Two and a Half Men

Season 10 Episode 14

Run Steven Staven! Run!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on CBS

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  • Bad Plot-Show is losing lustre

    Tell me, why would any person who didn't own or rent their own place be able to give a key to their girlfriend? Silly plot. In the last few years I had grown close to "Two and a half men" and this is why I continue to watch and it's the show I watch regularly, everyday and I have every episode however the show is not getting up. I understand too why Walden Schmidt became a character, as Charlie (Sheen) ruined it for himself however this show is becoming like more of the shows I change the channel on or never consider a second thought. I accept and support the character Walden Schmidt, I'd like Zoey back, leave Kate in New York, Does Billy really fit in this cast? Lindsey is great. Alan is necessary. I wonder that the cast needs to work harder. I realize that Charlie Sheen was perfect but he isn't coming back-What do we do. Lets call Jake home from the army!

    OMG! This episode was so funny, best ever