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  • Half as funny!

    Sorry, but since Charlie left this show has sucked big time. Couldn't keep most fans of original so they would use a lot of "Charlie" references. Charlie Sheen made this show. And Alan worked well with him.

    It's like the writers were writing the show on the fly. Poor writing. Poor stories. Poor acting. Very few laughs.
  • Make another side show

    Never seen any of these shows, only seen it once with ma sister(a huge fan), I loved it and I was able to come up with a new idea for people who have different perspectives, a new show " Two and a Half Loser"
  • Beating Masturbation To Death, continued

    Watched season 10 until Lyndsay FINALLY dumped him. Couldn't take it anymore. Watched series finale and realized Lorre has some issues of his own. Childish Charlie-bashing! Or maybe Lorre just has a reaaallly .
  • disgusting

    Amazing show with Charlie sheen, its making me puke with Ashton kutcher. Its 1:30 on a Monday afternoon and your programming is showing Allen and some woman having sex while her husband dies. Shame on you, the shows done, just let it go.
  • From Two and Half Men to Crap

    The Show was very excellent with Charlie Sheen, It all went downhill when Ashton Kutcher joined. Many things went straight down the toilet for this show after Sheen's Departure. Show should've been canceled 4 years ago. The Finale was nothing but garbage.
  • Too Bad

    Wow what a disappointment. Are the writers gone too ? The old episodes w/Charlie were so creatively funny. My #1 favorite show. This one can only rely on "shocking" sexual lines. Oooh. Sad. And Seems Ashtons off and on playing the same character as he did on the 70's show. Gave it a watching anymore.
  • Missing Charlie Harper

    Ok i agree that Charlie have acted like an ass. but seriously without him the was a total lame. actually it's not about Charlie it's about the cast the whole Two and a half men thing and Ashton doesn't fit in it at all. it was a whole team thing. really miss those upto season 8 episodes.
  • wow terrible

    All the episode with walden sucked and honestly the final episode, just why? Two and a half men ended when Charlie was gone, you've destroyed that shows reputation. The final episode is the worst thing I've ever seen, the director should be ashamed of himself.
  • please bring Charlie back

    Please start two and a half men and Please bring back Charlie sheer

    No fun without him :(

    If Charlie was still in the show I would have rated 10

    But sorry :(
  • Strange, Weird, and Normally Bad

    Some people may wonder if this show was ever any good. I don't understand all the love that people had for Charlie Sheen. The show seemed especially bad when he was in it. Ashton Kutcher helped improve the show in my mind, but not enough. Like I said, the show was probably always bad. It seemed like they tried to make Walden into pretty much a nicer Charlie with a lot of the sleezeball antics still in place. Plus, as a fan of Jake, when he was no longer in the show, I no longer wanted to watch for much longer. The show has always been strange and weird and I'm not sure that I like it at all in the end. So I guess I'll just say that it was always bad, although they at least tried at some point to be otherwise.
  • Stupid Finale. Petty Chuck Lorre

    Why did they have to keep on dumping on Charlie Sheen ? Terrible.
  • Great Final Episode

    Most final episodes are corny but this one was great. So witty, superb writing.
  • No forgiveness.

    Very disappointed. Charlie made that show .Kutcher just isn't funny. Too bad the show mislead us. Charlie reached out & they're still holding a grudge. I guess Charlie did win. Too bad, he tried to mend fences. All they could do was keep the hate going. Thank God the show is over. I have the 8 seasons that matter.
  • two & a half men

    They mssed a line, when Arnold was there as a cop they should have hinted of a hook up between Arnold & Berta, just like in real life,,,
  • Two and half man

    I was really disappointed Charlie Sheen was not on the last episode, he made the show,
  • what the heck

    This hour finale of two and a half men was the dumbest one of them all since Ashton kutcher came on. Cartoon characters, looking at camera, back of a guy looking like Charlie ( could've been anyone). But no actual Charlie on there. Plus more dumb crap Come on, this should've been better for the very last episode. They should've cut the show 4 yrs ago.
  • sucks

    The final episode sucked show should have been canceled 4 years ago
  • Social Engineering 101

