact, his natural understanding of the role made the entire premise for the show something we could all relate to because minus the addictions, we all wanted his life. Walden might have way more money, so why does the show not reach us anymore ??? I think its because we don't care to be waldens, but we wished we were charlies.

    Alan is the only glue left in the cast. More Herb Melnick, more berta, more evelyn andplease please please more of rose, she was killer funny. Less walden and please less of the anoying cu*nt of a british ***. She may be pretty in some way and I have nothing against her, I am just wicked sad to see the show be about romance and drugs. Charlie was always drunk but was never high. He only made references to drugs but always had clausible deniability.

    Get your act together guys and regroup, I am a loyal fan and would love to see the show back on top and will give only so many chances. My season 1-8 dvds of this show are getting more air time !!!

    We miss you charlie, you really made a mess of yourself dude. Get your shit together and make us laugh again.

    Alan you rock.

    Everybody else needs a little adjustment in the writing/roles.
  • The Abysmal Demise of a Series Once Cherished

    Having just wached episode: "The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack"

    Two and a Half Men should be renamed Two and a Half: Decent Jokes per Episode.

    Or it should be called, "That 2012 Show" because it has become a horrible meld of Kelso, randomly inserted British jokes and terrible plots targeting young adults while casting most of its former viewers to the abyss. People who loved the Charlie Sheen version of the show can't possible love this atrocity. The transition from Sheen (which was hoped to be smooth) has been decreasingly enjoyable every time a new episode comes out.

    First Walden Schmidt:

    This guy is a man child-- Stunted mental growth and yet he is a billionaire. After throwing away the series original premises of the main character finding women, this poorly written series decides Walden wants to be with Zoey (his British girlfriend) and be surrounded by other idiotic people. He is on occasion funny but that is actually the writers fault because even if the viewer didn't get the suggestive jokes, the jokes are explained with intended crude language. It's not Ashton Kutcher's fault as many commenting seem to believe, he is doing fine acting. The real problem is the direction the production has taken this show and the writers.

    Next Jake:

    Having developed a new marijuana habit that his Dad does not recognize, (yet Alan knows Bertha has "special brownies" in the fridge and its effects as shown when he catches Zoey) Jake spends his time with 1/10 of a brain rather than the 2/10 he had before. Jake is practically never in school anymore, never does anything constructive and spends all his time with his degenerate friend. It has gotten to the point where Jake is not only confused, but he literally has misimpressions of almost everything he has heard, says or does.

    Just pure sadness.

    Bringing home an African woman and an Asian woman while they were searching for Zoey just has the viewer thinking Jake has literally lost it at this point.

    The British Themes:

    The writer has nothing against the British but why in the world are Two and a Half Men jokes centered around:

    A. Ongoing British accents

    B. Calling people sir and queen etc. (its not funny in Britain)

    C. The British distaste of the French??

    This should give Top Gear writers more to make fun of America about.

    The old show declined it quality at times over the years; this season makes even the seasons during the writer's strike seem golden.

    Don't even get me started about Walden and his gorilla.

    The show has the rest of the season to redeem itself and for the viewers sake, it must.
  • Zoe's so not sexy & very annoying...

    Is it just me or does she really sound like an 80 year old Mary Poppins? I cannot believe the show has focused so much on her & Ashton's characters. This show should just quit while they are ahead. It is so so so terrible.
  • Where is the funny ?

    Well my family and I have been watching the show like forever then along comes Kutcher!! What the hell I think he's lame. Seriously where is the funny? There is no one to bag on the mom or Alan. I feel disappointed and ambush! I no longer see the show.... it's a crying shame! Since when do producers get their feeling hurt, so Charlie used his real Jewish name, big deal!! kiss and make up or else I'm soooooo outta here.

