Two and a Half Men

Season 5 Episode 15

Rough Night in Hump Junction (aka His Ugly Bundle)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • Charlie isnt over Mia

    Two and a Half Men Season 5 Episode 15 Rough Night in Hump Junction (a.k.a His Ungly Bundle)
    Charlie goes further in his womanizing ways, making Alan worry for him. Charlie goes to see Dr. Freeman and discovers he still misses the girl who escaped from him: Mia.

    This episode was grt, rlly funny, but at the end I have the feeling that theres missing something. I know I've siad this before, even in other Two and a Half Men spisodes, but yeah theres a feeling of something missing. Well, Jake barely appeared and Alan and Berta didnt appear much on the ep. But overall it was grt ep which I rlly enjoyed.
  • The same storylines again, couldn't find much to laugh about from this episode

    It was another "okay" episode. I just couldn't follow, and the reason why is because when you watch something with the same damn stoylines again, it makes it out to be a little dull and just, dull... I love this show, really I do. But the humor that causes the audience to roll on the floor cracking up or crapping our pants has moved away to Vegas.
    The plot which is what happens on an episode is very good, but I would like to see both that and the parts that make us crack up on the floor laughing be there. I don't understand why it happens, but surely and slowly, I'm starting to base this show as being a soap opera. Some episodes are very hilarious, while others aren't. In conclusion, not a very funny episode, but enjoyable plot of Charlie wanting to get back with Mia and facing his insecurities was good.
    Really in traditional terms: Where would Charlie now be without Alan?
    Still good all around.
  • Top episode

    This is the type of episode that keeps me coming back for more every time. It has plenty of funny one liners that will definately make you laugh out loud ( well they made me anyway ). Since this is a comedy show, this is what it should all be about. The episodes this season have been pretty good, i even think that they have been better than previous seasons, although I didnt watch as many episodes last season or took as much interest in them. He looked like he was genuinely in true pain, yet he didnt really listen to Alan throughout and continued with his "usual ways".

    Overall good episode, plenty of humour, which is important.
  • Has Charlie really learned his lesson? Was Mia the real love of his life? Will Charlie change his womanizing ways? Will I stop asking questions and get on with the review?

    This could be the episode that we will look back on and say, "This was the turning point in Charlie (Sheen's?) Harper's life." Or we may look back someday and say, "This is where Two and a Half Men 'jumped the shark'."

    Charlie starts off this episode doing what he does best - just a lot more of it. With just the slightest pre-show buzz, I already had the feeling that there could be a 'crash and burn' headed our way. He is juggling three women (by Alan's count... seven by his own scorecard) and getting pulverized by the ladies' various significant others for his trouble.

    He ends up in his shrink's office (Jane Lynch, who has this role nailed - apparently), and we find out that the one girl (besides Denise Richards) that really broke off a little piece of Charlie's heart is Mia (E...mmm...maneuelle Vaugier) - who happens to be getting married this weekend.

    We and Charlie get to see her (one last time?) just before the wedding, and Charlie pours his/our hearts out over losing her. He ends up a beaten, bloody sobbing mess at the end of this episode (but with one last nut-crunching laugh), and you have to wonder how he will come back from this.

    He's always rebounded in the past, but if Charlie (and his character) don't heed this warning... what direction do we go in now?
  • Charlie can't get enough.

    Charlie can't get enough. ANd this is news to who? I have to admit I was laughing out loud. Charlie is sleeping with every woman he comes across. The consequences are he gets slugged by a lover's husband, he can't find one of his hmmmm how shall I say it...testicles and this is a running gag. On top of this he meets an old girlfriend who he can't remember her name and this leads to a double date.

    His brother can't get any so he hires a hooker. ANd he still can't get it.

    And the son is a bumblehead, doing everything wrong in the book on a double date with Charlie. Berta is the funniest with her sly and sometimes straight-forward remarks.

    Looking at this review, I can see I haven't said much of anything. You'll have to trust me on is a funny episode that that old-cads like me can identify with.
  • Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode as a standalone viewing, but there was something that bugged me as I sat watching. And then it hit me....haven't they used these storylines/gags before?

    It was the turn of Charlie to be the centre of this episode so you could pretty much tell it was going to be sex related. The problem is I could swear I had watched each storyline play out before....

    1.Charlie pines over a girl

    2.Charlie uses promiscuous sex as a distraction

    3.His latest conquests are married/have boyfriends who find out and hit Charlie - but never more than a Black eye or knock down. Does Charlie learn? you gotta be kidding - hence 3 girls = 3 punches.

    4.Charlie hurts himself attempting to perform sexual gymnastics. (I wont say where but every man will know what hurts most!) Too samey......

    Nothing much else happened, Little input from Berta or Alan, and Jake pretty much simply gets sent to his room while the adults talk sex and is never heard from again.

    I felt like the writers were being lazy and taking the easy way out. I miss Evelyn and Rose being able to maintain Charlie on the straight and narrow (barely). Plus i thought Charlie was supposed to have 'grown' a tiny tiny bit recently not gotten worse.

    Hopefully I am completely wrong in my reading of this episode and it was all original and it was all a dream. I don't want the show standards falling. 5-Seasons and of course there will be recurring issues but not all at once please!