    Ok so one guy that made the show enjoyable leaves we try a hale mary save with Ashton maybe they should have brought Demi Moore in as his angry ex wife or jilted lover........ No when things go down hill they turn to Social Engineering! Cuz you America just needs to be more gay sensitive! You ever get tired of TV shows trying to tell you how think? Whens the we should bomb Syria,Iran or hunt down Isis or take our vacinations episode............ Tune in next week Im sure Chuck is just lame enough to try that next why not maybe tie it in with a shameless plug for a pharmecutical company! Yeah I hole heartedly agree we need some negative numbers to rate this show as it goes off the air but i will be looking for the seasons box set with Charlie and his Tiger Blood and 911 truth convictions.

    Chuck lorre sucks ! .. How could he do that to us fans. We watched the seasons for years for many reasons. One of the main reason was Charlie Sheen. The show sucks now..

    Quit watching after first show with Kutcher but watched about one episode a year and cannot believe how unfunny the show has become since Sheen's departure. Saw the 2/12/15 episode with a new but unlikable and unfunny kid to replace Jake but what did the writers do to Alan and Berta? They took two supporting characters that were very funny and turned them into shells of themselves.

    Hopefully, the rumors are true and Charlie is back for the series finale because it was one of the best comedies ever with Charlie Sheen.
  • Thank god its nearly over

    Do not like the new season in anyway shape or form should have just pulled the plug on the show rather than dragging out the torture
  • Charlie sheen

    I love Charlie sheen on the show I hate the new one with Aston Cutcher he is not Funny At allll its boring with him on the show bring Charlie sheen back
  • This show has long run its course. time to flush it!

    This show has bn circling the drain since before Charlie Sheen went Nuts. And is in the toilet now. The show has simply run its course. No one cares or is interested in any Nutcase, middle aged Old man trying to remain relevent (Charlie sheen) on a show tht needs to be Cut.. Bringing in another over-rated Old phoney Crap actor (Ashton Kutcher) simply put a show -circling the drain, INTO THE TOILET! This show, has bn,done for awhile now. It is Crap! Flush it already!
  • Charlie left

    When Charlie left the show it obviously lost its core because lets face it Charlie Sheen wasn't acting he was just playing himself in a sitcom, the first four seasons were off the chart funny but it started losing its flare when Jake was no longer a small kid the sexual jokes and innuendo between Charlie, Berta and Alan that went over top of Jake's head was really hilarious but became harder to pull off as he got older. I wasn't really all that excited when I heard Ashton Kutcher was gonna take Charlies place, I couldn't for the life of me picture Ashton on the show but I watched a couple episodes and it was ever worst than I imagined and in my opinion that's when the show "Jumped the Shark" should have went off when Charlie left but we always have reruns LOL so I rate the show a 10 with Charlie and a 3 with Ashton
  • Pick one they are all bad

    This has to be the worst show on . It is so stupid and Allen would drive any one mad they stormy lines are so stupid and unbelievable cancell it fast Charlie Sheen made this show never should have done it without him. LOSE IT NOW. Never see Jake anymore and he was funny ado not watch it anymore totally ruined
  • Even better!

    I like Two & 1/2 Men even more than be4. Charlie Sheen is unique - true, but the show is still very very good. Love it.
  • They suceeded in destroying the show!

    The show is no longer funny.

    The gay marriage and the black kid arguments are the worst form of killing a show I ever witnessed.

    Yes, better cancel it now!!
  • Not funny As Charlie The Master Was !

    First of all i got absolutely nothings againts Ashton Kutcher not even on a artist level.

    But the heart, the soul, the art of all the show was Charlie Sheen, without forgeting alan and all the crew !

    Its like removing crosby from the first line of the Peguins its not possible.

    With all Respect to the show plz bring back charlie. :-(

    Its like their nothings to be seen without the Sheen

    Put that line in you pipe Chuck lorre and smoke it @!

  • Became horrible

    I started watching the show when Charlie Sheen left and loved it till this season. I'm gay, but the gay story line and the politically correct black child adoption is not funny. Bummer to go out with such horrible writing.
  • Gone To Hell

    The show has detoriated so far it's not even funny. Thank God this is the last season. It's horrible!