    Really...Really..... Kutcher SUCKS!!! He needs to go back to that show 70's something coz you just blow!!! The network blew it by not realizing what you had in Charlie..Too busy on trying to make a point and let the one person who made Two And A Half Men go...Who is laughing now you morons...BRING CHARLIE BACK......NOT a fan anymore...
  • Where the 1/2 men!!!

    I'm sad that they are giving Jake token shots in the new Two and Half Men...and smoking pot no less. I hate this show now!
  • Charlie

    I don't watch Two And A Half Men anymore

    i haven't since charlie left

    ashton kutcher isnt even close to being half as good as charlie

    but i gave this show a 10 cuz i put the rating for when charlie was around

    i think we should all rate the show when charlie was on it not kutcher

    this show would have a 10 if we all did that

    OK. Charlie Sheen is a whackjob but he made the show work. Ashton, not so much. He doesn't look clean. His personality is goofy. The entire premise now doesn't gel and he doesn't work well with his "brother." They need to kill the show. IT'S NOT WORTH THE WATCH ANYMORE.

    I no longer like two and a half men without Charle...His quick punches and one liners were excellent...Kutchers isn't...It's just not the same anymore...Even Jake's part isn't the same, he's not kid-like mouthy anymore, just very respectful to Kutcher...With Evelyn sleeping with Kutcher completely ruined it also...Kutcher acts somewhat like an idiot, where Charlie was the one who really kept the household on their toes...Kutcher kissing Berta, where did that come from...I'm sorry I feel very disappointed...I realize Charlie Sheen started this whole fighting match with Chuck Lorre...It's too bad he couldn't talk to Charlie about his drugs and calmed him down in some way, you would not know Charlie was high when taping...I miss his character...
  • TWO AND A HALF MEN It's not funny anymore

    Hey since Charlie is gone from the show is not fun anymore to watch it, I watch the first episode of the New Two and a Half men just for curiosity and let me tell you I felt really sad to see that the show with this Ashton guy really really sucks I don't know if the guys from Two and a Half men will ever find somebody as good as charlie but for now I'll just keep watching the reruns and please CALL BACK CHARLIE he's the guy who should be doing it, charlie men you're my hero I learned a lot by watching the show. That's all I have to say and I totally agree with the rest of his fans we must protest and take charlie back.
  • nowhere near as good

    charlie was the show, now he's gone and ashton kutcher is not doing well, tho i love alan! he's carrying the show at the moment, should stop after this season!
  • Er...Charlie WAS the show.

    Just like the ten billion others have said before me, Two and a Half Men is not only not entertaining anymore, it's unbearable.

    I have a Bible of criticisms to throw at the Ashton Kutcher character, Alan's "new" character, Jake and etc etc - but we've heard it already.

    My only input would be to ask "WHY IS THE SHOW STILL RUNNNG?"

    Admittedly, Charlie was the main character of the whole damn show and some might even, say the other characters 'play off' his character. With that said, if Charlie is gone, why is the show still going.

    That's where I think the producers took a wrong turn. They should just terminate the show like they did in Friends - even as sad as that is, it's better leaving on a good note than turning gold into the rubbish it is now.

    Producers, if you're reading this - you won't make money out of this crap. You'll probably get more out of the reruns that air.


    (OH and, I cant believe its the same producers/writers making this rubbish! UNBELIEVABLE)
  • where have you gone charlie???

    this is show i so miserable now...just like everyone said here i can even watch a minute of this lame ass show. ashston kutcher is the worst actor/comedian i have ever witnessed on tv. i mean what were these producers thinking by adding him, not to mention all the money he's making...what 1.5 mill.. he so not worth it. i mean the whole story just doesn't make sense at all. ashton comes from no where and buys charlies estate and welcomes in this complete stranger and his son and all his problems...he also acts just like he did on that 70's show and im so done with that act. charlie sheen was a genius for the show it just all glued together when he was there, plus sheen is hilarious. the only time i ever watch this show anymore if its re runs. pleaseee cbs cancel this show.
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